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  • My Team 2019: Round 2 (158)
    • bobby: Thoughts on Dahlhaus? Priced cheap and scored pretty well
    • Intelsonic: b/e of 39 for libba, in terms of trades tis much of a muchness, similar breakeven...
    • Stimpy: anyone know Libbas B/e…Thinking about upgrading him to Worpel so I can switch...
    • Andy: Seems wise. I’m glad I passed on Merrett, though I had to downgrade Gawn to get...
    • Intelsonic: anyone with a break even that low is an option, playing for the suns is a worry...
    • RetroBorg: S Collins to L Schultz or C Wilke
    • 1DER: Move Billings/Dunkley on to Schultz and Atkins to Rockcliff. Leaves your forward line...

  • The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 1 (5)
    • Jacko: Dunkley to Worpel and Brayshaw to Pig Thoughts. Or is that too trigger happy??
    • Matt: Rookie.
    • anth80: Or Williams to Burton?
    • Chris: Billings to Worpel and Williams to Newman? Feels very reactionary and knee jerk…

  • Round 1 Fantasy Review (61)
    • Iridium192: must be all the info you garnished while being here more than most. Love the team...