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  • Lockout Chat – Rd. 5 (85)
    • EmeraldIllusion: Boy am I glad I decided last minute to chuck Petrol on the field over...
    • The Cricket: Cheers for that
    • Tim B: Watched from halfway through the 2nd and he was tagging Boak. Not sure if he started...
    • The Cricket: Didn’t see the game – who did Hutchings tag, Rocky or Boak? Both or...
    • Tim B: Hoping Miers doesn’t play now that Petrucelli (my E) is doing so well!
    • Rubitonurnuts: no. because if he is out then your emergency will only cover him and no other...
    • Petez: Cogs mate.
    • Petez: I’d go miers mate.
    • Petez: That’s true. But I’ve also got all my rookie bar the ruck making cash and...
    • Fort Minor: you need to focus on not shagging. You are doing too much of this.
    • Shags: Cogs could go bananas against freo.
    • Shags: I also remember doing something similar and having another player late out and eating...