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Round one wrap, a new world of Fantasy, suspended season – Ep. 338

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie catch up in these weird times.

AFL Fantasy LIVE: Rd 1 – Ep. 337

PODCAST: The replay of the round one live Facebook show is available now.

Coronavirus and Fantasy, lockout week, Draft day fun – Ep. 336

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie navigate a very unique lockout week.

Q&A with Jon Harmey (2019 runner up) – Ep. 335

PODCAST: The coach of Hirdy's Heroes chats Fantasy and answers your questions.


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2020 Bye Rounds

2020 Bye Rounds

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  • My Team 2020: Round 1 (216)
    • Campbell: Thoughts on Roberton? Is he a trade or do we hold him? Thanks legends
    • Campbell: get bewely and viney

  • My Team 2020: Suspended (21)
    • bullant9: The stats do lie mate , thats what main stream media does best
    • Predator: Dude agreed on Noah but these clips (another below) speak for themselves. The...
    • bullant9: Trevor noah is a pin head aswell, hope hes not your go to guy for information mate
    • bullant9: Kill millions , ? Really
    • Predator: I am no fan of Rapport but he is a absolutely spot on here. Trump wanting people...
    • bullant9: Jeppa you idiot tweeting that rubbish from a known farkwit
    • Campbell: 1483 (barf) ranking of 26245 (barf) Guns: Houston Brander Doc McGrath mid rooks...
    • Campbell: Macpherson and Brayshaw should be gone, crisp will go big v tigers
    • Mad Snake: I was just about suicidal with my score of 1541 until I opened this page....
    • Doug: 1569 (#5722), which like a lot of other people, felt terrible, but not too bad all...