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  • My Team 2020: Round 6 (97)
    • Pez: Trade Brander for someone like Ridley or wait out the injury, taking Will Hamill’s score...

  • The Thursday Scramble: Round 6 (44)
    • Squid: No wait! He’ll actually ton up not adjusted ton but genuine old school, you...
    • J: His breakeven was around 40-45 before that concussion score, not a minus score....
    • Belly: Reverse traded Rowell to McCluggage at the last minute!
    • Rob Canning: Best balance solution for Houli and Rowell? Would love to go Neal, but that...
    • Alex: I went Ridley for the extra cash to upgrade next week. I think he is slightly more...
    • ngauge: Thoughts on Michael Hibberd? Looking at options and Rowell -> Aarts and Rivers to...
    • CT: Haynes or Ridley, legends?
    • llizardofoz: L.Neale will eventually get hard tag…always has before. This year all the...
    • Slavic Princess: Whitfield it is, thanks mate!

  • Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 6 (55)
    • Fry: Anytime legend, I think Aarts
    • Fry: Found out about him after hit article was published obviously. Looked right at home!