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2020 Bye Rounds

2020 Bye Rounds

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  • Sam Jacobs – Deck of DT 2020 (6)
    • roger: Good luck 2021 then. Definetly not on my radar. PASS
    • Browny: 2018 Jacobs brother passed away didn’t want to be there 2019 injured an lost...
    • Hawk: Every one is pretty rusty in round one sweet cheeks, get more pear in your tits then...
    • emily: English against Grundy in round 1, could go pair shape quickly hawk
    • Hawk: Couldnโ€™t agree with you more bobby j. Would of preferred a article on Tim English as...
    • Bobby Johnson: Draft slider, not touching in classic

  • Marlion Pickett – Deck of DT 2020 (12)
    • The Chosen Won: Looking forward to a big year from you Col… Good Luck in 2020

  • Drawing Board 2020 (503)
    • bullant9: Hawk you muppet
    • Pendles4Brownlow: Gotta have some fun
    • emily: would u put ur feet in a bucket of baked beans Jenny, or are u too much of a girly...
    • emily: hey jenny what have u put ur feet in b4, if u are really a Jenny lol
    • emily: Greenwood was ok at Adelaide but never really got a chance and hard to with the rest...