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  • Avatar Kent on My Team 2021: Rd. 9: “Glad I went with my gut and ditched Williams last week, keeping Fantasia instead. Might be time to move him…May 10, 08:46
  • Avatar Jacob on My Team 2021: Rd. 9: “Def: Laird, Docherty, Stewart, Cumming, CJ, Idun (Kosi, Fredrick) Mid: Merrett, Taranto, Walsh, Anderson, Serong, Powell, Jordan, Gulden (F Marcae,…May 10, 08:40
  • Avatar Josh on My Team 2021: Rd. 9: “Is Gulden up to Sheed a good option? He’s all I can afford and I can’t have Gulden losing any…May 10, 08:31
  • Avatar Musca on My Team 2021: Rd. 9: “Def- Lloyd, ziebell, short, Daniel, Cumming, idun ( cox, Koschitzke) Mids- mccrea, Merritt, Taranto, Walsh, Powell, Warner, Jordan, RCD (…May 10, 07:39
  • Avatar Jack on My Team 2021: Rd. 9: “Currently ranked 1,795 any advice on what i should do with 202k in the bank. DEF Ziebell, Laird, Short, Hind,…May 10, 07:35
  • Avatar Marc Russell on My Team 2021: Rd. 9: “Poulter at this stage for JS Byrnes looks like he could be the first dropped if Saints make a change…May 10, 06:45
  • Avatar JT & Frenchy, Gangsta Boyz on My Team 2021: Rd. 9: “Byrnes or Poulter?May 10, 06:38
  • Avatar Harry Hannaford on My Team 2021: Rd. 9: “Def: smallpotato, Markov, WPowell (gold coast), Harmes, CJ, Idun (Kossie, Highmore) Mid: Walsh, Bont, Treloar, Brayshaw, LAsh, Rowbottom, Tgreen, Jordan,…May 10, 02:58