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  • Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 18 (12)
    • Peter Howson: Yeh he mentioned whitfield and said that chris mayne will more than likely go...

  • Team Sheets – Rd. 18 (22)
    • Belly: Have to field one of the following this week, who do I go with? Bewley, Hind or Chol
    • Belly: Laird
    • Belly: 1
    • Belly: Duncan or Merrett but look at your opponents for the next few weeks and decide if you...
    • Cripps: Laird or Newman ?
    • Ringo: Sorry, they are my options I’m choosing from
    • The one: 1. Marc Murphy and laird 2. Marc Murphy and Newman 3. Hunter and Newman 4. cripps...
    • The one: 1. Fyfe and Burton to Marc Murphy and laird 2. Fyfe and Burton to Marc Murphy and...
    • Ringo: Upgrade depending on the trades I do, but I just one more player, Duncan, Merrett,...
    • grover1974: Same boat as I have Cogs and Fyfe, everytime I am sorted to get rid of him,...
    • Andy: Yeah, Gus Brayshaw is nothing if not a survivor.