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  • The Friday Scramble: Round 10 (62)
    • lewie14: Whitfield or Merrett………&# 8230;..
    • Belly: I agree, with injuries being so unknown and the majority choosing to bench premos, I...
    • God of DT: Whitfield definitely is a must have
    • God of DT: Definitely Whitfield. Set and Forget. Won’t be tagged with ANB out. Harmes...
    • God of DT: Zorko proven can’t handle tags and is more dangerous with the ball. Go Neale
    • God of DT: Heater with increased scores with Williams out.
    • God of DT: Whitfield is a must have
    • the internet: If Stocker plays; option 1 for me. Crisp is going well. Baker is far too iffy...
    • The Milkmen: If Banfield comes back in I’d be worried about Neale.
    • Jack: Heater or Ziebel for Zac Williams
    • David: yep i did the exact same trades

  • Team Sheets – Rd. 10 (58)
    • Rossco1: Gday champ, yeah there’s a few reasons. Firstly it’s job security, with Carlton’s...