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  • The Friday Scramble: Round 10 (54)
    • The Milkmen: If Banfield comes back in I’d be worried about Neale.
    • Jack: Heater or Ziebel for Zac Williams
    • David: yep i did the exact same trades
    • Sesto: Thats a hard one Neale or Zorko or Hurn hmmmmmm What are your trades out though JP????
    • JP: Bring in Neale/Zorko or Hurn Cheers
    • Bjorn Hevroy: Neale or Merrett and use bye rounds to help you decide which
    • Sesto: Ziebell + 210k my opinion but in saying that it’s a hard call when zac is out...
    • Cripps: Ziebell +210k or Whitfield ??.
    • Sesto: I don’t know if this means I’m panicking or have some b…s I’ve...
    • Chatta: Just hum this to the sounds of silence Hello donut my old friend Sadly we meet again...
    • Cripps: Ziebell +210k or Whitfield ??
    • Chief007: Yeah good, I thought I read somewhere Williams was out for a few weeks, wonder if...