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  • The Friday Scramble: Round 10 (45)
    • Chatta: Just hum this to the sounds of silence Hello donut my old friend Sadly we meet again...
    • Cripps: Ziebell +210k or Whitfield ??
    • Chief007: Yeah good, I thought I read somewhere Williams was out for a few weeks, wonder if...
    • beanford: Perhaps consider Corbett.
    • Shags: Worth trading Danger if I means I can get in Whitfield for Zwill? Or should I trade...
    • P Power: R young will make you more cash
    • Jakob: Worth paying up for Balta’s JS over R. Young for the saints? Have Hayes and...
    • P Power: Current side Def – Hurn, B Smith, Z Williams, M hore, X Dursman, scrimshaw...
    • Chief007: 👍 hopefully cogs actually plays
    • Chief007: +1
    • beanford: +1 – Danger owned by so many, practically everyone taking that hit this week

  • Ripe for the Picking – Risk vs. Reward (14)
    • Sparksy: It depends on who you’re fielding in Williams’ place, but I’d say...