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  • The Friday Scramble: Round 1 (28)
    • Jay: Gawn in ruck plus – Danger/ Heeney/ T Kelly/ drew/ setterfield Petruccelle Or...
    • Goldenballs: I’m thinking of the same gamble???? As I currently have Jacobs at r2
    • SloaneJunkie: Mine does exactly the same!!
    • Jay: I can trade Wallis to T Kelly straight up before any downgrade of Gawn, what suggestions...
    • Roger: Tim English as R2?? No trengrove
    • Daniel Seaton: 1 easily
    • Stalliondongs: Fwd line looks pretty weak,I like the midf and backline,id downgrade gawn to...
    • Newbie: Taranto/ B Crouch/ T Kelly Or Macrae/ Cousins/ Wallis
    • Bluesfan: Couldn’t do loophole on app!! And is the app having a meltdown already?? Won’t let...
    • Jay: My team so far with 50k left Lloyd/ B Smith/ Z Williams/ Collins/ Clark/ Duursma (Hore/...

  • My Team 2019: Version 3.1 (699)
    • S&M: Ross good POD and with no Stevens in team should find plenty of the ball
    • S&M: Petrucelle