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  • My Team 2019: Version 1.1 (545)
    • bullant9: Not sure why quaynor would have to play 22 games
    • Liam: Would love some thoughts on the team. $53k Remaining. DEF: J.Lloyd, L.Whitfield,...
    • Larry: Thoughts on Harry Perryman this year ?
    • Trevor: Houli, mcgrath or mills D3? Already have Lloyd, Ryan, ? , Williams, Smith, Collins.
    • Luke: Guns and rooks approach in the midst and backline isn’t too common this year I...
    • Luke: Use that $ to upgrade quaynor (not sure he’ll play 22) to a Williams or Smith...
    • Luke: Nah. Two keepers, couple of real solid mid price players who could improve in value and...
    • Luke: Would maybe move a kid pricer or two to a rookie Collins or Wigg or whoever is playing...
    • Luke: 1
    • Luke: 2. No faith on worpel. I feel 2 has the least chance of going wrong. I’m all...