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  • Lockout Chat – Rd. 22 (Preliminary Finals) (39)
    • The Mapogo: Nat Fyfe you absolute disgusting piece of $_–_ing $#1t. Arrrrgggghhhhhhh 22...
    • Black St. Boy: Come on Fyfe!!!!You gunna be responsible for me losing 9/9 matchups you...
    • Calvin’s Failures: Is Grundy getting tagged by Bruce Gibbs ???
    • llizardofoz: The GABBAtoir is back! Go Charlie go.
    • Squid: Are you nostradamus? Gawn scored ok but now looks injured, the carnage begins
    • Kim Cricket: Hmm, best laid plans and all that … carnage and forced trades strike any...
    • Kim Cricket: I had the same question and decided to offload Cripps. Time will tell lol
    • The Mapogo: No news on Toranto. He is still enough life legend. Tim TARANTO is either a late...
    • Ando1: Any news on Toranto?
    • Miyagi-san: Hey legends. Been away for a bit, need some help. Currently lowest players are:...
    • Fantasy Footy Fan: Yep, makes it even easier
    • Ando1: Best combo 1. Gawn and Sicily 2. Murphy and Whitfield