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  • Lockout Chat – Rd. 6 (130)
    • Squid: …….and bugger all else for the rest of the game, 107 though, not too bad,...
    • Squid: Feeling pretty happy so far backing Rocky, just a lazy 43 to quater time displaying...
    • Shags: OMG last minute trade change to get in Dahlhaus instead of Billings (Billings has a...
    • Kim Cricket: Oraaaaazio!
    • Miyagi-san: Is Hrovat a tagger? Late in for north!
    • lewie14: Watch Duursma ton up after I trade him out ! Duursma to Hayes Burgess to Corbett ??...
    • Kim Cricket: If you’re even asking then you probably are? Don’t do it Shags!
    • Kim Cricket: +1
    • Kim Cricket: If you believe Laird will return to his 2018 form then he’s underpriced...
    • Shags: I’m genuinely considering getting Ebert. Am I nuts?
    • Squid: Corbett for me, petruclle (anyone else say that as pet-ruck-ool?) one good game,...

  • AFL Fantasy LIVE 2019: Rd. 6 – Ep. 270 (2)
    • Mark: Is Calvin telling porkies? Looks like he has Rocky as Captain and Gawn as VC.