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About DT Talk

DT TALK was founded in 2007 when our mate Chook started a humorous AFL Dream Team Blog… called DT Talk. A couple of weeks later, we (Roy, Calvin, Warnie and Chopper) sat in our lounge room talking Dream Team, like we always did, and decided to make a 10 minute video for Chook’s site. This received a few hundred hits in the week so we decided to make one every week.

At the end of the year, we decided to buy our own ‘dot com’ and started getting a bit more professional with The site continued to grow with some fantastic resources for Dream Team fans across the world!

The site has evolved a lot since it’s humble beginnings and we have a great stable of writers who make all forms of AFL Fantasy more enjoyable for the hardcore fans through to the casuals who stop by the site daily. We have a great community happening on the site and via social media.

In 2021, we celebrate 15 years of Fantasy fun. We also provide content for the Official AFL website and other sites/publications. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and stuck by us to make us the number one AFL Fantasy site on the ‘net.

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