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  • My Team 2020: Round 12 (8)
    • Sammy: Duncan, gaff, Dunkley or fyfe?
    • Wathen FC: Thoughts on trade and team? Been pretty terrible this year but finally developed a...
    • Daniel: Thoughts on Big O? Lions number 1 ruck now. 74 and 81 the lat two from him. 477k, BE...
    • Paul: Still have McPherson, Simpson, Serong and Rankine on field. Best to try and upgrade or...
    • Paul: Witho. Hasn’t put a step wrong since coming back into Lions team
    • Erin: Best defender Stewart, Ridley, Witherden, Zac Williams or Maynard?
    • MiniMonk: On form, Fyfe and Laird
    • Simmo: Best combo 1. Duncan and Zac Williams 2. Gaff and Stewart 3. Dunkley and Stewart 4....

  • My Team 2020: Round 11 (93)
    • Tatanka: It doesn’t matter if its your thing. Its about being respectful to others....
    • Adam: Please stop
    • emily: 1759 was the end result for me with 1 doughnut thx James every1 has there own thoughts...

  • Dealing with injured premiums, avoiding donuts, your questions- Ep. 367 (1)
    • Simmo: 1. Duncan and Zac Williams 2. Gaff and Witho 3. Dunkley and Witho 4. Fyfe and Laird