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  • Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 12 (69)
    • Belly: I’d take the 55, I think more chance of him not making 55 than there is of him...
    • Gallos: Field Woodock’s 55 or Rankine?
    • JMD012: Hamill is on bench currently and also I have Draper at R2
    • JMD012: Hey Fry, Really struggling to decide between the 2 Do we definitely Trade Gawn out...
    • CJ: Downgrading Rankine to a Hosie or Reid to bring in Zac Bailey? Thoughts on Bailey?...
    • Anthony: Averaged ~70 in the under 18s should be good
    • Callum: Thoughts on Josh Honey? Been named as a debutant, would sit on a bench but still?
    • Jeff: Forwards are Trac, Brayshaw, Simpkin, Whitfield, Rankine, Smith
    • Jeff: I wouldn’t have any bench cover in forwards if i grab bytel

  • Round 12 late mail, Selby’s tips, Gawn trade advice – Ep. 368 (2)
    • matty: brayshaw named first follower just sayin’
    • Sick of 2020: Message for trader’s…you get all the info first from the afl how...

  • My Team 2020: Round 12 (70)
    • George: Aarts/Rankine/Macpherson to Angus Brayshaw, Laird and Honey/Eagles 170k or Aarts/T...