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  • Roy’s Rollin’22 and Trade Talk: Rd. 6 (26)
    • The Cricket: Offloading non-playing blokes is crucial imo – rookies or otherwise. Cash...
    • Daniel Seaton: Phew thank fark for that,saves me trading him
    • mad snake: Wingard or Whitfield (for Rowell)?
    • CJ: Rowell to Whit ($144K left) or Rowell to J Kelly (70K left)
    • CJ: 2nd option and get a rook off your ground next week.
    • Andy: I already parted company with Whitfield weeks ago, before he was knocked out, and...
    • Euman: I traded Naismith to balta
    • Corona Ball: Which do you think is the better trade 1) Nic Nat to either Gawn/Grundy/Goldy 2)...

  • My Team 2020: Round 6 (82)
    • Browny: I like the look of daicos but menegola like u said is proven an looks good to get...
    • Browny: Neale is a must have but not at that price I’d rather save the coin an back a...
    • Campbell: Haynes (scoring, Williams out, still a POD but not as much as the other two),...
    • Sammy: Best combo 1. Ridley, Ceglor and Pittonet 2. Grundy, Aarts and budarick 3. Jack...