DT Talk’s AFL Fantasy Draft Rankings 2018

The 2018 AFL Fantasy Draft Rankings compiled by RoyCalvin and Warnie with the help of some of their draft guru friends – TbettaPatchFooty Rhino and The Draft Doctors. These rankings – by position – aim to help you for your leagues on Draft Day. Each contributor was asked to rank their top 80 defenders, 100 midfielders, 20 rucks and 80 forwards for Draft. These have been sorted as a ‘site average’ using everyone’s picks.

Please note for all of the rankings that if a coach ranked them lower than the cut off for the position, the player will be blank. The players listed were ranked in the top 80/100/20/80 for at least two of the coaches. With this in mind, therefore, some players certain coaches may have ranked in their list may not appear.

If viewing on mobile, you should be able to see the site rankings just fine. We recommend using a desktop to get all of the info that you need. To get back to the Draft Rankings page at any time, there is a link in the top menu on the site.


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Big thanks to:

  • Alex Trombetta – aka Tbetta – No stranger to followers of DT Talk. An absolute guru when it comes to Fantasy footy… and Tinder. Has been playing many forms of the draft game across different sports with NBA being a huge one for his group of mates. Hit him up on Twitter: @tbetta9.
  • Damon Adams – aka Patch – Breakfast radio host on Power FM in SA and head of commercial operations at Footy Prophet, he’s been a champion Fantasy coach across all formats but most notably he is a member of the biggest draft league in the country, the DT Shiva. Patch is a member of Div 2 and a co-host of the Shiva Blast podcast. Follow on Twitter: @DT_Adams_.
  • Ryan Daniels – aka Footy Rhino – Probably the biggest name in Fantasy footy in Australia and the man behind the awesome Footy Rhino website and podcast. Although currently on hiatus, the Channel 7 reporter from Perth will still be winning plenty of Draft premierships. Get the good oil on Twitter: @FootyRhino.
  • Draft Doctors – Steve Fizz and John Crockett have been producing some of the best draft content via podcast and their website for the last couple of years. Possibly their best work to date is the Mock Draft Simulator. Catch them on Twitter: @thedraftdoctors.




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  • All the links are taking me to 2017 draft rankings!

  • The links have said 2018 all night, but they take you to 2017 lists. But I am now into the 2018 lists.

  • Mayes and Tom McDonald ahead of Salem …….. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ……………

    • That’s probably one I didn’t go back to and review (the fine tooth comb was missing for my look at these over the last couple of weeks… no excuse, but sometimes I’m spread a little bit thin at times). Salem is definitely better than that. Good thing the average fixes him up for those looking at this!

    • BTW – a nice change to see that this wasn’t a comment about Jack Redden. Thank you.

      • Interesting fact Warnie. Did you know Jacks older brother Tom was once considered to be the better player of the two ? In fact he was once on the Crows list as a rookie I believe. Last I knew he was playing footy in SA for Encounter Bay.

      • My information wasn’t rubbish or made up.

  • Is there a rule about having too many players from one team?
    Kelly, Whitfield, Shiel and Coniglio all seem solid options looking at massive scores all year round.

    Hahaha could Heater be back??? It might be a Never never again list situation… The seed has been planted! Whitfield is going back with Perryman and Finlayson.

  • Really impressive collaboration, great work. Have used these a lot in NBA/NFL and they’re great getting a varied perspective.
    I think there’s a fault in players like Lobb and Mathieson in the rankings though – where a player isn’t ranked by someone (ie. in FWD over 75) their average rank should include a 75 in the blank column and not a 0 and one less sample unit. These blanks are skewing the data!
    Also I wish Sicily was in the FWD rankings too!

  • Im tipping Coniglio to be top 10 by years end boys! #underestimated

  • How can I justify a spot in my team R1 for Whitfield in the Midfield knowing he will get Def status R6.

    I have Kelly and want Kelly but with Shiel and Coniglio there those kids are sharing it around between them like snap, crackle and pop.
    Tough strategy year this one!

  • hey lads, just wanted to get your thoughts:

    Pick 1 of: Gibbs, M Crouch or Beams?

    Hoping to keep one of those 3 for the whole season, meaning they would have to be a top 10 mid at least.


  • Would still love some PODs that have Merrett unanimously ranked 2! Stronger mid, age, maturity, Ablett affect?!

  • Blake Hardwick couldn’t crack the top 80 of the defenders?

  • The DT Fantasy Draft rankings are a highlight each year. Love the collaboration.

    A major issue with drafting these days is the number of top mids with ongoing injury concerns – Ablett, Beams, Rockliff, even Jelwood. How do these affect rankings?

  • Fooz

    Anyone doing a Draft in Geraldton WA?

  • Does anyone know if you can change your leagues draft order (who gets what pick)?

  • Does anyone know if its possible to change your draft leagues draft order (who gets what pick)?

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