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Draft Game

Traders v Champions v Players Fantasy Draft

WATCH: Roy, Calvin, Warnie, Craig, Selby, Jake Waterman, Jackson Hately and Sam Taylor do a live draft.

Here’s how the draft played out.


The Traders

  • Roy – coach of destROY
  • Calvin – coach of Calvinator
  • Warnie – coach of Warne Dawgs

The Champions

  • Craig Wegener – coach of Top Me Up Buttercup (2019 winner)
  • Selby Lee-Steere – coach of Moreira’s Magic (2017/18 winner)

The Players

  • Jake Waterman – coach of theGtrain (West Coast Eagles)
  • Jackson Hately – coach of Hatenator (Greater Western Sydney)
  • Sam Taylor – coach of Surgeons DT (Greater Western Sydney)

Draft settings

  • 8 coaches
  • 2-3-1-3/4
  • Captains on
  • Emergencies on
  • Rolling lockout
  • Snake draft
  • 60 seconds per pick
  • Flexible fixtures (play twice rounds 2-15)
  • Final 4 (2 week finals; round 16-17)

Every pick

PickPlayerPositionDrafted by
1Brodie GrundyRUCCraig
2Max GawnRUCCalvin
3Tom MitchellMIDRoy
4Jack MacraeMIDWarnie
5Lachie WhitfieldMID/FWDHately
6Sam DochertyDEFWaterman
7Dustin MartinMID/FWDTaylor
8Josh KellyMIDSelby
9Jake LloydDEFSelby
10Andrew GaffMIDTaylor
11Lachie NealeMIDWaterman
12Josh DunkleyMIDHately
13Patrick DangerfieldMIDWarnie
14Jack CrispDEFRoy
15Rory LairdDEFCalvin
16Zac WilliamsDEFCraig
17Stephen ConiglioMIDCraig
18Toby GreeneFWDCalvin
19Michael WaltersMID/FWDRoy
20Devon SmithMID/FWDWarnie
21Isaac HeeneyMID/FWDHately
22Patrick CrippsMIDWaterman
23Clayton OliverMIDTaylor
24Jeremy HoweDEFSelby
25Adam TreloarMIDSelby
26Christian PetraccaFWDTaylor
27Chad WingardMID/FWDWaterman
28Tim TarantoMIDHately
29Bachar HouliDEFWarnie
30James SicilyDEFRoy
31Shannon HurnDEFCalvin
32Dan HoustonDEF/MIDCraig
33Jack MartinMID/FWDCraig
34Bailey SmithMID/FWDCalvin
35Darcy ParishMID/FWDRoy
36Brad EbertFWDWarnie
37Caleb DanielDEFHately
38Tom StewartDEFWaterman
39Christian SalemDEFTaylor
40Hugh GreenwoodMID/FWDSelby
41Jordan DawsonDEF/FWDSelby
42Marcus BontempelliMIDTaylor
43Nat FyfeMIDWaterman
44Brodie SmithDEFHately
45Nick HaynesDEFWarnie
46Jarrod WittsRUCRoy
47Zach MerrettMIDCalvin
48Taylor AdamsMIDCraig
49Connor RozeeFWDCraig
50Brad CrouchMIDCalvin
51Jack VineyMIDRoy
52Scott PendleburyMIDWarnie
53Mitch DuncanMIDHately
54Kane LambertFWDWaterman
55Matt CrouchMIDTaylor
56Todd GoldsteinRUCSelby
57Jack SteeleMIDSelby
58Reilly O'BrienRUCTaylor
59Rowan MarshallRUCWaterman
60Stefan MartinRUCHately
61Sam JacobsRUCWarnie
62Tom RockliffMIDRoy
63Tim KellyMIDCalvin
64Elliot YeoMIDCraig
65Steele SidebottomMIDCraig
66Jeremy CameronFWDCalvin
67Luke ShueyMIDRoy
68Gary AblettFWDWarnie
69Dylan ShielMIDHately
70Brayden FioriniMIDWaterman
71Lachie WellerDEFTaylor
72Andrew BrayshawMID/FWDSelby
73Hunter ClarkDEFSelby
74Daniel RichDEFTaylor
75Dom SheedMIDWaterman
76Jy SimpkinMID/FWDHately
77Darcy Byrne-JonesDEFWarnie
78Darcy MacPhersonMID/FWDRoy
79Kade SimpsonDEFCalvin
80Jack StevenMID/FWDCraig
81Travis BoakMIDCraig
82Tim EnglishRUCCalvin
83Nic NewmanDEFRoy
84Dayne ZorkoMIDWarnie
85Wayne MileraDEF/MIDHately
86Jack BillingsMIDWaterman
87Luke RyanDEFTaylor
88Jaeger O'MearaMIDSelby
89Nic NaitanuiRUCSelby
90Dion PrestiaMIDTaylor
91Brad SheppardDEFWaterman
92Rory SloaneMIDHately
93Jonathon CeglarRUC/FWDWarnie
94Patrick LipinskiMID/FWDRoy
95Josh P. KennedyMIDCalvin
96Michael HibberdDEFCraig

Every team

Calvinator – Coached by Calvin

DEF: Rory Laird, Shannon Hurn
MID: Zach Merrett, Brad Crouch, Tim Kelly
RUC: Max Gawn
FWD: Toby Greene, Bailey Smith
INT: Jeremy Cameron, Kade Simpson, Tim English, Josh P. Kennedy

destROY – Coached by Roy

DEF: Jack Crisp, James Sicily
MID: Tom Mitchell, Jack Viney, Tom Rockliff
RUC: Jarrod Witts
FWD: Michael Walters, Darcy Parish
INT: Luke Shuey, Darcy MacPherson, Nic Newman, Patrick Lipinski

Warne Dawgs – Coached by Warnie

DEF: Bachar Houli, Nick Haynes
MID: Jack Macrae, Patrick Dangerfield, Scott Pendlebury
RUC: Sam Jacobs
FWD: Devon Smith, Brad Ebert
INT: Gary Ablett, Darcy Byrne-Jones, Dayne Zorko, Jonathon Ceglar

Moreira’s Magic – Coached by Selby

DEF: Jake Lloyd, Jeremy Howe
MID: Josh Kelly, Adam Treloar, Jack Steele
RUC: Todd Goldstein
FWD: Hugh Greenwood, Andrew Brayshaw
INT: Jordan Dawson, Hunter Clark, Jaeger O’Meara, Nic Naitanui

Top Me Up Buttercup – Coached by Craig

DEF: Zac Williams, Dan Houston
MID: Stephen Coniglio, Taylor Adams, Elliot Yeo
RUC: Brodie Grundy
FWD: Jack Martin, Connor Rozee
INT: Steele Sidebottom, Jack Steven, Travis Boak, Michael Hibberd

theGtrains – Coached by Jake Waterman

DEF: Sam Docherty, Tom Stewart
MID: Lachie Neale, Patrick Cripps, Nat Fyfe
RUC: Rowan Marshall
FWD: Chad Wingard, Kane Lambert
INT: Brayden Fiorini, Dom Sheed, Jack Billings, Brad Sheppard

Haternator – Coached by Jackson Hately

DEF: Caleb Daniel, Brodie Smith
MID: Josh Dunkley, Dylan Shiel, Mitch Duncan
RUC: Stefan Martin
FWD: Lachie Whitifield, Isaac Heeney
INT: Tim Taranto, Jy Simpkin, Wayne Milera, Rory Sloane

Surgeons DT – Coached by Sam Taylor

DEF: Christian Salem, Lachie Weller
MID: Andrew Gaff, Clayton Oliver, Marcus Bontempelli
RUC: Reilly O’Brien
FWD: Dustin Martin, Christian Petracca
INT: Matt Crouch, Daniel Rich, Luke Ryan, Dion Prestia

Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT

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