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Draft Game

WA Draft Day – 2020

Here are the results of the 18-team Fantasy Draft.

On Saturday the 7th of March a group of WA based Fantasy players decided to get together to have a live Fantasy Draft. This was the first time many of this group had never met, and it was bound to be a very interesting draft with many different strategies. The majority of the players were regular fantasy players including some of DT Talks best in Jeppa, and Warnie joined remotely.

Our league settings were:

  • 3-4-1-3-(4) team structure
  • 18 coaches
  • Top 8 Finals
  • snake draft
  • byes on
  • captains on

The draft order was picked the day prior by @leighroyDT out of a hat and was as follows:

  1. Bake for 2 Hours at 180C – Keeshan @spiderpig333
  2. Sons of Seahorse – Aiden @aiden_niehaus13
  3. Half Back Flanks – Steve @RuxinS
  4. Leighroy’s Legends – Leighroy @leighroyDT
  5. Chronic Underachievers – James @James3lms
  6. Behemoths of Matt – Matt @ScratchedLens_
  7. The Ruck Pigs – Aidan @tweaks97
  8. Gumbys Finest – Michael @Scaff_3
  9. Mean Jerk Time – Justin @Merilvingien
  10. Belly boys – Timothy
  11. Warne Dawgs – Warnie @WarnieDT
  12. Trigger FC – Jack @Triggywiggy
  13. Taking-it-one-week-at-a-time – Adam
  14. Mush Squad – Alexander @Triceratops5X
  15. The Red Snapp3rs – Noah
  16. Jeppas Juniors – Jeppa @JeppaDT
  17. Vic Bias – Michael @MWL152
  18. Vegan Vikings – Coen

Here’s how it went down pick-by-pick.

1B.GrundyRuck2 Hours at 180oC
2L.WhitfieldMid/FwdSons of Seahorse
3J.MacraeMidHalf Back Flanks
4J.KellyMidLeighroy's Legends
5M.GawnRuckChronic Underachievers
6J.DunkleyMidBehemoth's of Matt
7T.MitchellMidThe Ruck Pigs
8J.LLoydDefGumby's Finest
9S.ConiglioMidMean Jerk Time
10T.TarantoMidBellys Boys
11A.TreloarMidWarne Dawgs
12A.GaffMidTrigger FC
14P.DangerfieldMidMush Squad
15B.CrouchMidThe Red Snapp3rs
16Z.MerrettMidJeppas Juniors
17R.O'BrienRuckVic Bias
18L.NealeMidVegan Vikings
19D.MartinMid/FwdVegan Vikings
20C.OliverMidVic Bias
21J.CrispMidJeppas Juniors
22R.LairdDefThe Red Snapp3rs
23M.BontempelliMidMush Squad
25R.MarshallRuckTrigger FC
26D.SmithMid/Fwdwarne Dawgs
27J.WittsRuckBellys Boys
28T.GreeneFwdmean Jerk Time
29P.CrippsMidGumby's Finest
30B.HouliDefthe ruck Pigs
31S.PendleburyMidBehemoth's of Matt
32N.FyfeMidChronic Underachievers
33D.MacPhersonMid/Fwdleighroy's Legends
34D.HoustonDef/MidHalf Back Flanks
35B.SmithDefSons of Seahorse
36Z.WIlliamsDef2 Hours at 180oC
37M.WaltersMid.Fwd2 Hours at 180oC
38T.BoakMidSons of Seahorse
39E.YeoMidHalf Back Flanks
40J.MartinMid/FwdLeighroy's Legends
41D.ZorkoMidChronic Underachievers
42S.LycettRuckBehemoth's of Matt
43I.HeeneyMid/FwdThe Ruck Pigs
44S.MartinRuckGumby's Finest
45T.StewartDefMean Jerk Time
46T.KellyMidBellys Boys
47J.LyonsMidWarne Dawgs
48P.LipinskiMid/FwdTrigger FC
50J.SicilyDefMush Squad
51J.DawsonDef/FwdThe Red Snapp3rs
52J.StevenMid/FwdJeppas Juniors
53C.DanielDefVic Bias
54S.SidebottomMidVegan Vikings
55S.HurnDefVegan Vikings
56M.DuncanMidVic Bias
57T.EnglishRuckJeppas Juniors
58T.AdamsMidThe Red Snapp3rs
59A.BrayshawMid/FwdMush Squad
61K.SimpsonDefTrigger FC
62D.PrestiaMidWarne Dawgs
63L.ShueyMidBellys Boys
64T.GoldsteinRuckMean Jerk Time
65T.RockliffMidGumby's Finest
66S.JacobsRuckthe ruck Pigs
67J.GreshamMid/FwdBehemoth's of Matt
68S.RossMidChronic Underachievers
69R.LobbRuckleighroy's Legends
70J.HopperMidHalf Back Flanks
71C.WingardMid/FwdSons of Seahorse
72R.SloaneMid2 Hours at 180oC
73H.GreenwoodMid/Fwd2 Hours at 180oC
74S.WalshMidSons of Seahorse
75J.WorpelMidHalf Back Flanks
76C.PetraccaFwdLeighroy's Legends
77N.NewmanDefChronic Underachievers
78H.McCluggageMidBehemoth's of Matt
79J.P.KennedyMidThe Ruck Pigs
80J.ZiebellMid/FwdGumby's Finest
81J.BillingsMidMean Jerk Time
82B.FioriniMidBellys Boys
83D.Byrne-JonesDefWarne Dawgs
84J.SteeleMidTrigger FC
86L.RyanDefMush Squad
87H.ClarkDefThe Red Snapp3rs
88J.VineyMidJeppas Juniors
89J.CameronFwdVic Bias
90C.SalemDefVegan Vikings
91R.HendersonMIdVegan Vikings
92L.WellerDefVic Bias
93D.ShielMidJeppas Juniors
94A.BrayshawMidThe Red Snapp3rs
95J.CeglarRuck/FwdMush Squad
97E.LangdonMidTrigger FC
98R.StanleyRuckwarne Dawgs
99S.HigginsMidBellys Boys
100C.BlakelyDefmean Jerk Time
101D.HeppellMidGumby's Finest
102T.LynchFwdthe ruck Pigs
103D.RichDefBehemoth's of Matt
104D.ParishMid/FwdChronic Underachievers
105M.MurphyMidleighroy's Legends
106J.De GoeyFwdHalf Back Flanks
107T.NankervisRuckSons of Seahorse
108B.SheppardDef2 Hours at 180oC
109D.HannerberyMId2 Hours at 180oC
110W.MileraDef/MidSons of Seahorse
111K.LambertFwdHalf Back Flanks
112A.CerraDefLeighroy's Legends
113M.SucklingDefChronic Underachievers
114W.BrodieMidBehemoth's of Matt
115H.ShawDefThe Ruck Pigs
116M.RobinsonMidGumby's Finest
117C.RozeeFwdMean Jerk Time
118J.ReddenMidBellys Boys
119G.AblettFwdWarne Dawgs
120J.WesthoffMid/FwdTrigger FC
122T.PhillipsMidMush Squad
123T.MembreyFwdThe Red Snapp3rs
124B.AcresMid/FwdJeppas Juniors
125J.HarmesMidVic Bias
126B.McEvoyRuckVegan Vikings
127R.GrayMid/FwdVegan Vikings
128J.StephensonFwdVic Bias
129H.CunninghamDefJeppas Juniors
130D.RobertonDefThe Red Snapp3rs
131D.SwallowMidMush Squad
133A.WitherdenDefTrigger FC
134N.HaynesDefwarne Dawgs
135T.MillerMidBellys Boys
136B.HillMidmean Jerk Time
137C.MillsDefGumby's Finest
138B.EllisMidthe ruck Pigs
139J.PattonRuck/FwdBehemoth's of Matt
140D.SheedMidChronic Underachievers
141J.SelwoodMidleighroy's Legends
142B.EbertFwdHalf Back Flanks
143J.JohannisenDefSons of Seahorse
144O.WinesMid2 Hours at 180oC
145T.ScullyMid2 Hours at 180oC
146S.Powell-PepperMid/FwdSons of Seahorse
147T.DumontMidHalf Back Flanks
148N.JonesDef/MidLeighroy's Legends
149T.J.LynchFwdChronic Underachievers
150C.WardMidBehemoth's of Matt
151M.WallisMid/FwdThe Ruck Pigs
152T.PapleyFwdGumby's Finest
153C.Ellis-YolmenMidMean Jerk Time
154J.Polec MidBellys Boys
155L.DahlhausFwdWarne Dawgs
156B.FritschDef/FwdTrigger FC
158J.ShortDefMush Squad
159T.McDonaldFwdThe Red Snapp3rs
160B.SmithMid/FwdJeppas Juniors
161Z.JonesMidVic Bias
162B.CunnigtonMidVegan Vikings
163C.CameronFwdVegan Vikings
164J.LienertDefVic Bias
165S.Petrevski-SetonDef/MidJeppas Juniors
166S.MenegolaMidThe Red Snapp3rs
167B.AinsworthMid/FwdMush Squad
169M.HibberdDefTrigger FC
170J.HoweDefwarne Dawgs
171L.AustinDefBellys Boys
172N.VlastuinDefmean Jerk Time
173J.DarlingFwdGumby's Finest
174J.WattsDefthe ruck Pigs
175D.TuckerMid/FwdBehemoth's of Matt
176B.MaynardDefChronic Underachievers
177L.DunstanMidleighroy's Legends
178S.DarcyRuckHalf Back Flanks
179M.RowellMidSons of Seahorse
180B.GibbsMid2 Hours at 180oC
181T.DoedeeDef2 Hours at 180oC
182J.BerryMidSons of Seahorse
183D.RampeDefHalf Back Flanks
184H.CrozierDefLeighroy's Legends
185J.GunstonFwdChronic Underachievers
186B.BewleyFwdBehemoth's of Matt
187A.MilesMidThe Ruck Pigs
188M.HurleyDefGumby's Finest
189B.ParfittMid/FwdMean Jerk Time
190S.SavageDefBellys Boys
191A.McGrathMidWarne Dawgs
192P.SeedsmanMidTrigger FC
194N.NaitanuiRuckMush Squad
195Q.NarkleMidThe Red Snapp3rs
196C.MayneMidJeppas Juniors
197S.LloydFwdVic Bias
198S.EdwardsDef/FwdVegan Vikings
199L.FranklinFwdVegan Vikings
200X.DuursmaMidVic Bias
201W.SnellingFwdJeppas Juniors
202S.NaismithRuckThe Red Snapp3rs
203J.AishDefMush Squad
205P.RyderRuck/FwdTrigger FC
206A.TomlinsonMidwarne Dawgs
207J.FinlaysonFwdBellys Boys
208M.KruezerRuckmean Jerk Time
209I.SoldoRuckGumby's Finest
210G.BirchallDefthe ruck Pigs
211R.BurtonDefBehemoth's of Matt
212R.AtkinsMidChronic Underachievers
213O.FlorentMidleighroy's Legends
214J.BattleDefHalf Back Flanks
215D.ZaharakisMidSons of Seahorse
216D.CameronRuck/Fwd2 Hours at 180oC
217J.JenkinsFwd2 Hours at 180oC
218J.RidleyDefSons of Seahorse
219C.ConstableMidHalf Back Flanks
220Z.TuohyDefLeighroy's Legends
221B.MihocekFwdChronic Underachievers
222A.BonarMid/FwdBehemoth's of Matt
223A.HallMidThe Ruck Pigs
224J.CaddyMid/FwdGumby's Finest
225J.GrahamMIdMean Jerk Time
226J.MacmillanDefBellys Boys
227T.CotchinMidWarne Dawgs
228K.AmonMidTrigger FC
230A.Neal-BullenFwdMush Squad
231T.LiberatoreMidThe Red Snapp3rs
232R.WillsMidJeppas Juniors
233D.MundyMidVic Bias
234S.StackDefVegan Vikings
235M.PickettMidVegan Vikings
236J.LukosiusDef/FwdVic Bias
237C.SinclairRuckJeppas Juniors
238P.LadhamsRuck/FwdThe Red Snapp3rs
239J.AndersonMidMush Squad
241C.McKennaDefTrigger FC
242B.WilliamsDefwarne Dawgs
243K.LangfordMid/FwdBellys Boys
244Z.LangdonFwdmean Jerk Time
245J.NobleDefGumby's Finest
246L.BreustFwdthe ruck Pigs
247A.KennedyDefBehemoth's of Matt
248S.HillDef/FwdChronic Underachievers
249J.J.KennedyFwdleighroy's Legends
250O.McInerneyRuck/FwdHalf Back Flanks
251T.CutlerMidSons of Seahorse
252J.PittardDef2 Hours at 180oC
253B.BrownFwd2 Hours at 180oC
254L.Davie-UniackeMid/FwdSons of Seahorse
255L.BakerDef/FwdHalf Back Flanks
256J.HatelyMidLeighroy's Legends
257W.Hoskin-ElliotFwdChronic Underachievers
258H.PerrymanMidBehemoth's of Matt
259S.MumfordRuckThe Ruck Pigs
260C.RaynerFwdGumby's Finest
261M.BlicavsDefMean Jerk Time
262T.McLeanFwdBellys Boys
263J.ElliottFwdWarne Dawgs
264A.vanderBergMid/FwdTrigger FC
266P.AhernDef/MidMush Squad
267P.HanleyDefThe Red Snapp3rs
268T.DuryeaDefJeppas Juniors
269J.ClarkMidVic Bias
270T.HickeyRuckVegan Vikings

Below are how the teams looked after the draft:

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