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  • Team Sheets – Rd. 6 (33)
    • The Cricket: Once a player is locked out then any move(s) involving him that you made prior...
    • Mad Collander: I reckon
    • Brett: I will disclose my rank after the byes.
    • Andy: I think you’ll be right, unfortunately for me and Ross’s score.
    • michaelt1: gotta get rid of burgess while you can, setters should slot straight back into the...
    • Mad Snake: Heeney looks the best, tho Laird is always safe. Us Mad ones have to stick...
    • John Wayne: BOOM!!! What a rank. That should put Brett back in his place hahaha. Me thinking...
    • Squid: Laird would be my pick, he’s winding up, about bottomed out has a favouable run...
    • Fooz: I hope not, coz then it will be doughnut city
    • Fooz: I like option 6
    • Andy: Well, lucky you. I’ll be hoping Constable is left out.

  • Roy’s Trade and Rolling 22 Talk – Rd. 6 (137)
    • Brett: Hately has good job security?