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My Team 2020: Version 2.1

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The second week of the Marsh Community Series brings us a new version of the My Team post. All of these games and added data will mean that we’ll be playing with our teams more and more up until that full lockout at 7:50pm AEDT on Friday 20th March.

All prices can be found by clicking here. Below is how initial prices have been calculated.

  • $13,000,000 salary cap is projected.
  • Players are priced based on their output last season. eg. 2019 average x magic number (approx 7418 for 2020).
  • Players who missed a full season receive a discount of 30% on their 2018 average.
  • Players who have missed two or more seasons received a discount of 35% on their last available average.
  • Players playing less than 10 games receive a 3% discount on each game under 10. eg. Play 5 games in 2016, then they receive a 15% discount. This is applied to the higher of their season average from the last two years.

Don’t forget to read the targets by Pete from on each club where you can also listen to the podcasts. Click here to access the articles. If you wish to continue using DT Live’s Drawing Boardclick here to access Chad’s masterpiece.


Most selected as at 27/2/20

1Marlion PickettRICMID$170,00058%
2Matthew RowellGCSMID$270,00057%
3Brodie GrundyCOLRUC$906,00056%
4Lachie WhitfieldGWSMID/FWD$844,00052%
5Tom MitchellHAWMID$671,00051%
6Sam DochertyCARDEF$563,00048%
7Izak RankineGCSFWD$170,00047%
8Max KingSTKFWD$170,00046%
9Dan HoustonPTADEF/MID$596,00039%
10Dylan RobertonSTKDEF$327,00038%
11Hayden YoungFREDEF$258,00041%
12Darcy CameronCOLRUC/FWD$170,00037%
13Dustin MartinRICMID/FWD$721,00037%
14Ned McHenryADEMID$170,00037%
15Brandon StarcevichBRLDEF/MID$189,00034%
16Jack MacraeWBDMID$858,00032%
17Jake LloydSYDDEF$795,00028%
18Hugh GoddardCARDEF$170,00027%
19Noah AndersonGCSMID$268,00023%
20Jacob TownsendESSFWD$266,00022%
21Will GouldSYDDEF$220,00022%
22Hugh GreenwoodGCSMID/FWD$581,00021%
23Andrew BrayshawFREMID/FWD$516,00021%
24Jack BytelSTKMID$170,00020%
25Sam JacobsGWSRUC$514,00020%
26Sam FlandersGCSMID/FWD$250,00020%
27Patrick CrippsCARMID$753,00019%
28Rory LairdADEDEF$719,00018%
29Stephen ConiglioGWSMID$769,00018%
30Jez McLennanGCSDEF$170,00018%

Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT

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