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2019 Prices

Sydney Swans AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2019

Prices, positions & tips for the Swans.

It was an indifferent season for Sydney in 2018, the Swans were 8-2 in all Travel games yet managed just a 5-7 record at the SCG.

Sydney averaged 373.2 Disposals in the 2018 H&A season (Rank 12), the Swans averaged 386.6 Disposals from winning games & 357.0 Disposals from losing games at the SCG (Incl. Finals).

Only 1 player managed to average more than 100pts last season at Sydney (Jake Lloyd 100.5pts Incl. Finals), Josh Kennedy was the only midfielder to average more than 25.0 Disposals in otherwise what was a poor season for the midfield group at the Swans.

As a result of the poor midfield numbers for Sydney last season they conceded 55.4 Inside 50s per game during the H&A season (Rank 15), between Rounds 12-23 the Swans conceded 57.6 Inside 50s (Rank 17) to which Jake Lloyd averaged 105.0pts.

If the Swans continue to concede high Inside 50s in 2019 then expect the defensive group to benefit again.

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2019 Potential Targets:

Jake Lloyd DEF $738K

Lloyd averaged a career season high 100.5pts last season (Incl. Finals), he scored 100pts or more in 47.8% of games & 120pts or more in 21.7% of games.

As mentioned above Lloyd benefited from a defensive game plan at the Swans last season, he also recorded a league highest number of Kick-ins with 151 in the H&A season.

Lloyd will likely assume a similar type defensive role again in 2019, he is likely under-priced with the additional recorded Disposals to be added with the introduction of the Kick-in rule in 2019.

Lloyd may be highly owned at Round 1, he is likely worth the investment.

Luke Parker MID $694K

Parker was quite a volatile own last season, he averaged 95.4pts in the H&A season and scored 108pts in an Elimination Final loss to GWS.

Parker scored 100pts or more in 40.9% of games & 120pts or more in 9.1% of games last season, he scored fewer than 80pts in 27.3% of games which was a significant increase compared to the 2017 season (12.5%).

If Sydney can return as a successful club in 2019 then Parker is likely to benefit, he averaged 103.4pts from winning games compared to 85.4pts from losing games last season.

The Swans have a decent early fixture to start the 2019 H&A season, Parker may be an option especially to go along with what is likely to be a low ownership.

Isaac Heeney MID/FWD $658K

With the departure of Dan Hannebery during the recent trade period Heeney could be elevated up the Swans midfield depth chart in 2019, he has averaged in the low 20’s for Disposals in the last 2 years in his Mid/Fwd role at the Swans.

The addition of Dan Menzel and the emergence of Ben Ronke last season should alleviate the pressure on scoring, for midfielders such as Heeney next season an increase in midfield usage could see his numbers spike as a result.

Heeney scored 100pts or more in 40.9% of games last season, he did not score 120pts or more in any game.

With his DPP status expect Heeney to be a target for fantasy coaches at Round 1, an increase in midfield usage should see him deliver a healthy 2019 average.

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Lloyd, JakeDEF101.6422$738000
Parker, LukeMID95.6221$694000
Sinclair, CallumRUC92.6822$673000
Franklin, LanceFWD91.7218$666000
Heeney, IsaacMID/FWD90.7121$658000
Kennedy, Josh P.MID90.1422$654000
McVeigh, JarradDEF78.7818$572000
Cunningham, HarryMID7522$544000
Mills, CallumDEF74.229$522000
Clarke, RyanDEF70.3719$511000
Aliir, AliirDEF69.3611$503000
Jones, ZakDEF68.7218$499000
Hewett, GeorgeMID65.9122$478000
Rampe, DaneDEF65.3222$474000
Ronke, BenFWD64.7617$470000
Grundy, HeathDEF63.9417$464000
Florent, OliverMID63.0522$458000
Papley, TomFWD62.3219$452000
Hayward, WillFWD62.1422$451000
Menzel, DanielFWD60.8312$441000
Reid, SamFWD801$435000
Smith, NickDEF59.220$430000
Jack, KierenMID/FWD58.8318$427000
Thurlow, JacksonMID647$423000
Dawson, JordanMID674$399000
O'Riordan, ColinDEF63.333$363000
Fox, RobbieDEF/FWD4610$334000
McCartin, TomFWD44.1414$320000
Naismith, SamRUC00$299000
Melican, LewisDEF51.333$294000
Blakey, NickFWD00$252000
Rose, JamesFWD411$223000
Rowbottom, JamesMID00$222000
Stoddart, RyleyFWD342$188000
McInerney, JustinDEF00$184000
Cameron, DarcyRUC271$170000
Maibaum, JackDEF00$170000
Tucker, DurakDEF00$170000
Reynolds, HarryDEF00$170000
Amartey, JoelFWD00$170000
Pink, TobyFWD00$170000
Foot, ZacFWD00$170000
Bell, JamesMID/FWD00$170000
Ling, MatthewMID/FWD00$170000
Wicks, SamuelMID/FWD00$170000


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