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2019 Prices

GWS Giants AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2019

Prices, positions & tips for the Giants.

The Giants were up against it trying to deliver a balanced team in 2018, injuries were a major factor to premium players along with a deficiency at the Ruck position.

GWS averaged 379.3 Disposals in the 2018 H&A season (Rank 8), they averaged 385.0 Disposals in the 2017 H&A season (Rank 9).

A total of 3 players were able to average 100pts or more last season (Incl. Finals), Stephen Coniglio was the leader recording an average of 111.3pts from 23 games.

If the Giants are able to complete a healthy upcoming season then expect the midfield group to put up decent fantasy numbers, additionally a few key departures in the off-season has created several opportunities in 2019.

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2019 Potential Targets:

Josh Kelly MID $787K

After averaging 116.5pts from his opening 2 games Kelly injured his groin at Round 3 and subsequently missed 6 games, upon returning he averaged 117.1pts from his following 10 games but was slowed again by injuries late in the year in particular a knee injury which forced him to miss a Semi Final.

Despite the injury riddled year Kelly managed to score 100pts or more in 50.0% of games & 120pts or more in 25.0% of games, he scored 150pts or more in 2 games.

Given an injury free pre-season Kelly should be high on the radar to fill a premium spot at Round 1, his ability to put up elite numbers could be a great point of difference in 2019.

Stephen Coniglio MID $801K

Coniglio is coming of an outstanding 2018 averaging 111.3pts (Incl. Finals), he scored 100pts or more in 73.9% of games & 120pts or more in 30.4% of games.

Coniglio provided a good base last season recording 25 Disposals or more in 20 of 23 games (87.0%), he recorded a season high 152pts against Melbourne in Round 23.

Based on his recent fantasy history Coniglio should be set to put up another solid fantasy season, he is definitely worth the investment.

Lachie Whitfield DEF $726K

Whitfield had a semi breakout season in 2018, it was the first time he averaged more than 100pts in a season (Incl. Finals).

Opposition clubs put some time into Whitfield last season, his range of scores were volatile at times but this was offset given his ability to hit a good amount of ceiling games.

Whitefield averaged 114.5 from winning games last season & 86.4pts from losing games, he may be a target for opposition clubs again in 2019.

Whitefield will be a popular target for fantasy coaches with his DEF status, he should be highly ranked in this category next season along with the possibility of picking up MID status.

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Coniglio, StephenMID110.3821$801000
Kelly, JoshMID108.415$787000
Whitfield, LachieDEF100.0922$726000
Ward, CallanMID96.9122$703000
Taranto, TimMID90.921$660000
Shaw, HeathDEF86.3520$627000
Greene, TobyFWD67.437$604000
de Boer, MattFWD78.3813$569000
Hopper, JacobMID78.3219$568000
Cameron, JeremyFWD77.9416$566000
Deledio, BrettMID79.449$559000
Simpson, DawsonRUC67.229$553000
Tomlinson, AdamMID74.2722$539000
Haynes, NickDEF72.3222$525000
Sheridan, TommyMID71.1513$516000
Patton, JonathonRUC/FWD70.4212$511000
Kennedy, AdamDEF70.577$466000
Davis, PhilDEF61.0520$443000
Mumford, ShaneRUC00$429000
Lloyd, DanielFWD58.2914$423000
Himmelberg, HarryFWD58.0522$421000
Williams, ZacDEF00$421000
Finlayson, JeremyDEF57.7114$419000
Perryman, HarryDEF55.58$379000
Langdon, ZacFWD50.7919$369000
Bonar, AidenMID/FWD594$351000
Reid, Sam J.DEF/FWD46.4719$337000
Corr, AidanDEF43.5616$316000
Buntine, MattDEF44.717$300000
Daniels, BrentFWD41.867$276000
Keeffe, LachlanDEF40.437$267000
Taylor, SamDEF38.388$262000
Caldwell, JyeMID00$250000
Hately, JacksonMID00$244000
O'Halloran, XavierMID00$228000
Hill, IanMID/FWD00$224000
Cumming, IsaacDEF372$204000
Briggs, KierenRUC00$204000
Buckley, DylanFWD342$188000
Shipley, NickMID21.52$170000
Brown, Callum M.DEF00$170000
Stein, JakeDEF00$170000
Idun, ConnorDEF/FWD00$170000
Buckley, JackMID/FWD00$170000
Sproule, ZacharyMID/FWD00$170000
Flynn, MatthewRUC00$170000


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