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2018 Prices

Fremantle AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2018

Prices, positions & tips for the Dockers.

The loss of Aaron Sandilands at Round 10 (Played opening minutes of Round 15 only) coincided with a significant drop in Disposals for Fremantle in 2017, the Dockers averaged 383.1 Disposals per game between Rounds 1-9 & only 345.2 Disposals between Rounds 10-23. Fremantle were Ranked 18th averaging 1527.9 fantasy points last season, they averaged 1587.1pts between Rounds 1-9 & 1486.9 between Rounds 10-23.

Sandilands is currently 35 years of age and the fantasy output of many in purple could be heavily reliant on him putting together a near full season, in the last 2 years Sandi has managed just 15 games (34.1%) and a transition away from him is imminent.

Only 4 players averaged over 85.0pts at Fremantle in 2017, hopefully Ross Lyon can turn in to a fantasy friend in 2018 rather than a fantasy foe.

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2018 Potential Targets:

Harley Bennell $249K FWD

Bennell finally hit the park for Freo late in 2017, 2 relatively quiet games has him listed at a price that will likely result in a large ownership at Round 1 if he is named. When healthy Bennell is clearly best 22 at the Dockers & previously had a very good ceiling at Gold Coast, he averaged over 80.0pts in his last 4 years at the Suns (2012-15). Pencil Bennell in right now, only change your mind if injured or there are any further off-field complications.

Nat Fyfe $686K MID

Fyfe averaged 97.4pts in 2017 and appears to be a value selection at Round 1 in 2018, despite playing nearly a full season he did spend considerable weeks away from the middle of the ground where he thrives dealing with an injury. Fyfe averaged 85.6pts between Rounds 4-15 & 106.6pts between Rounds 16-23. If healthy at Round 1 Fyfe is a must consider.

Connor Blakely $646K MID

Blakely was on fire averaging 112.8pts between Rounds 7-18 before injury ended his season in Round 19, he scored 100pts or more in 41.2% of games & 120pts or more in 17.6% of games in 2017 finishing with an average of 91.8pts. The Dockers do have another genuine option for fantasy but Blakely has lost his DEF status which will likely lower his ownership percentage at Round 1 as a MID only, if Blakely’s points per minute are elite in the pre-season he might be a considerable point of difference in 2018.

Lachie Neale $706K MID

Neale averaged over 100.0pts for the 3rd consecutive H&A season averaging 100.3pts in 2017, he scored 100pts or more in 52.4% of games & 120pts or more in 9.5% of games. Neale scored a season high 152pts against Gold Coast in Round 20, he has played in 89 of the last 90 games for Fremantle (98.9%). Considering how popular Fyfe could be at Round 1 could result in a low ownership for Neale, he would be a nice addition to any fantasy midfield in 2018.

Andrew Brayshaw $268K MID

Brayshaw averaged 25 Disposals in the TAC Cup and 21 Disposals in the U18 National Championships, if given an early opportunity by Lyon then he should be a decent value selection.

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Neale, LachieMID100.2921$706000
Fyfe, NatMID97.3821$686000
Hill, BradleyMID93.6822$660000
Blakely, ConnorMID91.7617$646000
Mundy, DavidMID/FWD84.2421$593000
Matera, BrandonFWD82.510$581000
Walters, MichaelMID/FWD79.5917$560000
Darcy, SeanRUC83.638$554000
Hill, StephenMID78.5618$553000
Sandilands, AaronRUC76.510$539000
Ryan, LukeDEF75.2711$530000
Pearce, DanyleFWD67.577$514000
Spurr, LeeDEF70.9416$500000
Wilson, NathanDEF70.921$499000
Langdon, EdMID/FWD67.610$476000
Sheridan, TommyDEF50.569$464000
Johnson, MichaelDEF65.9122$464000
Tucker, DarcyMID/FWD62.3219$439000
Hughes, EthanDEF61.7818$435000
Taberner, MattFWD63.888$423000
Sutcliffe, CameronDEF59.7713$421000
McCarthy, CameronFWD57.9519$408000
Ballantyne, HaydenFWD55.910$394000
Cox, BrennanDEF/FWD52.510$370000
Kersten, ShaneFWD52.1520$367000
Hamling, JoelDEF51.5522$363000
Grey, BradyFWD48.8614$344000
Nyhuis, RyanDEF/FWD53.754$310000
Logue, GriffinDEF42.5413$300000
Brayshaw, AndrewMID00$268000
Cerra, AdamMID00$262000
Bennell, HarleyFWD46.52$249000
Pearce, AlexDEF00$197000
Dixon, HughFWD00$184000
North, TomMID00$170000
Giro, StefanMID00$170000
Crowden, MitchMID/FWD00$170000
Meek, LloydRUC00$170000
Strnadica, LukeRUC00$170000
Banfield, BaileyMID00$170000
Duman, TaylinDEF00$170000
Switkowski, SamuelFWD00$170000
Apeness, MichaelFWD00$170000
Jones, ScottRUC00$170000

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