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2018 Prices

Collingwood AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2018

Prices, positions & tips for the Pies.

The points were flowing at Collingwood last season as they were Ranked 1st averaging 1725.1 fantasy points per game, the Magpies scored 1800pts or more in 8 games (Rank 1). Collingwood recorded 400+ Disposals in 12 games last season (54.5%), they had 4 players average over 25.0 Disposals for the season (Pendlebury, Treloar, Sidebottom & Adams).

The Top 4 MIDS at Collingwood appear to be locked in again to average in excess of 100.0pts, if injury strikes the Magpies then there are many willing participants that could benefit enormously with extra midfield time. The team set up at the Magpies will be a must watch over the pre-season, any significant role changes could trigger a few value selections.


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2018 Potential Targets:

Steele Sidebottom $745K MID

Based on the popularity of other quality MIDS at Collingwood Sidebottom will be on the lower range of ownership in 2018, he showed no signs of slowing down last season averaging 105.8pts including 109.1pts from his last 15 games. Sidebottom generally avoids the tag and clearly benefits from a disposal heavy game plan, he might be the perfect point of difference in 2018.

Taylor Adams $808K MID

The pain of not having Adams available as a DEF is clearly offset by the enormous numbers he produced in 2017, he averaged 114.7pts scoring 100pts or more in 68.2% of games & 120pts or more in 36.4% of games. The ceiling for Adams will be beneficial to many fantasy teams as he scored 151pts in 2 games last year, he also averaged 126.4pts from his final 5 games of 2017 (Pendlebury did not play). Adams is a perennial fantasy scorer and entering just his 7th AFL season he is right in the prime of his career, the options are locking him at a high price tag at Round 1 or trying to find the coin during the season to trade him in which could take a while.

Scott Pendlebury $767K MID

Pendlebury has averaged 100.0pts in 8 straight year’s at Collingwood, he averaged 108.9pts in 2017 scoring 100pts or more in 62.5% of games & 120pts or more in 31.3% of games. Pendlebury averaged 112.1pts between Rounds 1-11 & 101.8pts between Rounds 12-17, a broken finger ended his season early but he did play in the international Rules series during November (Injured another finger on his different hand). Pendlebury has been very durable over his career, his ownership might be on the light side to begin 2018.

Adam Treloar $761K MID

If you are targeting just 1 Collingwood MID to begin the 2018 season then Treloar could be your guy, he averaged 108.0pts in 2017 scoring 100pts or more in 66.7% of games & 120pts or more in 28.6% of games. In 2016, Treloar scored 100pts or more in 68.2% of games & 120pts or more in 36.4% of games (Both Ranked in the AFL Top 10). There is no reason why Treloar can’t hit those same 2016 numbers again, he is a worthy selection despite the high price tag.

Brodie Grundy $748K RUC

The Mason Cox impact is huge for the Grundy fantasy output, here is what we know so far; In 2016 Grundy averaged 91.5 with Cox & 111.3 without, in 2017 he averaged 89.0 with Cox & 115.5 without. Grundy scored 100pts or more in 14.3% of games with Cox & 92.3% without, he averaged 27.4 Hit Outs with Cox & 40.2 without along with 15.9 Disposals with Cox & 19.8 without. Collingwood has publicly stated that Cox is in their plans to play alongside Grundy in 2018, he is likely a fade at Round 1 if Cox is named & a strong play if Cox is sidelined for an extended period of time.

Jaidyn Stephenson $260K MID/FWD / Darcy Moore $437K FWD

Stephenson racked up huge numbers in the U18 National Championships, hopefully he can stack on the weight/muscle over pre-season and be a regular in 2018. Lock him in as soon as he is named.

The Moore selection is clearly about his possible role across half back in 2018, when he recorded 12 Disposals or more in 2017 he averaged 86.8pts. A definite watch for positioning throughout each game of the pre-season, he is priced at 62.1pts to begin 2018 and is listed as a FWD only. There is value here, but certainly no promise.


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Adams, TaylorMID114.6822$808000
Pendlebury, ScottMID108.8816$767000
Treloar, AdamMID10821$761000
Grundy, BrodieRUC106.220$748000
Sidebottom, SteeleMID105.7722$745000
Howe, JeremyDEF89.9521$633000
Crisp, JackDEF88.2722$622000
Hoskin-Elliott, WillMID84.9122$598000
Phillips, TomMID83.3318$587000
Smith, JoshDEF81.6213$575000
de Goey, JordanMID/FWD79.514$560000
Scharenberg, MattDEF77.810$548000
Wells, DanielMID/FWD77.210$544000
Elliott, JamieFWD75.8217$534000
Langdon, TomDEF72.6411$512000
Maynard, BraydenDEF72.2322$509000
Fasolo, AlexFWD69.4719$489000
Reid, BenDEF/FWD69.3315$488000
Greenwood, LeviMID/FWD69.1316$487000
Broomhead, TimMID6414$451000
Varcoe, TravisDEF/FWD53.638$450000
Wills, RupertMID641$446000
Thomas, JoshFWD64.229$439000
Moore, DarcyFWD62.121$437000
Mayne, ChrisFWD633$430000
Aish, JamesDEF/MID61.888$421000
Cox, MasonRUC/FWD61.229$418000
Dunn, LyndenDEF56.2417$396000
Goldsack, TysonDEF53.5520$377000
Blair, JarrydFWD53.1712$374000
Oxley, AdamDEF00$344000
Daicos, JoshMID/FWD59.52$318000
Crocker, BenjaminFWD55.673$310000
Brown, CallumMID/FWD47.65$285000
Stephenson, JaidynMID/FWD00$260000
Murphy, NathanDEF/FWD00$194000
Kirby, KayleFWD351$185000
Brown, TylerMID/FWD00$172000
Madgen, JackMID00$170000
Appleby, FlynnDEF00$170000
Murray, SamDEF00$170000
Sier, BraydenMID00$170000
Lynch, MaxRUC/FWD00$170000
McLarty, SamDEF00$170000
Mihocek, BrodyDEF00$170000

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