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2018 Prices

Adelaide AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2018

Prices, positions & tips for the Crows.

Adelaide were dominant in the 2017 H&A season averaging 1683.6 fantasy team points (Rank 2), at the Adelaide Oval the Crows averaged 1734.8pts which included an average of 1756.1pts from winning games. On the road Adelaide averaged 1622.1 fantasy team points & averaged 1678.6pts from 7 winning games, they scored under 1500pts in 2 games for the season both were losses interstate.

Adelaide will set up differently compared to 2017 with the long term injury to Brodie Smith, the departures of Charlie Cameron & Jake Lever along with the arrivals of Bryce Gibbs & Sam Gibson to mention just a few. The Crows have very good depth which should provide fantasy coaches a few new opportunities throughout 2018, the Crows will likely be among the top fantasy teams again this season.

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2018 Potential Targets:

Matt Crouch MID $752K

Matt Crouch didn’t really light up his fantasy scoring until the 2nd half of the 2017 H&A season, he averaged 100.5pts between Round 1-12 and averaged 114.2pts between Rounds 14-23. Crouch scored 100pts or more in 64.0% of games and 120pts or more in 24.0% of games last season (Incl. Finals), he also averaged 120.3pts in the Finals last season. Priced at 106.7pts to begin the 2018 season, there may be more value in Matt Crouch.

Brad Crouch MID $726K

Injured late in the 2017 pre-season Brad Crouch subsequently missed the opening 4 games on the season, he averaged 93.6pts between Rounds 5-12 and like his brother excelled in the 2nd half of the year averaging 111.6pts between Rounds 14-23. Crouch averaged 121.0pts in the Finals for Adelaide last season, he scored 100pts or more in 83.3% of his last 10 games of the year (Incl. Finals). Crouch is priced at 103.1pts to begin 2018, he should be high on your radar.

Bryce Gibbs MID $790K

Gibbs will come with a hefty price tag to being the 2018 season after averaging 112.1pts in his final year at Carlton, he scored 100pts or more in 72.7% of games & 120pts or more in 27.3% of games last season. Gibbs is very durable and did not miss a game in in his last 2 years at the Blues, a new team and new role does put up the possibility of an adjusted fantasy output. Worth monitoring during the JLT Series for position at the Crows.

Rory Sloane MID $754K

Despite scoring fewer than 80pts in 27.2% of games Sloane still managed to average 107.0pts in the 2017 H&A season, he scored 100pts or more in 50.0% of games but converted most of those in to scores above 120pts (41.7% of games 120pts or more). Sloane scored 150pts or more in 4 games recording a season high 157pts against Fremantle in Round 10, many will be put off by the low scores he produces but the upside is great. An average well over 110pts is not out of the question for Sloane in 2018, especially if he converts those poor games in to moderate games.

Sam Jacobs RUCK $700K

Jacobs played every game as solo Ruck for the Crows averaging 99.4pts during the 2017 H&A season, he scored 100pts or more in 44.0% of games & 120pts or more in 12.0% of games (Incl. Finals). Since the beginning of the 2013 season Jacobs has missed just 3 games, he is likely to be under owned relative to his average, role & health. Jacobs would make for a very good point of difference.

Sam Gibson MID $582K

Gibson is well worth monitoring throughout the pre-season on his positioning within the team, he starts the 2018 season as a MID only and priced at 82.6pts but could be set for the vacant Brodie Smith role across half back. Gibson has played in 130 straight games dating back to his debut in Round 12 2012, when recording 20 Disposals or more he has a career average of 97.0pts.

Jordan Gallucci MID/FWD $285K / Darcy Fogarty MID/FWD $248K

Just the 1 game for Gallucci in Round 9 against Brisbane in 2017 finishing with 11 Disposals & 54pts, he should be pressing for senior selection in his 2nd year. “There’s a role that’s opened up and there’s a few boys that are pushing for that. Going forward, hopefully I can develop my game further and then go from there.” Gallucci on the Charlie Cameron position now available.

Once touted as a potential No.1 pick Forgaty (2017 Pick 12) was hampered mid-year by a knee injury subsequently requiring surgery, he has the right body type to make an immediate impact when he plays. Long term Fogarty will likely be an inside MID that can also impact the scoreboard, worth considering when named.


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Gibbs, BryceMID112.1422$790000
Sloane, RoryMID10722$754000
Crouch, MattMID106.7322$752000
Crouch, BradMID103.1217$726000
Laird, RoryDEF100.4122$707000
Jacobs, SamRUC99.4122$700000
Lynch, TomFWD90.8520$640000
Gibson, SamMID82.5922$582000
Jenkins, JoshFWD81.2218$572000
Atkins, RoryMID81.2322$572000
Douglas, RichardMID80.9522$570000
Walker, TaylorFWD80.620$568000
Smith, BrodieDEF79.6822$561000
Greenwood, HughMID78.8312$555000
Betts, EddieFWD72.5221$511000
McGovern, MitchellFWD67.512$475000
Mackay, DavidMID67.1619$473000
Knight, RileyFWD66.8116$471000
Seedsman, PaulDEF/MID862$460000
Otten, AndyDEF/FWD63.8217$449000
Hampton, CurtlyMID63.679$435000
Milera, WayneMID/FWD60.5616$426000
Brown, LukeDEF58.5221$412000
Kelly, JakeDEF57.3321$404000
Ellis-Yolmen, CamMID00$389000
O'Brien, ReillyRUC00$365000
Talia, DanielDEF51.2921$361000
Hartigan, KyleDEF45.1315$318000
Gallucci, JordanMID/FWD541$285000
Cheney, KyleDEF00$278000
Keath, AlexDEF44.336$275000
Fogarty, DarcyMID/FWD00$248000
McPherson, AndrewDEF00$192000
Himmelberg, ElliottFWD00$170000
Murphy, LachlanDEF00$170000
Doedee, TomDEF00$170000
Poholke, MylesMID/FWD00$170000
Signorello, MatthewMID/FWD00$170000
Edwards, JacksonMID00$170000
Hunter, PaulRUC00$170000
Jarman, BenFWD00$170000
Dear, HarryDEF/FWD00$170000
Davis, BenDEF/FWD00$170000
Wilson, PatrickMID/FWD00$170000

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