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2018 Prices

Richmond AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2018

Prices, positions & tips for the Tigers.

The reigning Premiers were not that fantasy relevant last season averaging 1556.1pts per game (Rank 15), however there were a few genuine rock solid picks that did assist many fantasy coaches throughout the 2017 H&A season. In their opening 10 games last year the Tigers were actually ranked last averaging 1489.3 fantasy team points per game, a softer schedule allowed them to improve on that average in their final 12 games as they averaged 1611.8pts.

Richmond were not a Disposal heavy team in 2017 averaging 368.3 per game, they recorded only 3 games of 400 Disposals or more throughout the H&A season (Melbourne 13) which was ranked 16th. Defensively the Tigers were outstanding restricting opponents to 356.7 Disposals from their final 10 games of 2017 (Incl. Finals), be aware they play Geelong, Gold Coast, Essendon & Western Bulldogs in their final 4 games of the 2018 H&A season.


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2018 Potential Targets:

Dustin Martin MID $800K

Martin delivered on all fronts last year including AFL Fantasy, he averaged 113.6pts during the H&A season scoring 100pts or more in 64.0% of games and 120pts or more in 36.0% of games. Martin’s season splits might be worth taking note when considering him at Round 1 this season, he averaged 116.7pts between Rounds 1-11, 110.5pts between Rounds 12-23 & 94.7pts in the Finals. It is likely Martin could be under owned relative to his 2017 output, he could be worth considering for an early season point of difference.

Dion Prestia MID $577K

Prestia’s first year at the Tigers was a rocky road especially in fantasy, he averaged 81.9pts in the 2017 H&A season and 103.3pts in the Finals. Prestia averaged 105.6pts from his final 7 games of the year (Incl. Finals), at this stage he is completing a full pre-season in preparation for the upcoming year and at the same stage last year he was still recovering from knee surgery in December returning to training late in January. Prestia definitely has a fantasy game having averaged 90.0pts or more in his final 4 years at Gold Coast, he is worth considering as a value pick to begin 2018.

Trent Cotchin MID $673K

An average of 84.4pts in Cotchin’s final 10 2107 H&A games dropped his average to 95.5pts, he averaged 104.8pts from his opening 12 games scoring a season high 123pts in Round 6 against Adelaide. Cotchin scored 100pts or more in 40.0% of games and 120pts or more in 8.0% of games in 2017 (Incl. Finals), he could be another player to target for early season form as he will be under owned.

Kane Lambert MID/FWD $600K

If you are looking to add DPP flexibility to your 2018 team then Kane Lambert is worth considering, he averaged 95.8pts from his final 12 H&A games and is priced at 85.2pts to begin 2018. It is worth monitoring his pre-season form and his fantasy output, any player that puts up a season high 147pts deserves our attention.

Bachar Houli DEF $637K / Brandon Ellis DEF $596K

After an indifferent beginning averaging 77.0pts from his opening 9 games of 2017 Houli averaged 104.0pts from his final 9 games. His scoring can be highly volatile. He is priced at 90.5pts

Ellis pretty well matched the year of Houli averaging 68.6pts from his opening 9 games of 2017 and averaged 95.8pts from his final 13 games. He is priced at 84.7pts

Jack Higgins MID/FWD $238K / Anthony Miles MID $517K

Higgins was rated as No.1 by Champion Data in the Top 30 Draft Power Rankings, he is AFL ready and with the potential delayed start to the 2018 season from Daniel Rioli a Round 1 debut could be a chance. Don’t miss out

Miles was the forgotten man at Richmond last year, he managed 3 games at an average of 84.0pts and is well discounted to begin 2018. If Miles can force his way back in to the team then he is well under-priced.


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Martin, DustinMID113.6422$800000
Cotchin, TrentMID95.522$673000
Grigg, ShaunMID95.4122$672000
Houli, BacharDEF90.518$637000
Nankervis, TobyRUC86.8621$612000
Lambert, KaneMID/FWD85.2421$600000
Ellis, BrandonDEF84.6822$596000
Prestia, DionMID81.9519$577000
Riewoldt, JackFWD77.320$544000
Caddy, JoshMID/FWD74.5319$525000
Miles, AnthonyMID73.25$517000
Townsend, JacobFWD952$508000
Vlastuin, NickDEF65.8513$464000
Rance, AlexDEF65.0922$458000
Astbury, DavidDEF64.4522$454000
Graham, JackMID842$450000
McIntosh, KamdynDEF/MID63.7121$449000
Lloyd, SamFWD678$447000
Edwards, ShaneMID/FWD62.0617$437000
Markov, OlegDEF397$426000
Conca, ReeceDEF68.56$425000
Short, JaydenDEF56.5616$398000
Butler, DanielFWD55.920$394000
Castagna, JasonFWD55.522$391000
Broad, NathanDEF60.867$390000
Menadue, ConnorMID54.789$385000
Ellis, CoreyDEF/MID43.836$383000
Rioli, DanielFWD52.0922$367000
Griffiths, BenFWD41.52$357000
Soldo, IvanRUC51.867$332000
Grimes, DylanDEF46.5922$328000
Hampson, ShaunRUC00$317000
Drummond, NathanFWD00$271000
Bolton, ShaiFWD38.836$241000
Higgins, JackMID/FWD00$238000
Coleman-Jones, CallumRUC00$232000
Balta, NoahRUC/FWD00$222000
Stengle, TysonFWD41.52$222000
Naish, PatrickMID/FWD00$204000
Moore, CallumFWD00$195000
Smith, DerekDEF00$170000
Miller, BenRUC00$170000
Baker, LiamFWD00$170000
Garthwaite, RyanDEF00$170000
Chol, MabiorFWD00$170000

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  1. Avatar


    January 23, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    Jack Graham plays 2 games in 2017 and is now worth 450,000 dollars.

    How is the price increase justified?

  2. Avatar


    January 23, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    What’s with the Richmond bashing by the traders. First in the Adelaide podcast Roy and Calvin said they fluked the premiership. They finished the home and away 3rd on the ladder with the 4th best defence and kept Adelaide to it’s lowest score of the season in the Grand Final. They got served, pure and simple. Get over it Calvin. Then in the Richmond podcast Roy calls them a bunch of spuds, that’s just pathetic. I thought you guys had credibility, now you just sound petty.

    • Avatar

      Reality Check

      January 23, 2018 at 5:29 pm

      Richmond won’t make the 8 this year. Soft draw last year and had a shit load of luck come september.

      • Avatar


        January 23, 2018 at 6:29 pm

        They beat Geelong, GWS and Adelaide in the finals by an average of 45 points. That’s some luck.

      • Avatar

        Ned kelly

        January 23, 2018 at 7:04 pm

        Ya make ur own luck in sport pal.

      • Avatar


        January 23, 2018 at 8:32 pm

        Soft draw? In the finals? They destroyed everyone in the finals, best side in the comp by a long way after the g/f, and im a west coast supporter.

    • Avatar

      Jugs Tigers

      January 23, 2018 at 9:32 pm

      I agree Richmond need more credit. They hardly had a soft draw. And thy played the ther too four sides in the final and smashed them. They are going to be better this year and go back to back

      • Avatar

        Jugs Tigers

        January 23, 2018 at 9:43 pm

        They played the top four**

    • Avatar


      January 27, 2018 at 1:23 pm

      I laughed when Roy called them a bunch of spuds. It’s funny because it’s true.

  3. Avatar

    Tigers of old

    January 28, 2018 at 10:48 pm

    Love hearing Crows sook it up. Got smashed in all areas on the biggest stage

  4. Avatar


    February 7, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    Tigers will be top 4 again. They’ll learn from the mistakes of the Bulldogs before them.

    Smashed who I thought were the 3 best teams in the league in September – sometimes you gotta sit back and admit when you were wrong.

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