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2018 Prices

GWS Giants AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2018

Prices, positions & tips for the Giants.

GWS regressed in 2017 averaging 1623.5 fantasy team points (Rank 8) compared to 2016 when they averaged 1667.4pts, the Giants averaged 385.0 Disposals during the H&A season recording 400+ Disposals in 6 of 22 games (Melbourne: 13).  In the last 2 years only 2 players in each season have averaged more the 100.0pts (Incl. Finals), with a full uninterrupted pre-season all the above numbers will likely increase in 2018.

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2018 Potential Targets:

Josh Kelly MID $795K

Kelly was a beast in 2017 rewarding fantasy coaches that believed in his upside, he averaged 112.9pts during the H&A season & 120.7pts during the Finals. Kelly scored 100pts or more in 75.0% of games & 120pts or more in 29.2% of games last season (Incl. Finals), he scored 159pts or more in 2 games last year & finished the season scoring 100pts or more in 7 consecutive games. Kelly does come with a high price tag at Round 1, he is likely to be low owned compared to other premium MIDS and could be a genuine point  of difference for your team. Kelly is worth the expensive price tag.

Rory Lobb FWD $467K

Shane Mumford has retired allowing Lobb to take over as No.1 Ruck at the Giants, his usage in the Ruck position is likely to be significant considering Dawson Simpson & Jonathan Patton loom as the major threats to restricting his output. Lobb averaged 85.3pts without Shane Mumford in 2017 including averaging 35.0 Hit Outs in 2 Finals as solo Ruck (Ave: 86.5pts). Lobb is a FWD only to begin 2018 & will be a very popular selection, he is highly likely to upgraded to a RUCK/FWD at Round 6 adding flexibility to your team. No need to swim against the stream on this pick.

Callan Ward MID $659K

Ward started very slowly in 2017 averaging 75.7pts from his opening 9 games, he averaged 108.6pts from his final 16 games (Incl. Finals) scoring 100pts or more in 68.8% of games and 120pts or more in 31.3% of games. Ward is priced at 93.5 to begin the 2018 and does represent some value, he will likely be low owned at Round 1.

Stephen Coniglio MID $663K

Coniglio was severely hampered by injury in 2017 and still managed to average 95.7pts from 7 H&A games, he was dominant during the Finals and averaged 115.0pts. In 2016 Coniglio averaged 103.3pts scoring 100pts or more in 60.9% of games and 120pts or more in 26.1% of games (Incl. Finals), in 2017 he scored 100pts or more in 50.0% of games and 120pts or more in 20.0% of games (Incl. Finals). Coniglio has a definite upside in 2018, worth considering.

Heath Shaw DEF $565K / Jacob Hopper MID $461K

Click and close your eyes if you are starting with Shaw in 2018, he is priced at 80.3pts which still could be a trap if his volatile scoring continues. In the last 2 years he has dropped off significantly in the 2nd half of the year, in 2017 he averaged 86.5pts between Rounds 1-11 & 74.0pts between Rounds 12-23. In 2016 he averaged 112.0pts between Rounds 1-11 & 91.5pts between Rounds 12-23. The risk may be too high this year, however he will likely be very unique.

Year 3 for Hopper does open up the possibility of a breakout season, he is priced at 65.1pts to begin 2018 & averaged 79.0pts in the 2017 Finals. The time is right for Leon Cameron to increase Hopper’s midfield minutes, strongly consider if he completes a full pre-season.


Adam Tomlinson DEF $400K / Lachlan Keeffe DEF/FWD $170K

Tomlinson scored 110pts in a standout performance in the 2017 Preliminary Final, he was used more in an offensive role due to game match-ups against the Tigers. We know he has a fantasy game, hopefully the Giants can keep him more around the ball. Keep an eye on during the pre-season for positioning.

Keefe was delisted by Collingwood at the end of last season, he is a bottom price player that could be useful for fantasy coaches at some stage during 2018. His highest average was 52.6 in 2013 (Incl. Finals).



Note: If on a smartphone, turn it to landscape mode to view prices easier.

Kelly, JoshMID112.921$795000
Whitfield, LachieMID97.9315$690000
Shiel, DylanMID94.5522$666000
Coniglio, StephenMID95.717$663000
Ward, CallanMID93.5522$659000
Greene, TobyFWD91.4416$644000
Cameron, JeremyFWD88.3318$622000
Williams, ZacDEF82.8520$583000
Scully, TomMID81.8621$576000
Shaw, HeathDEF80.2722$565000
Deledio, BrettFWD72.754$530000
Haynes, NickDEF72.516$511000
Patton, JonathonFWD71.3219$502000
Griffen, RyanMID54.673$470000
Lobb, RoryFWD66.2917$467000
Hopper, JacobMID65.510$461000
Taranto, TimMID/FWD61.4212$433000
Simpson, DawsonRUC78.52$420000
Tomlinson, AdamDEF56.8621$400000
de Boer, MattFWD5512$387000
Davis, PhilDEF53.921$380000
Perryman, HarryDEF55.258$366000
Kennedy, AdamDEF/MID50.297$358000
Himmelberg, HarrisonDEF45.569$347000
Corr, AidanDEF48.220$339000
Reid, Sam J.FWD4613$324000
Lloyd, DanielFWD49.297$316000
Buckley, DylanDEF261$305000
Setterfield, WillMID/FWD49.52$265000
Bonar, AidenMID/FWD00$250000
Buntine, MattDEF45.52$244000
Daniels, BrentMID/FWD00$218000
Mohr, TimDEF411$217000
Taylor, SamDEF00$216000
Buckley, JackFWD00$170000
Stein, JakeDEF00$170000
Giles-Langdon, ZacFWD00$170000
Shipley, NicholasMID00$170000
Cumming, IsaacDEF00$170000
Sproule, ZacharyFWD00$170000
Flynn, MatthewRUC/FWD00$170000
Tiziani, LachlanFWD00$170000
Finlayson, JeremyDEF/MID201$170000
Keeffe, LachlanDEF/FWD00$170000

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