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2018 Prices

North Melbourne AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2018

Prices, positions & tips for the Roos.

Many fantasy coaches will by-pass Nth Melbourne when constructing a Round 1 team which could create some definite PODs, the Kangaroos were poor averaging 368.6 Disposals per game in 2017 (Ranked: 14th).  Nth Melbourne are still entering a considerable rebuild period, as fantasy coaches that is the time to look for genuine opportunity  rather than abandon any thought of selecting players from the Kangaroos in 2018.

The issue many fantasy coaches have with Nth Melbourne is the game plan under Brad Scott, they didn’t record a 400+ Disposal game until Round 23 against Brisbane (400+ Disposal AFL Average: 7.1). Hopefully Brad Scott’s game plan will evolve with a relatively new playing group in the coming years, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be fantasy options this season.

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2018 Potential Targets:

Ryan Clarke $484K DEF

Clarke should be the target of many fantasy coaches at Round 1, he is priced at 68.7pts and will likely be best 22 for the entire 2018 H&A season at Nth Melbourne. Clarke averaged 89.8pts from his final 5 games last season averaging 26.8 Disposals, he scored 100pts or more in 2 of those final 5 games averaging 9.5 Tackles. Clarke is worth following during the JLT series and is a must consider at Round 1.

Luke McDonald $$603K DEF/MID

McDonald jumped on to the fantasy radar in 2017 averaging 85.7pts at the Kangaroos, over his final 9 games that average increased to 93.4pts which included 4 games exceeding 100.0pts. There may be some value remaining for McDonald in 2018, at the very least he should deliver consistency that will support any fantasy backline.

Shaun Higgins $665K MID

Higgins scored a career season high 94.4 average in 2017, he scored 100pts or more in 38.1% of games but failed to hit 120pts. Over his career Higgins has been injury prone but in 2017 he managed 21 games and was the highest averaging fantasy player at Nth Melbourne, he averaged 101.4pts from his final 8 games of 2017. Higgins will be a MID only in 2018, he will likely be low owned but certainly worth is considering as one of the senior midfielders at the Kangaroos.

Taylor Garner $496K FWD

Garner finally was finally injury free for most of the 2017 season and showed signs of a fantasy game, priced at 70.4pts as a forward does throw up the potential of a Round 1 selection. Garner averaged 14.2 Disposals in his first 13 games last season, that increased significantly over his final 5 games when he averaged 20.2 Disposals & 87.2pts. Garner is worth a once over look during the pre-season, if his role equates to a high points per minute result then he should be in the mix as a mid-priced option.

Luke Davies-Uniacke $264K MID / Billy Hartung $563K MID

High draft prospect Davies-Uniacke should be able to crack in to the Kangaroos midfield in 2018, he averaged 24.1 Disposals during the TAC Cup in 2017. Worth grabbing as soon as he is named for a Nth Melbourne debut.

New team & a new opportunity for Hartung, he scored 80pts or more in 61.1% of games in 2017 at Hawthorn. Worth a place on any watch list just in case his numbers spike during the pre-season, priced at 80.0pts to begin 2018 he could turn out to be a mid-priced bargain.


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Higgins, ShaunMID94.3821$665000
Ziebell, JackMID9419$662000
Cunnington, BenMID8820$620000
Goldstein, ToddRUC86.6819$610000
McDonald, LukeDEF/MID85.6822$603000
Hartung, BillyMID8018$563000
Dumont, TrentMID77.4719$546000
Waite, JarradFWD76.110$536000
Tarrant, RobbieDEF72.7621$512000
Brown, BenFWD72.3222$509000
Garner, TaylorFWD70.4418$496000
Hrovat, NathanFWD70.1822$494000
Clarke, RyanDEF68.7315$484000
Macmillan, JamieDEF67.3813$475000
Atley, ShaunFWD66.2722$467000
Wood, MasonFWD6510$458000
Turner, KayneFWD64.7315$456000
Preuss, BraydonRUC67.258$445000
Mountford, DeclanDEF/MID62.3312$439000
Thompson, Scott D.DEF61.3821$432000
Williams, MarleyDEF58.1513$410000
Daw, MajakRUC/FWD577$394000
Simpkin, JyFWD4913$345000
Anderson, JedFWD575$341000
Vickers-Willis, EdDEF50.577$324000
Durdin, SamDEF46.58$308000
Williams, JoshMID572$305000
Wright, SamDEF00$303000
Davies-Uniacke, LukeMID00$264000
Jacobs, BenMID00$243000
Hibberd, MitchellDEF40.754$235000
Zurhaar, CameronFWD40.54$234000
Walker, WillMID00$226000
Nielson, DanielDEF347$218000
McKay, BenDEF/FWD381$201000
Jeffries, TomRUC00$170000
Xerri, TristanRUC00$170000
Narrier, GordonFWD00$170000
Larkey, NickFWD11.52$170000
Murphy, TomDEF/MID00$170000
Hayden, KyronMID00$170000
Watson, DeclanDEF00$170000
Junker, OscarMID00$170000
Morgan, AlexDEF00$170000
Ahern, PaulMID/FWD00$170000

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