What have I missed this DT pre-season?

There are quite a few of us out there who leave things to the last minute… I know I do! I have our first set of school reports due today and I’ve still got one class left to get done before the deadline (I’ll make it I swear). That’s because I’ve spent a fair bit of my spare time at home on Dream Team related matters… (I’m still doing my day job very well, thank you!).

Anyway… while a lot of us here have been having a fair crack before 2012 even started, there are a few who need to play a bit of catch up! So this is a post with information to help you get sorted for this week!


First of all, you could download our Cheat Sheets. The first lockout edition is probably a little redundant now, but it might be worth a look. More relevant is the Premium Edition that we released this week which includes Roy, Calvin and Warnie’s teams plus a whole heap of other things that can help you get a leg up over your mates but in doing it, you can ‘buy us a beer’ thanking us for all of the awesome content that we have provided on this site for 6 years and pay for the servers… plus you can win a TV! All a pretty good deal, hey? (If you don’t think so… don’t buy it and don’t comment).



This is what really starts the AFL Dream Team pre-season… the Deck of Dream Team. With thanks to Calvin, Roy, Tbetta, Tee Tee, Dunny and myself, we looked at 52 players over 52 days (well, 53 over 53… someone couldn’t count properly).



The evolution of teams over the pre-season is something that forever will interest me. We put up the first My Team post in November and thousands of teams have gone into that and subsequent posts leading up to now. Check out the archive and look at the most recent to see what other coaches within the DT TALK Community are thinking.



One of the most popular series of posts are Chook’s Rooks. He looked at some of the rookies on his radar (three parts: defenders and forwards, midfielders, and DPPs and rucks). These were followed by the mid-NAB update and then the holy grail… Chook’s look at players post-NAB which will help you massively!



Plenty of contributors have pitched in with their 2 cents on the site and one of the best forums for them to do so was through the Club Preview series. Here different coaches and well known contributors to our site named up their 5 players on their radar (and in most cases a few others) for their respective club… or club that they were looking at. Sometimes these were quite controversial – just check some of the comments!



We got a couple of sample teams up including the infamous ‘PRE-NAB CUP’ one that I put together each year. I followed up with the hype team after the first round of the NAB Cup. I didn’t do another as my DT ability was being questioned because others didn’t get the idea of the article… haha! Oh – better not mention the ‘Real DT Studs’ team… it might make some people unhappy!



If you aren’t signed up for the Fantasy Freako’s Rave, then do so at championdata.com.au. But if you missed the pre-season ones, get them all now… but most importantly, read the final one!



A fair bit of thought has gone into the byes that we are faced with in Round 11, 12 and 13 this year. If you have been living under a rock, we play our league games through these weeks… so you will need to consider them if a win is important to you! There are some ripper articles within the category… but make sure you take time to read Tbetta’s fabulous look at the strength of fixture. Don’t forget about the recently released Footynerd! Bookmarklet that will help you alter your team around the byes.



It’s worth checking out the NAB Cup stuff with some handy reports from coaches who went to various games. Also, the chat/discussion comments are great for people’s unique opinions on players.



Our boy up on the Gold Coast, McRath, started a sensational series called ‘Versus’ when he looked at Dustin Martin and Mitch Robinson.Robdog also had a crack at a couple… thanks heaps boys! My personal favourite was the Swan v Pendles one… those who bought the Cheat Sheet know what I ended up with!



Alright, this is pretty broad… but a couple of articles that you MUST have a look out are the all important ruck ones (Who will bring the Ruckus and Totally Rucked) and some great defender ones (Awkward and On the Rebound). There are a truckload… so jump into the team selection category for lots of different articles from a variety of minds.



Dunny has a new Friday article happening (following on from the ‘almost’ redundant ‘Get off the Bench’ last season). Check out his first few NAB Cup installments and be ready for the big one on Friday before final lockout!



Possibly the most read series of articles during the season.. why? Because everyone loves a Monday DT fix and what better way than with the awesome work of WA’s Tbetta. The Bullets were awesome last year and this year, they have been something else. Check out the whole series from this pre-season, but for some special stuff this week… read this week’s edition to get you all excited. We love our Vinnie Chase look-a-like!



McRath has contributed some brilliant pieces this pre-season and we are very lucky to have him running through ‘The Numbers’ every Tuesday. Be ready for next week’s edition. In the meantime, you will pick up some of his great thoughts from the pre-season here.



How could we leave these out? We interviewed some top blokes (Nathan Buckley, Andrew Swallow, Jordan Lewis, Tim Mohr, Stephen Coniglio) and hear from some of the rookies that will take places in your Dream Teams this year! Watch them all below!

That’s about it… well, it isn’t really… make sure you scour the website through all of the categories at the top of the page under the header for a hell of a lot of DT relevant information that can help you pick your side.

We’d like to thank EVERYONE who has made this site what it is today. This is our 6th season running it and we appreciate everyone’s input… from the awesome writers through to everyone who writes comments on the site (except the ones who say ‘first’) through to the silent people who just sit back and take it all in! It wouldn’t be the place it is without everyone playing their part!


Roy, Calvin and Warnie.


  • Excellent pre-season support provided by all DT Talk contributors. Very hard to make an effective team without all the great information on this site.

    If you haven’t already done so, buy the boys a beer by getting the premium cheat sheet.

  • I agree with you Pettiger it was an excellent pre season effort by all the boys. It just keeps getting better every year. I still have all my fantasy freako raves from last year! Talk about obsessive. Oh and I will be buying the cheat sheet. Well don Fellas. Cheers!

  • SUUUUPER STUFF! The 1 shop stop!

    Hahahaha regarding the “except those that say first.”

    Long live DTTALK!!!

  • I spent all preseason reading through the entirety of it, good luck doing that before lockout. ;)

    Thanks again for all you do lads and the article authors.

  • Legendary stuff boys. Plenty of reasons to get distracted and spend extra hours and hours on your dream team. What would I do without DT talk?

  • This maybe a dumb question but I will ask it anyway…. I am about to purchase the cheat sheet so I can shout you guys a beer then I remembered there are 3 of you guys. Now I haven’t been down to Tassie ever but unless you can buy 3 beers for $3.99 then 2 will miss out.

    So the question is…. If we feel inclined to maybe buy 3 beers for 3 ‘good blokes’ can we purchase the cheat sheet for say $11.97 or will we need to purchase 3 cheat sheets?

    Thanks to all that have contributed throughout the pre-season. This site has given me something to read everyday for a few years. Thanks again.

    • they only drink pony’s ;)

    • Haha. We can share them! The gimmick of the ‘buy a beer’ was a simple analogy… should be $4.80 (how much I paid for a 10 ounce the other day! Daylight robbery!

      • The assistant coach cost $20 and I have that, but I WAY prefer this site.

        I got the premium cheat sheet to contribute something to you guys (and because I like to devour ever piece of DT info that I can, but it didn’t influence my actual team).

        Where I am going with this is you should have somewhere on the site where people can donate to the cause… (most likely the pub cause with you blokes so it would be going straight to Irish Murpheys..) to reward your time and effort as well as maintaining servers etc.. I know there its a hobby and you have some advertising on here but it is only just that you line your pockets a little bit?! If I am paying $20 for assistant coach I would be happy to donate the same to DT Talk. If I broke it down to $$s spent per hours on the site already this preseason I would be paying about 5 cents an hour or less!

        I feel like I have had a huge preseason thanks to you boys and am primed for the real stuff!

        Cheers boys.

        • Thanks mate. Always nice to hear kind words! It would be great to be able to put more time into the site… the Assistant Coach stuff has kept us going (probably would have been easy to shut up shop, but that gets a little bit of pocket money each week).

          One day we could make this more than a hobby… if the TV show thing happens, who knows how big this can be!

          We’ll keep working hard at it!

        • –>–>–>–>–>SWOOP *pat on back*–>–>–>–>–>

  • Marty Clarke or Brian Lake or Mitch Golby???

    Any suggestions and reasons why would be great…

  • Marty Clarke or Brian Lake or Mitch Golby???

  • love your work boys. much appreciated.

    one spot open in the Bombers DT TALK league.

    code is 547711

  • free spot in DT TALK KANGAROOS – 672714

  • Thanks DT boys for all your efforts
    I have bought your Cheat Sheet – cheers!
    Maybe ask Calvin to start sipping on his Boags Draught instead…. haha, won’t happen.
    Better idea… conduct your next video at the brewery in Lonnie and tap into one of the storage tanks.
    Should make for some lively banter!
    Thanks again to all contributors – great value.

  • I bought the cheat sheet the other day

    Love the look of the Warne Dawgs this year!

    Hope I win the tele!

    Keep up the good work guys.

  • Just wanted to add one if I can, only because it took me bloody hours to put together and really helped me with getting the right mids..

    Below is the article I put together about who I think will be the top 10 midfielders… hope it helps anyone that may have missed it. Timely for anyone that may get caught up in NAB hysteria too.


    • Sorry mate! That was a ripper. I needed about 3 hrs to get through everything!

      • no problem mate… been using it again to validate my selections…. getting to the pointy end now and getting pre game jitters.

    • I remember reading that article Rainman. Just went over it again! It’s awesome… especially if you are choosing one or two between a few – it can really help you make a choice!

  • I wish I could buy a beer in WA in a pub for $3.99

  • anyone else getting all 0’s in the match centre ?
    all my gws players have 0 points now :(

  • +1

  • Great work as always, I meant not to cram like last year but moving during the preseason made it difficult to prepare. And anyone giving you crap over a $4 cheat sheet can get stuffed! DT Talk rules and the rest are just waiting to be Chopper’s victims (now that I’ve seen some of the Underbelly series I get a lot more of the jokes now)!

  • Need two out of the following: Lake, Hargrave or Golby?

  • I’m a little surprised that you missed the link to one of the most popular and informative articles this pre-season. Lots of posters raved about it in the comments section.

    For those who think that you’ll get +6’s for having nice arms and a firm buttocks jump to; http://dreamteamtalk.com/2012/02/11/the-real-dt-studs-team/

  • Love your work boys even though I am sensing pay per view like the Murdoch online papers!

    Now Warnie, what happened to having 2 premium ruckmen???
    Why did that idea go out the window?

  • Ironically I am cramming for two tests tomorrow.
    more annoyed about having Bugg and Kennedy on my bench though.