GWS Giants: AFL Dream Team Picks

This series of ‘club preview’ posts are written by DT TALK regular contributors choosing their 5 players they have on their watchlist from the respective club. These aren’t who we think will be the top 5 highest scoring players… and are not necessarily in order. They are just our opinions of the 5 players who we have on our watchlist heading into the 2012 season.

RLGriffin’s five from the Giants.

I’m going to take a play from the Giants Coach Kevin Sheedy here and be frank. If I told you to pick Giles in your ruck, or suggested that McDonald was good value in your midfield bench, I’d be blowing wind up your Lane Cove Tunnel if you know what I mean. Telling you what is already a given is a waste of time and the Dream Team Talk community expects more. So instead, let’s throw a cat into the pigeons – or an Eddie into the land of the falafel, and throw up some food for thought.

1. Curtly Hampton (FWD/MID) – $104,200

Left out of my Pre-NAB cup article and only getting an honourable mention, Hampton has been slowly impressing in the NAB Cup and could be ready for a round one debut. Kevin Sheedy was an early advocator of his work, labelling him “one of the best young talents in the country” and more recently singling him out as one who has impressed him on the track this preseason. With silky skills and an ability to find space, it has been said that Curtly could one day be one of the greatest players to come out of the Northern Territory, and plays to a similar style as a young Adam Goodes. He does not fit the mould of the Substitute (often a midfielder with a smaller tank, or a smaller goal sneak or defender), so if Hampton is selected for round one, it’s not by chance, and he should hold his spot for a while.

2. Devon Smith (FWD/MID) – $121,200

So here’s all you need to know; when asked about Devon Smith, region manager Michael Turner for the Geelong Falcons said “He’s got a big, big future,” and “he’s the best small I’ve had in the Falcons system”. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, know this, Luke Hodge and Garry Ablett Jnr were also managed under Michael Turner in the same team. Generously listed as a DPP (Thanks VS!), Smith tore up in the Giants intraclub game, playing in the absence of midfielders Dylan ‘removed appendix via his foot’ Shiel and Adam ‘always next week’ Treloar. Scoring a NAB Cup tonne [108 pts] against the Hawks two weeks ago, and resting last week, he was named in Sheedy’s early round one team. An ability to score, DPP, more midfield time, better than GAJ at a young age and a rookie low price? Cheque please.

3. Stephen Clifton (MID) – $121,800

This is where we talk about your approach to cash cows. It’s averages versus total points in this game of chance. You can chase down sporadic 100’s matched with sub-par 40’s (see: Prestia) or go for constant quality (see: Stanley), as you’ll rarely ever get brilliant scores week in and out (see: Lord Barlow). Clifton is this years Stanley, a mature aged recruit with a big tank (he won the first GWS 3km time trial), who will be on the park each and every week. Clifton has been constant across the entire preseason, without being outstanding. Almost certain to never fall under 60, but with a lower ceiling then say, Koby Stevens, Clifton could be your certain money maker, who never has to take the field, but if he does, you know what you’ll get. For those out their looking for a safe bet rookie, this is where the money’s at.

4. Sam Darley or Thomas Bugg (DEF) – $104,200

I’ll be honest: I can say with no certainty who has the better job security out of these two, and if anyone suggests otherwise it’s mostly hot air. As such, let’s look at them both, as they are fighting for the same spot on the field, and in your teams. Bugg has the motivation after missing many of last years NEAFL games whilst he was completing high school, and training one on one with Jimmy McDonald. Darley has the conditioning due to being around the team longer. Darley had a blistering start to the NAB Cup, Bugg has been slowly improving. Bugg has played every week whereas Darley only missed last week’s game due to an illness. Here’s the thing. Despite suggestions to the contrary, both can fit in the one team, and probably will. Rebounding defenders are going to be needed down at Blacktown, and these two are some of the best young rebounders we’ve seen in recent years. So stop this he said/she said approach to these two; they’re both on my bench, and if both named for round one, you shouldn’t be upset with one or both on yours.

5. Rhys Palmer (MID) – $323,500

The name brings out all sorts of emotions. From an all-star cash cow (2008, DT avg. 87.5) to an all-star leg breaker, Rhys has had a remarkable fall from grace in the last four seasons. Last seasons whipping boy for Mark Harvey (Avg. 65.4), Rhys has stepped up since moving to the giants and has been a constant standout in the NAB Cup. In fact, he’s been in the top two scorers on every occasion he has taken the field this preseason for the GWS. Guaranteed in the best 22, plenty of game time and an outside role conducive to Dream Team, Rhys may be the perfect fit for a mid-priced strategy and a major smoky for those looking for alternatives to Gaff, Ebert or Christensen. If he was a FWD/MID, he’d be a lock, so expect big things this year. [Don’t] break a leg Palmer!

OTHERS ON THE WATCHLIST: Falou (FWD – $115,800) and Cameron (FWD – $104,200) will both destroy backlines in years to come, but I’m not sold it will be this year, but could be worth a punt. Speaking of punts, how about finding room for Dylan Shiel (MID – $104,200) in your midfield? If listed for round one you should trust the hype; I’ll be making room! Obviously DT Talks future man crush after Rocky will be Stephen Coniglio (MID – $175,200) and rightly so, but is he worth the extra $70,000 over Shiels, Smith or Clifton? And finally, Phil Davis (DEF – $225,900), the new co-captain and most expensive GWS defender has told me he will play both a defensive role and a rebounding role this year, whatever is needed in each game. Although he has a history of Glass-esque scores, and a history of injuries, if you are looking at the likes of Lake, Hargrave and Conca, how about considering Davis? After all, the ball will be down his end quite a bit. Oh, and Giles could be good for your ruck bench! Just saying.

Click here to read RLGriffin’s “Who are the Giants? An In-Depth Look”.


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  • Nice article.
    How bout Miles?

  • Missed out on stanley last year. I pray to the DT gods Clifton gts 60+ this week. So then i can lock him in and put D. Smith and the fwd line and get rid of Hampton.

  • I’m starting to wonder if these reviews are meant to be mediocre, so we all pay up for the Assistant Coach. For me it makes the case even less so.

    In the last day, the Geelong review had Joel Corey at number 2, with mention of Guthrie and Smedts only in the Watchlist. Even putting Enright, Johnson or Chapman (non-mids) in would’ve made much more sense than Corey.

    Then for Gold Coast, Stanley is at number 2, and HE”S SUSPENDED FOR THE FIRST TWO GAMES! Smith, Hall and Caddy, while mentioned in the Watchlist, should all be in consideration ahead of Stanley and Swallow.

    And now GWS……..RHYS PALMER, are you kidding??? And no mention of Anthony Miles?? Even Tomlinson, for those desperate for a DEF/FWD link with Smedts.

    I’ll keep watching the episodes guys, but obviously you’re spending more time pumping out articles for Assistant Coach than vetting these. I think it just makes people switch over to other websites, and the competition is getting greater all the time.

    I think a far better approach would be to release some of the Assistant Coach articles here, with the promise that if people pay up they’ll get access to ALL your wisdom. At the moment, people aren’t getting any.

    • Miles isn’t mentioned for a reason….you’re a fool if you actually pick him

      • Why?? Isn’t that worth more discussion than Rhys Palmer?!!

        • Just for you.
          Miles tore up last year in the neafl as one of the sole inside midfielders. An ability to win the hard ball held him in good stead, and rubbished the year with the giants best dreamteam average of 102 (from memory, at work, can’t verify). Seen as a better option than dylan shiel for your mid bench, he was hurt badly by the recruitment of ward and scully, and draftee conigli. In a crowded midfield, miles issues will be job security, as his omission from sheedy’s round one team shows. An ability to pack a big punch comes at the cost of a possible vest, or just plain omission, miles is an attractive but dangerous prospect.

          • Awesome, thanks! Apart from Giles (and probably Smith), I don’t think anyone is ‘obvious’ at GWS, including McDonald.

          • I followed the Giants very closely last year and went to a number of their games in Canberra. Miles is a rather average player at best, he is a good DT player, but those things are very different. He might have had some ripper games last year in the NEAFL, however majority of those games were against lowly sides like Belco and all that (I’m not talking about DT wise, I’m talking performance wise, he was good in DT in most of his games). My point is the Giants aren’t going to select players on their DT, they’ll be selected on their performances, and as far as they’re concerned Miles isn’t in the Top 35 IMO.

            Sure a few are injuries this year, but the Giants had plenty last year (Treloar and Shiel were injured all the way through last year too folks). And with the additions like Ward, Scully and all the draftees, Miles will be pretty much be playing NEAFL a lot again this year. Miles will not get regular games. I tipping less than 9 for the season, majority of those vest effected. He is fools gold.

    • Sorry if I didn’t mention the obvious guys in miles, shields, gilles, mohr, etc. point of the article is to generate discussion not tell you the obvious. Check out the pre NAB article if you want more detail on players.

    • These articles are posted for discussion. The articles are written by fans… with their opinion. You don’t have to listen to them! These are 5 players on their watchlist (as it states all the way through it).

      As for vetting articles… how do we go about that when they’re opinion pieces? Hmm… maybe I need to make that bold thing at the top more ‘bolder’?

      But yeah… get the assistant coach! We get paid (minimally) for that, this is a hobby! (A hobby that takes a lot of time and is appreciated by most).

      • I told you this would happen mentioning Palmer. haha
        But stats don’t lie, and if you’d think about masten, palmer also deserves a mention. I’m not picking him, awkward price the only factor.

        • Thanks for all your hard work guys.

          I see your point on Palmer. No doubt he’s getting good numbers, but Masten’s role in the mids is enhanced by LeCras being out and the fact that the eagles arent going to get smashed like a red headed stepchild (even if Masten should be beaten for that rank haircut). Palmer will also find the going harder when he is playing against teams legitimately putting them to the sword. We have rarely seen a full midfield in any team in the NAB cup so far.

          I loved the read, and of course we have differing opinions. If people want their team prescribed to them go the “team mean-reversion” forum…..i mean “My team”. where independent thought goes to die.

          • PS – i want to shoot myself for considering Masten but buggar me if he hasnt been kicking AT people so far this year.

      • Love the site mate. The articles this yearhave been of the highest quality. Thanks heaps to all the guys and girls that have contributed this year.

      • warnie stop taking the bait,,ya dont see roy or calvin biteing bk at any of the negative comments ,,youve been doing it all yr

        • His defense is welcome from this end, but not needed. I get the impression by Warnies latest tweet he is as sick of the negative comments about article as the rest of us.

          And you’re right, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen Calvin tell people to go and get stuffed after his #1 Calvin’s Captain fails. Never!

          • thats a bit different ,totally different actually,i said ya never see them on here doing what warnie has been doing this yr…he hasnt done it in past yrs and seems a bit defensive on alot of comments,not just articles
            but its their site so they have more right than anyone to comment,,just been very noticeable this yr,and i rekon he could of just ‘left it out’..but thats only my opinion,and thats what this whole thing is about
            paid for my assitant coach ,and have no problam with the price,or how much $$$ they make out of this whole thing,,i think they deserve it

        • good on ya warnie for sticking up for your site and those who work hard to provide information for everyone else of their own free will.

        • Tuppy, Tuppy, Tuppy… like I have said before, I will always stick up for the authors. I will also try to ‘help’ those who don’t understand the concept of things (eg. that this article is RLGriffin’s opinion and not the be all and end all of the Giants) and then want to rip us/me/the site to shreds and telling us how to run this place. I will continue to be defensive for the integrity of the DT Talk brand.

          Roy and Calvin rarely look at comments on here… and probably don’t feel the need because, they… like others (which is what I am worried about), don’t want to be involved in a negative community. At the moment, there are too many whingers and too many know it alls who probably should go back to writing their letters to the council about the bloody footpath that isn’t level or a letter to the editor because there is too much smut on TV.

          Sorry for being so defensive and I probably shouldn’t care… but this place would go to shit if there were more people who just want to come on here and be Negative Nancy’s. We’ve worked too hard (6 years) to be disrespected like we are.

          • Sounds like the sanctimonious utterings from Big Andy’s operations guide and how the “brand” must be protected. As long as the man isn’t being played and it’s only a critique of the article then that should be ok. Whether the “prose” was an excellent or average piece the crowd will respond accordingly. Play on in both instances.

      • Great article buddy! I like the fact you didn’t look at the obvious! The site has become quite popular with lots of people reading the articles. Unfortunately with that comes the odd knob now and again! Thanks for putting together something for us to think about.

    • Hey Bilby, why dont you go and do your own research on players and stop expecting people to hand you a team on a platter. If every article was the top 5 picked from every team then it would be pretty damn boring.

      Another option is to just give the DT Talk guys your login details and password to your Dream Team and they can just go in there and select the most popular players for you. Saves you lifting a finger and you can just sit back and relax.

      • Oh and great read RLGriffin, very much appreciated.

      • I disagree, top 5 under consideration from each club is 90 players, more than enough for any watch list and great discussion. Obviously at GWS there’ll be more to discuss, but I doubt it with all the other clubs.

        • Bilby, 5 best players from each club is pointless from that 90 you could only pick 15 tops for your side. Plus if your unsure of what the best players at each club are already capable of please do everyone a favor and press the little delete team button

          • “top 5 under consideration”, not best players, best for 2012 DT. Rookie, mid-priced, premium, whoever. Just looked, my current watchlist is 101 players, and that’s way more than I’m seriously looking at.

        • My perspective when asked to do this was that a watchlist is players you’re keeping your eye on, who aren’t locks, but could be. I wouldn’t put swan, boyd or murphy on my assistant coach watchlist, I wouldn’t put the obvious gws guys here. Cameron, mcdonald, treloar, shiel and miles all viable options though

          • RLG, thanks mate, i really enjoyed reading your article.

            To Everyone Against Bilby, oh come on! I think this site is awesome in that it allows for animated discussion. it would be so boring if we ALL replied to EVERY article “well done”. Personally, i didn’t think much of McRath’s review of Carlton (but I have loved his other stuff). Let’s encourage alternative/challenging opinion.

            To all contributors, you are the foundation of this site…thanks, no really!

    • Wowsers Bilby! You pay nothing for this site. How about giving some credit when it is due. This guys DON’T get paid for these articles. The article is meant to provide a point of difference opinion. Joel Corey was an awesome addition the other day. Proven and forgotten in many ways.

      It’s a bit hard to put all the GWS team into 5 picks.

      If you don’t like the article then move on. No need to give someone a hard time when they are the ones having a crack. Pull your head in!

    • Great read as usual, And just settle down there bilby!

  • well i for one will NEVER use assistant coach, it borderlines on cheating imo.
    Paying some1 else to do your research, so you can beat your mates? how unaustralian
    If youy enjoy playing why not do your own research, and people who dont ” have the time” dont deserve a good dt made by some numbercrunchin geek sittin behind a pc

    • Haha! Cheating is un-Australian! I’m with you there.

      If you haven’t checked out the Assistant Coach, I wouldn’t be putting it in the ‘cheating’ category. The main purpose is the information it provides with stats. Break evens, projections, etc. It is a research tool. If you read the articles (which we write)… we don’t pick a team for you! Haha. And I wouldn’t listen to us anyway… well, not Calvin, maybe Roy! We highlight players who you should be thinking about. I reckon we would have mentioned 300+ different players over the last 6 weeks or so. Really, it’s no different to here.

      Assistant Coach does help you become a better, and more informed, Dream Team coach… but cheating, ummm… nope!

      • i disagree.. cheating IS australian.

        cutting corners.. wagging school, taking a sicky of work, picking up only 3 cards when you meant to pick up 4 in uno…. sneakin down another answer on the scattergors card after the buzzer when you are pretending to tick… all cheating. All perfectly austalian. If you want to be square go to switzerland.

        • hahaha good one ,but warnies right about the other stuff
          too many people expecting too much ,the idea is to pick ya team yaself jesus imagine some of you blokes complaining trying to pick ya side without this site ,what would ya do then ask ya mum??

          • adzman ya forgot about how we even try to find a captain loophole in the very first round ,,cheating is very australian haha..not that wagging school is cheating ,thats just tradition the same as taking a sicky

  • Great stuff mate. Enjoyed reading the article based on someone else’s thoughts. Palmer is definitely an interesting point of view. This bloke could be a superstar. It will be intriguing to see how he handles the extra attention this year. He may end up being good value.

  • Alright, fair points, and apologies to anyone I offended. Allow me to add to the discussion then.

    Stephen Coniglio, Dom Tyson and Will Hoskin-Elliott are being overlooked by lots of people as ‘premium’ draftees, with rookie-priced mids being favoured. But with the best two $100K priced mids in Shiel and Mitchell not looking likely for a Round 1 berth, and other sub $120K mids not having as good job security, these guys should be looked at more seriously. Many have Wingard, but none of these three. If you are looking at 4 (or more) sub $200K mids, you’ll need at least one these guys for their job security, and with so many going for Wingard, selecting one of the GWS premium draftees could prove a great point of difference.

    • Fair point. This is why I listed clifton. Far better job security than WHE and tyson. Also in that lower price range. I made mention of coniglio in the footnotes and this is also why I pointed out the differences between consistent rookies and high ceiling inconsistent ones. Miles may get you a tonne but he may also be sub affected. Gws have way too many midfielders for solid security, so didn’t want to advise people to pick him if I can’t honestly see him being consistent. Appreciate the clarification though, and discussion always welcomed.

    • Yeah as I mentioned Hoskin-Elliott earlier this kid is a jet. Anyone who has seen him play u18 will know what I mean.

  • Another top read, more food for thought. I think I’ll go with both Bugg and Darley at this stage, mostly due to a lack of rookie defenders that I have any faith in!

    It’s a shame you guys cop so much flack from people that keep demanding the content to be better/bigger, yet forget you’re doing this free of charge!

    I think you should start charging!

  • Great stuff fellas

    Can anyone tell me how to find out the % of teams players are selected by?

    • Sign up to Assistant Coach, click on “Player Research” then click on the “Coaches Choice” tab.

      • Hey Warnie, Roy and Calvin, i see someone suggested that you charge a fee for this well informed site. I would gladly pay, say $10 or maybe a donation. that way we might get rid of some ppl that come on here and complain. well done griffs on the writeup. food for thought.

        • Maybe a ‘freemium’ model could work for the 2013 season (probably a bit late now to make it happen)… we will be testing the waters with something soon that hopefully won’t get people off side, but more like a ‘donation’ thing for the work (and money) that goes into this site… the thing is, you will get something ‘awesome’ for it! Stay tuned!

          • Not that i don’t think you’re worth it, but I reckon the perfect outcome, based on all who sign onto this site, is you get Fox Footy to pay the “bill”.

            Come on, when are you guys broadcasting the first show? It’s a must.

          • The best thing about Dream Team is it’s free. Which is why I will never pay for assistant coach!

            The moment this site, or ANY part of it becomes paid, it will be permanently deleted off my favorites list! I know I’m not the only one either.

        • dont get me wrong… love the site… dont think i would pay for it though… isnt that what the advertising on the site is for?
          you have lots of “likes” on FB and im guessing alot of both unique visiters as well as repeat visits to the site… you shouldnt struggle for advertisers on the site ever!

          • Honestly, we won’t be making people pay for this site. Bit of a throw away line with the whole Pay Wall stuff happening with the Herald Sun.

            We will try to be inventive in how we can make stuff worthwhile for us here and hopefully, provide a better service in doing so. (Paying $300 a month to keep the servers churning along because of traffic doesn’t just grown on trees).

  • Great Stuff Mate!
    In all truths I never really thought about Curtly Hampton, not sure how I missed him. You have picked good players to do this about, we all know loads about Giles, Shiel etc because we have talked none stop about them for the whole preseason. Doing GWS would probably be the hardest and you have knocked it out of the park, I would very happily pay money to use this site and all the brilliant articles it has in it, and it is awesome that you guys do it for free!
    Keep It Up

  • Spot left in competative league: 918628

  • Great read indeed!
    I think that this was probably the hardest one of these to do so well done to RLGriffin. He could have put about 10 – 15 guys on here, but stuck to the 5.

    Most of the other lists are a lot easier to do as we know most of the players already, but with GWS, we haven’t seen more than half of them play and don’t have the inside word on them either.

    I had Clifton and Smith in my team and am seriously looking at Darley and Bugg. However, everything will probably change on Monday after the final NAB round.

    • Darley told me this morning via twitter that he is hoping to be named to play this weekend, having overcome his mystery illness. If he does, he should help with your questions. Hopefully just doesn’t start as a sub. Sheedy clearly trying to use the NAB to rest players early. (Hampton Rnd 2, Ward, etc etc).

  • Great stuff Griff! Good to see so much discussion being created – certainly is bringing the numbers in.. Giles, Bugg, Smith in for me atm with MacDonald, Clifton and Darley on the watchlist.

  • Dean Brogan out round 1 with hamstring.
    Totto’s Immortals would officially like to welcome Jon Giles to its Starting R2 position

    • There’s more to the season then round 1. What happens in round 2?

      • Well if Brogan’s hamstring is a little iffy, I wouldnt be suprised if he is missing for a couple. Besides once Giles plays well in Round 1, they will play him as a permanent ruckman swapping at full forward with Brogan. Sheeds has said he intends to use his younger players, older players more of a mentoring/coaching role.
        Therefor the likes of McDonald/Power will support the young midfielders
        Brogan will support Giles
        Cornes will support the defenders.
        I expect the Brogan/McDonald to miss 25% of the games, they will play against the stronger teams like Hawks, Geelong, Collingwood. But against weaker teams will be rested. Just my thoughts

        • I actually think they’ll wont a couple on wins on the board….so beating some of the ‘weaker’ teams with a stronger line up would make it a little easier…get my drift?

    • Mate Brogan rarely graced the park for us last year, so I wouldn’t expect anything to change this year. If he plays more than aobout 8 – 10 games I will be shocked!

  • whoever i don’t pick will blaze it up, so i’ll pick falou and power to have a massive year…

  • Great article Griff, fantastic read. Too bad the animals out there (Bilby… or Goose?) dont understand the point of the article.

    The fact is, that no-one, probably not even Sheedy himself, knows how all these GWS kids are going to cope in the big league. There will be plenty of kids getting rested, sub-affected and role changes to best suit their development. All we can do is pick who we think are least susceptible to all that. That being, mature aged, played in senior leagues before, strongly built etc.

    Last year, Dion Prestia was all the rage. All he did was make me rage. Thanks for your points of view Griff and thanks again to DT talk for providing all of these fantastic articles FOR FREE for us all. And well done to all who have submitted articles so the rest of us mugs can get a bit of a headstart!

  • My little gem in Clifton is gonna rip it up this year, can everyone who has him just take him out of your team ;)

    Griff you didnt mention another little gem on here which could be a good thing for my team or a bad thing….im hoping for a good thing :)

    Love reading these articles with everyones perspective on the best 5 players to watch. Great work all!

    • Message me via twitter or through this site if you want a second opinion. Plenty of gems at the giants, just have to pick the diamond from the amethysts

  • Great article like last year (with GCS) the newest club is the hardest to write up about not only due to the large number of low valued players but the unkown how not only they will perform but players who have transferrred for the $$$.

  • Wow some of these comments are a bit over the top. Great article mate, who would’ve thought you couldn’t fit all DT relevant players from an expansion team into a “5 on the watchlist” article.

    From my analysis, I can count 21 players who have some potential (no JS guarantees obviously) and these are just the guys that have played (excluding Shiel, Treloar, etc.)

    For anyone who’s interested, in order of NAB value they are: A. Miles (MID), A. Tomlinson (DEFFWD), S. Clifton (MID), S. Darley (DEF), T. Greene (MID), J. Giles (RUC), D. Smith (MIDFWD), R. Cooyou (FWD), J. McDonald (MID), J. Bruce (FWD), L. Sumner (MID), T. Bugg (DEF), S. Reid (MID), S. Schulz (MID), R. Palmer (MID), J. Cameron (FWD), W. Hoskin-Elliot (MID), C. Hampton (MIDFWD), G. Ugle (DEF), J. Townsend (DEF) & S. Coniglio (MID).

    Anyone for an all GWS team?

    • In terms of overall rankings, I have Miles (1), Tomlinson (9) & Clifton (10) in the top 10 overall and everyone down to Palmer in the top 50.

      • Lol. Palmer – the most hated guy in dream team?

        • Yes! I also had Ziebell in ’10 – 2 broken legs in my team in the same week! Thommo on Footy Classified summed it up the monday after: “What on EARTH was Rhys Palmer thinking!”

    • There are simply too many options. There’s also a couple of locks pre NAB cup that haven’t played yet. Luck is going to play a key role in picking the right rooks from GWS. Cheers mate for all the stats through the NAB cup.

  • Have Cameron ahead of Hampton for my F8/9; really think Hampton is a prime candidate for a vest. This weekend’s game will be REALLY instructive.

  • As always, the article on DTTalk are thought provocative and the writers need to ignore the simple minded people who do not understanfd the purpose of them.
    You made the point earlier RLG that GWS have a number of midfield options – the fact is they have far too many. Allowing for the fact that Scully, Ward, Palmer, Coniglio, Smith and Shiel are certainties to go through the midfield. This leaves room for only 2-3 more to get somewhat limited midfield time. As much as Miles and company may have had good scores in recent NAB matches, I put it down more to the fact that the regulars as mentioned above were not in the guts as much as what they will be when the real stuff starts.
    Being able to put Smith in as a forward may help but there is little point in having a heap of DPPs as forwards if there are none to swap with in the mids.
    Good write up Grif as all they have all been.

  • RLG, thanks mate, i really enjoyed reading your article.

    To Everyone Against Bilby, oh come on! I think this site is awesome in that it allows for animated discussion. it would be so boring if we ALL replied to EVERY article “well done”. Personally, i didn’t think much of McRath’s review of Carlton (but I have loved his other stuff). Let’s encourage alternative/challenging opinion.

    To all contributors, you are the foundation of this site…thanks, no really!

  • RLGriffen

    Your inside knowledge and research is of great assistance to most of us DT coaches…

    Thanks for another incisive article.

    If you were a betting man what odds Shiel being named for round 1 ???

    • If I were a betting man I still wouldn’t bet on that. The Giants have been incredibly protective of their injured players this preseason, and even with my network I haven’t been able to find much out. For instance, Jezza Cameron broke his jaw in the preseason, and it has hardly made a bleep on the radar. Bottom line is, until the round one team is named, we will have no idea who is in, and who is out.

      Screw it, I’m a betting man, $2.50 odds.

  • What happens with the first round? Do we have to lock the team in before the Sydney Derby?

    • It will be a partial lockout with Sydney and GWS players locked out but you can make as many changes as you want to the rest of the squad til Thurs nights game. Then another partial lockout til Friday nights final lockout for round 1

  • Another great OPINION piece posted up on DTTalk!!
    All these people complaining about the quality of material being posted up, whats the problem??? If it doesn’t say its by Warnie Calvin or Roy you’re not interested??
    Whats the difference? All seem to be good blokes (I haven’t met them all) they all do heaps of research love their Dreamteam and are happy to share their ideas and thoughts!
    Its all worth getting posted and all worth reading.

  • when will people learn there is NO use in you telling us the obvious because we should be on top of it ourselves…im much more interested in finding out more on DARLEY,CLIFTON,BUGG,ECT..

  • Hey all. Thanks for the feedback. Always hoping to improve and make these articles better.
    Bilby was right to ask why people were missing, it’s more the way he asked that seem to upset people. Don’t go too hard on those with a different opinion, as the great thing about this site is that difference. Just ask the boys how they feel about Deledio at the moment and see how much they disagree.

    SO yeah, thanks for the comments, don’t bag the haters, but if you’re going to hate, articulate the hate so we can reply. Even @TKOL at his worst last year was literate! Sort of.

    Good Dream Teaming!

  • RLG great article on a very intriguing topic!
    I like the fact you’ve gone outside the usual suspects and I reckon that adds greater value by doing that.
    That being said I can feel another rant coming on! (Don’t worry I won’t cause I’m not drinking)
    I agree that general banter is good for the game and a bit of fun can be had by all but this general lack of respect and recognition for the great contributions this site makes is getting me fired up!

    The ones who truly succeed in life are the ones who get in the game and not sit in the stands!

    It’s very easy to sit back and be the critic when you haven’t done the research and made a quality contribution to this site, therefore the best policy is keep your mouth shut (maybe even write your own points down in a note pad to vent if you like) but don’t continously dish up crap that brings DT Talk down!

    Griff you have been more than generous with your time and replys to this article and I think you’ll see from the responses that the majority of the people here appreciate what you have done.

    Please don’t misconstrue this post as sucking up to the DT boys – I am one of the many who sit in the stands, I don’t have the time, intellect, passion, desire, energy to put up a single article – so for that I say thanks to ALL contributors and I give you ALL respect for what you are doing.

    On the matter of paying for access I have no issues with that and would actively encourage the boys to make a small charge for this site. The cost of Assistant Coach is miniscule compared to the enjoyment / knowledge it and this site give me.

    Warnie – if you guys have an end of year pi$$ up and your happy to send me your bank details then I’m more than happy to chuck a Bradman your way – you guys deserve it!

    Sorry for the long post but some things just need to be said!

    • Yeah i would also send you guys a Bradman if you can trust an old digger with your bank details, i get alot of enjoyment and laughs first thing in the morning. love this site where it has both male and female points of view.

      • Ha ha – I’m a financial planner so you KNOW you can trust me with your bank details! ;)

  • Great info as always RL. Thanks!

  • I didn’t think I was that critical of Griff, all I said about the GWS article was to mention two guys who I didn’t think were that obvious who would be much better discussion than Palmer! I thought what was written on the other 4 was great!

    My main criticism was directed at the DT Talk boys. I’ve still got no indication that Assistant Coach is worth it, because I haven’t even seen one article shared here to gage the quality. Show us what we’re missing out on boys and I’ll sign up!! I haven’t seen an article by Warnie or Roy for ages!!

    • There’s a two week free trial which you have full access to the Assistant Coach. If you think the articles are what it’s all about, then you might not think it’s great value… but there is all the other stuff to go with it (click the trial… check it out).

      I would love to have time to post more articles… as would the other boys I reckon. But I spend a SHITLOAD of time getting all of the content up on this site (most of the pretty pictures are by me, editing, proofing, etc)… site maintenance… and a whole lot more. I did however write the Adelaide and Brisbane Club Previews.

      • I dont know how you do it mate during the terms, especially during report time.

        • Haha! It is tough. This is the busiest time for us for DT TALK… (and for me at work for the start of the year and the damn Swimming Carnival I am organising for tomorrow… plus the inter-high and then I have Grade 7 camp), but we’re coping! Will be routine after March! That will be nice! My girlfriend will be happier then too! Haha.

          Reports… you’ll probably notice my lack of action around those weeks!

  • Great article Griff

  • Great article and loving this banter after a shit day at work! Keep up the good work Griff, much appreciated.

  • Thanks Griffo nice work.
    Your article provides information which each and every reader can do with as they wish.
    Keep them coming.

  • cooyou? anyone considered?

  • What is the story with Shiel? Will he play R1?

  • Brilliant as usual Griff. Many, many thanks for all of your hard work in putting your articles together. As a non-Australian just learning both your code and the nuances of DT, this site, and your contributions to it, are most appreciated..

    To the rest of the DT gang, I can’t thank all of you enough for your dedication and efforts. I’ve been here pretty much every day since November (not posting much as I don’t feel I’m in the slightest bit qualified to render any opinion) and I’ve read every article and every post, so I’m hopeful that I can put together a squad that isn’t an embarrassment. Without this site, I would be lost.

    To the regular posters here, a heap of thanks to all of you as well. I don’t think you can begin to comprehend how much I have learned from you all. All of you are guns in my book!

    My biggest wish for this year is for someone from the DT Talk community win the car. Good luck to all.