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Western Bulldogs AFL Fantasy preview 2022 – Ep. 480

PODCAST: They’re big at the top end and Warnie has some impressive stats.

Bevo became an AFL coach just to mess with AFL Fantasy coaches minds. Warnie runs through some of the big premium options from the Dogs with a couple of locks to grab up FWD and some food for thought on other players for Classic and Draft.

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0:50 – Warnie says he would be super-happy with Jack Macrae as an early first rounder in Draft.

4:00 – Marcus Bontempelli was fantastic last year, but there was a huge discrepancy when he played alongside Dunkley.

5:50 – Before Josh Dunkley‘s shoulder injury, he was averaging 115. A lock as a FWD.

8:25 – We need to be reminded that Adam Treloar has been a Fantasy machine over his career and is a gift now he has dual-position status.

11:10 – Old wounds have opened up with memories of Caleb Daniel scoring 20 from a full game last year.

13:00 – What has happened to Tim English?

16:00 – Lachie Hunter dropped a long way from his PB during Coronaball.

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All the prices

Jack MacraeMID972000115.922
Marcus BontempelliMID905000107.922
Josh DunkleyMID/FWD76700091.511
Tom LiberatoreMID75700090.321
Bailey SmithMID73300087.422
Adam TreloarMID/FWD73100087.213
Caleb DanielDEF72900086.921
Lachie HunterMID71400085.221
Bailey DaleDEF70000083.522
Tim EnglishRUC/FWD67300080.318
Taylor DuryeaDEF60000071.521
Bailey WilliamsDEF56500067.419
Aaron NaughtonFWD56000066.821
Hayden CrozierDEF55000065.610
Josh BruceFWD52700062.920
Tim O'BrienDEF/FWD48600057.918
Cody WeightmanFWD48000057.213
Alex KeathDEF45700054.520
Mitch HannanFWD44400052.913
Toby McLeanFWD44100064.73
Mitch WallisFWD43500045.36
Jordon SweetRUC43300060.85
Laitham VandermeerFWD43000044.37
Stefan MartinRUC430000467
Josh SchacheDEF/FWD40800059.34
Jason JohannisenFWD40400048.220
Roarke SmithMID38900046.69
Louis ButlerMID386000461
Zaine CordyDEF37300044.517
Ed RichardsDEF36800051.65
Lachlan McNeilFWD36400043.411
Rhylee WestFWD35900014.52
Anthony ScottFWD34700041.418
Riley GarciaFWD34500042.49
Jamarra Ugle-HaganFWD299000425
Sam DarcyDEF/FWD288000
Ryan GardnerDEF247000256
Arthur JonesDEF/FWD206000
Buku KhamisDEF190000311
Charlie ParkerMID/FWD190000
Cody RaakDEF190000
Dominic BedendoFWD190000
Luke ClearyDEF190000
Robbie McCombMID190000

Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT

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