On the rebound

As we know the game of footy is an ever evolving beast. Back in the day all attacking drive came from the centre and let’s be honest…… if you had a crappy kid playing in your team you always hid him in the back pocket or the half back flank. These days however you could almost argue that these positions are the most important on the field. Most of a team’s drive comes from here whether it is from a switch to the open side or a mazy kamikaze handball run through a press.

In a DT sense these positions are vital. We have 9 defender spots to fill and nobody wants to be filling them with dour spoilers or shut down smalls. So it’s obviously in all our best interest to find the prime rebounder or the designated kicker.  As teams now have to pick their way through a high press it generally needs a pin point kicker to be entrusted with this…. Hence a team will try and get this man free and use him at every possible chance. Obviously this is DT gold! But on the downside it can lead to said person being tagged and putting in the odd stinker. Further still there seems to be a trend lately of moving high class mids/fwds who have not yet hit their straps into defence and turning them into rebounding backs…. If you can spot this move pre-season you can pick an OOP (out of position) gem and cash in.

With all this being said I thought I’d try and look through the teams to see who is or may be their backline gold mine. Obviously I’m not over every single teams players and may miss a few but I’ll try!


I don’t know a whole lot about Adelaide; The stiffy has generally been the go to man but how is he travelling at his age? He could be a bargain that nobody is speaking about. Andy Otten has had a good season rebounding as a youngster but he may have entered a few peoples never again list after last year. Brown is the unknown, he is base priced so might be worth watching in the pre-season to see if he can nab a spot. Adelaide fans… who have I missed at west lakes?


This year could be gold for Brissy backs. McGrath as always been a good rebounder but a little inconsistent for my likings. Hanley is ready to take the next step; the Irishman is the definite designated kicker and could be ready to break out. At a cheap price Yeo could be worth a look and Docherty could be the downgrade option. Adcock isn’t so much a rebounder, he makes a lot of tackles so still gets point’s and is an option. Brisbane looks like playing a high possession game this year so one of these guys will fly! (no mention of Drummond)


Scotland is one of the leagues chief go to men, he must stink because I’ve never seen a man near him. With Gibbs going into the middle it leaves a few spots open for backs to cash in at the blues. Yarran was trialled last year, he thought he was the quickest man in the world and got caught a lot of times with the ball, could still be an option though. Watson has an awesome boot on him and will no doubt be used to kick a lot of balls but he may be camped at FB too much,  Bower and Tuohy could be both vying for a rebounding spot, both have shown DT relevance at points in their past. Lucas could be a sneaky chance to run of half back a lot and get a lot of cheap ball OOP style.


The departure of Davis leaves a prime spot open for somebody to take at the pies. Shaw will no doubt keep doing what he does best but the spot still remains open, for mine it’s out of Clarke or Buckley to take this spot. Both can be fantasy relevant. The bolter is Yagmoor, if he shows enough in the next 2 games he may well take it for himself at base price.


Old man fletch is still the best kick at the bombers and will be used at every opportunity to kick out but you can’t pick a 36 year old can you! Heppell was used to good effect off half back last year and I think he will spend more time there than in the middle this year. Dempsey back from injury will be cruising off half back getting a lot of ball, but may do more dodging and weaving than kicking. Hibberd is in for a big year and will be a DT surprise for most outside of Essendon. Jetta is the OOP trialist; he got a lot of it in NAB week one so could be one to watch. Baguley is the other who could be worth watching, is on the rookie list so downgrade option it seems.


Freo is always a tough one to predict. We used to be able to set our watches by Broughton and Duffield, but now who knows if they are going to be lock down, midfield or rebounder. Too risky for mine! Suban is a great kick and has been used in the past to distribute from half back; he is being groomed as a leader and could be one to watch through the NAB. Sneaky chance of Hill coming off half back to escape the tags, nothing better than seeing him cruise off half back… could be a super star.


Again at Geelong we have the ever present Enright who racks them up. To be honest Geelong play a high possession game out of half back but it’s mostly handballs so is it worth our pick? Mackie has shown DT relevance in the past, could he be the bargain? J Hunt does get a lot of kicks out of defence but he can’t be picked…… Of the kids Guthrie, T Hunt and Smedts should be monitored.


I don’t know a whole lot about GC, I know that Krakouer was recruited for this purpose but he’s gone…. And Harbrow probably used to be DT relevant but not so much anymore. No doubt they will get the ball into McKenzies hands at any chance possible but I’m not so sure he’s a defender as such. Anyone out there help me out with GC?


The dynamic duo of Birchall and Suckling dominate things at the hawks and can be picked without hesitation. Guerra has huge games but is too inconsistent for mine, Ellis has the potential to run off half back but gets injured just thinking about an Injury. Small chance we could see Rioli off half back this year? If so could be an OOP lock.


As I’ve stated previously, everyone at the Dees looks the same to me, so I don’t really know a lot about them. Tapscott has been used to kick out of defence and could be a good option but seems injured at the moment. Grimes obviously has loads of potential as a DT’er but can’t keep on the park… that price is a sucker buy; he cannot play the year out! If Sellar can hold down a back spot Garland could be a third man up and hoover a few points. Can anyone out there tell me who the Dees go to men out of defence are?

Nth Melbourne

I guess there could be a value pick at the Roos if we look hard enough. A few players have been trialled out of defence trying to find that all important target hitter. Liam Anthony was trialled but couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. Grima has sublime kicking skills but can’t stay on the park. Sierokowski was bought for this reason but hasn’t been shown any favours as yet. I hear that Atley could be tried here as an OOP player… but I reckon Harvey would be the winner here, any chance he gets a run of HB in the twilight of his career? He can hit a target that’s for sure!

Port Adelaide

To be honest I know stuff all about port as well, I know I’ve always noticed Stewart has a great kick on him and can be fantasy relevant, and young ‘ins Moore and Jacobs are high draft picks who have been used off half back along with Pittard. Any Port fans care to share who the rebounders are?


Bit of interest at Richmond as to who cashes in from defence now that lids is moving into the middle. New recruit Ellis is already kicking in (let’s hope for a few little kick it up then outs) he has a good boot so could be our man. Newman has always been good off half back and has an excellent disposal; is another option. I’m not a fan of Houli and his hospital handballs but others are so I guess he’s another option. Our final Smokey men are Connors and blast from the past Webberly… they can rack them up big time, it’s just a matter of if they get the chance.


There is a spot at Sydney if somebody wants it thanks to the retirement of Kennelly. Malceski and Mattner are still around but are getting on a bit, as is Shaw. Smith has been doing a good job of late but I’m still keen to see if Armstrong can take it and make it his own, if so he will be a great pick up for the swans and for our DT.

St Kilda

The ever presents at the saints of Goddard and Fisher remain but it’s a little lower down the order that there’s interest. Gram has always hovered around being DT relevant, he gets the ball off half back and roosts tumbles punts for fun…. Gilbert is cheap; can he get back to the form of old marking everything at will? The big watch is on Cripps, looks an awesome fit off HB as on OOP fwd.

West Coast

Hurn has been threatening to break out for years, myself I think he’s more of a supercoacher but he does have that booming boot that WCE love to utilise. Could this be his year? Sheppard has shown a bit off half back in the past but other than that I don’t know a lot, perhaps some eagles fans could fill in the blanks?

Western Bulldogs

Gilbee has always been the man down the kennel but has slowed of late, Hargrave had an injury riddled year last year but previous top that he was totally pickable; he has started well this year and could be the bargain. Howard was the other that could be ready to be prime rebounder after a few years apprenticeship. Murphy is always an ever dependable player off half back who hits targets at will, he’s another that muddies the picture a little, lastly the dogs like to use Easten Wood to run out of defence but he doesn’t rack up a lot of stats.


So far we are watching Bugg and Darley of the kids to see who gets a game. Captain Davis could also be a great pick if he is the go to man. Any Mohr to add?


  • Great work mate.

  • for Port, they will be using Pearce and Pittard as rebounding defenders

  • Great read Adzman. I totally agree that there is potential for DT gold in the backs.

    Hargrave seems the standout.

    I was looking at Bower at Carlton, but he didn’t impress me this last game (and neither did Lucas for that matter).

    Melbourne’s Nicholson has also been disappointing…Garland looks more promising.

    Liked what i saw of Yagmoor. Classy & composed.

    • somebody mentioned the tweet from maxwell saying yagmoor should play the year out.. hard to ignore!

      • Yeah, I saw that as well. Based on what i saw i think JS is better than the norm for a rookie…but i want to be convinced he can score (compared to, say, a Bugg, Darley or Spurr)

        Selecting the backs is like walking in a minefield!

  • “couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo” haha love it. Nice article giving a few things to think about, cheers.

  • Thanks Adzman

    After watching the GWS game, I couldn’t take any mohr. Big unit, but ball handling was shocking.

  • Great work Adzman! I’ve been keeping an eye on Howard. Was looking good until Sundays stinker! Two more games to decide!!

  • Carrazzo has impressed me this year so far and is dpp, shame we don’t get to see him this weekend koz of suspension, although he might of been rested anyway

    Tomlinson from GWS is looking alright in my books, had a sub affected 39 on the weekend, not sure at what point he came on though (anyone know?), the norm was a massive change at halftime, 39 in a half is still good though for a rookie. He’s a def/fwd dpp too his tri series games weren’t bad either

    • carazzo could be the goods…. the blues may finally have a tagger or two – but theres always that risk that carrots will go back to being negative and make me throw things at the tv

  • Little off topic but who is the current first choice rookie for a def/mid position. Need to fill my last mid spot and there is endless options for a straight mid but for team balance i need a rookie def/mid. Im already sorted with mid/fwd with Devon Smith.

    Damn you never ending list of gun mid rookies!

    • Read under the headings Adelaide & Brisbane, though both are unlikely to be round 1 options at this stage

    • While you’re off topic you should keep moving towards the “my team” page and try your luck there!

  • Great article Adzman! Definitely something worth having a think about. I noticed Jetta @ the Bombers rack up a few possies in NAB round 1 playing off the half back line. Also noticed Danyle Pearce @ Port sitting across half back in NAB round 1 getting a few touches as well. Consistently a 70 score player, apparently he moved back mid last season and knocked out 3 100+ scores in the second half of 2011

    • pearce is a bit like hill at freo i guess.. they get tagged out of games too easily but are so silky and good to watch. Off half back seems great for them.. and us!

  • Great Article Adz,
    There is nothing sexier in DT than your defender taking the kick out and doing a dinky little kick to himself before banging home 3 points…. I reckon every coach across the country does that blokey “yeahhhhh” cheer each time it happens!

    • It’s what makes me feel like a man

    • cheers tkol.. what have you got for us at the kangaroos? whos the back gold mine?

      • Atley?

        Everyone at North seems to be talking him up.

      • @ adzman

        There is no DT relevance at the Kanga’s across the half back line this season.
        Scott Mcmahon has the duties at the moment and only my girl friends grand mother would have him in her side.
        A good one for the future is Jamie Mcmillan, good very well develop into the Birchall over the next few years!

  • Good read as usual Adz! Bit of kick to kick ont he half back line always good to see!

  • I’ve done the ol’ Switcharoo with Bugg and Darley already, mainly due to Darley having the better stats so far because I can’t draw them apart otherwise.. Anyone else care to comment on the two?

    • Same,

      I think they will both get games. Anyone brave enough to go Mohr?

      Will just have to see how they both keep progressing.

    • darley looks good but bugg was in sheedys ’round 1 best 22′ that he posted a few weeks back – i knew that team was a crock!

      hard to know between those 2… we’d ony be guessing.. i guess.

  • Excellent article Adzman, love the photo of the Big Birch Tree! He’s been in my team for sometime now.

    Hargrave is currently in my team and unless he does something disappoint everyone, he will stay there.

    Docherty, Baguley etc will be good mid-season downgrades hopefully.

  • Good read Adzman, personally I’d rather see Stiffy push right up the ground and kick a goal or 2 a game – he started out as a forward. As far as actual just playing goes Tambling was one they hoped would be the line breaker LY but as we all know he never has lived up to expectation.

    Matthew Jaensch is 1 guy who really will step up further.

    • i feel sorry for the crows… they really did it hard with the loss of key players from the expansion teams…. ppl go on about scully and ablett.. but bock and davis were huge losses down back.

      • hell yeah man

        • as opposed to port who only lost players they needed to be getting rid of anyway….any injuries to johncock and or rutten could expose the crows down back this year hence the potential value in someone like a S.Shaw or L.Brown

          • Trucks already injured mate, he’ll be right for Rd1 though. Crows have insurance…Talia,Thompson,Hendo and Johnston.

  • Does anyone know anything about the Brisbane Bears? Apart from the usual reports about their marquee man training the house down and the shocking news that he became injured, I can’t recall much about them. They’re so quiet they could have changed their name to the Brisbane Ninjas and I wouldn’t know. I think I know more about Port Power which is saying something. Anyway, can anyone say anything about the fitness and probable availability of their established kpps, Merrett and Patfull. So far we’ve only seen old Goose, Lester and Lisle.

    • well they have changed there name from the brisbane bears to the brisbane lions actually and won three flags in a row under that moniker so you have obviously been in a coma for quite some time…you will be sorry to hear that justin leppitsch and darryl white have now retired also

      • Luckily.. he wont have any recollection of Fevola’s “career” at the brisbane.. seemed to be more of a career pissing on the pub wall

    • Robert Walls has put them through a tough preseason. They’ve got a couple of rookies in Nathan Buckley and Michael Voss that could be worth a look. Richard Champion probably won’t score enough points for DT though.

  • how do you think is better for DT C.Hampton or A. Treloar

    • An enormous thankyou for your truly outstanding contribution to Adzman’s post

      • ==========> Hey, look! It’s a page about me!

        Shut up. You are breaking the fourth wall by simply mentioning it. I’m uncertain how you’re doing that because you are just a textual representation of a fictional character

    • *who do you think

  • yes my touch typing rocks :)

  • Boumann impressed me down back for the Hawks last week (scored 60 something and is priced at 104K). I’m not sure about the Hawks structure in defence, but I’ll be keeping an eye on him personally to see if he has a good rest of the NAB cup and gets a nod in the round 1 side.

    I think I’d heard some rumblings in the pre-season about whether this would be a good year for Mitch Golby (DTwise). Last weeks performance looked good. Whether he can keep it up, I have no idea, but it’s worth looking at to me.

    I can’t help myself, Shaw is pretty close to a lock for me. He would be a lock if not for that fact that he as one H Shaw and could manage any number of cataclysmic f—-ups between now and round 1 (and any time after that as well).

    Hargrave looked good. I think people are so keen on a bargain in Lake that the fact he made it through the game without his leg falling off has people tripping over themselves. I heard that he was playing. I watched significant portions of the game and if someone hadn’t mentioned that Lake was paying I would not have known.

    Do people reckon that Bock is going to play up forward regularly this year? Certainly looks fit and was I think second best on ground for Gold Coast after GAJ.

  • Was impressed with Hiibberd (ess) round 1 of NAB looked really good, love to take a punt with him but around that 350k mark its a big decision…the two tiger rooks look good as well Ellis & Morris but with Deledio already 3 Tigers in back half probably not smart…Not a lot of love out there for Burgoyne any takers? looked good in NAB thus far…

    • Sorry great article btw as well Adzman cheers…..

      • cheers mate, i like hibberd but your right, it would take balls at that price – picks like this make or break your year

        • I plan to stack my backline with Richmond players…….have you seen the fixtures…………the balls going to be in their backline for 70% of the time in the first 5 rounds. LOL

        • Cheers for the write up Adzman, a good article to get everyone talking.

          In terms of Hibberd, coming from a Bombers fan i’d say steer clear of him, he is good for the team but not a huge DT player. He gets a bit of the ball and probably 4-5 marks a game but very very rarely tackles and also virtually never kicks goals. At this stage i’d expect an 80 ave max out of him.

          • cheers Murt 4 ur input….still very keen next two NAB games will tell…like adzman said these sort of picks can make or break ur season…would be quietly happy if he could avge around 80-85 not expecting him to kick goals..

  • great article…i think the backline was an area where people were willing to take the most risks and look for value picks but there is still merit in picking the four or even five premos if your saving money elsewhere eg..three prem mids or one prem ruck…Bock would be the main player you have missed here despite being a kpp he does run off and create off the backline and will average a solid 90-95 this year…the out and out loose man in the backline is a week by week proposition because if someone is doing to well then they will be tagged by a defensive half forward..its then a matter of how much shuffling around his coach/team mates are prepared to do to free him up each week…the gun defenders are the ones that are able to beat there man and still run off and get offensive at the right times during the game..sometimes the most dt friendly defenders are the ones that cost your team the most in the actual game itself due to lack of accountability or poor disposal.

    • Bock is a good option, but im pretty sure he is suspended for the first week or 2 of the season.

    • all true!

      bock may play forward though, would this diminish or enhance his scoring ability?

      • i don’t think it will affect his scoring too much if he goes forward during games…he is a little bit like a goddard in that respect that he could kick two or three whilst pinch hitting forward but still be the big prime mover for them out of the backlines..they will need him back there against the better sides more often than not…i haven’t heard about this looming suspension though can anyone confirm or deny that for me 100%

  • Best option??
    Hayden Ballantyne $356,700
    Jarrad Waite $356,100
    Patrick Dangerfield $$349,800

    • best option would be to post that in my team version 3.3 or make your own decision

      • Just asking a question man… take it easy

        • Best option?? =====> none of them

          i keep falling into the same trap with Dangerfield

          Porp’s if his fit and plays

          • I fully accept that I am not a moderator, I am not meaning to offend anyone, but will you & Totto please stop trying to hijack this thread and take your questions/comments (about forwards) to the appropriate thread, which roxredsox pointed out is really my team version 3.3

        • roxredsox, is on the money, we are all trying to get everyone into the habit of only posting those (“who do you think” or “help me please” ) questions on the “my team” part of this great site.and its going pretty well, so lets all try to do the right thing.

  • I don’t know where he is at the moment but for GC, Josh Toy is the perfect rebounding defender, can find the footy and has a mega boot. Plus when he takes kick outs almost exclusively plays on to himself. Whether he is injured or just hasn’t developed as well as hoped I am unsure.

  • I think Suban has snuck under the radar over the last few seasons.. he looks so good when fit.. problem is.. can he stay on the park and will he get a shut-down role.

    Also i really miss Brady Rawlings this year.. round 11 bye 90+averaging defenders are hard to find.. he was a handy quarterback..someone must take his spot?

    • I remember when I killed Brady Rawlings for everyone last year. He was averaging 90ish when I picked him up and then came the 3 week 30-40 train!
      Lucky for you he’s not an option this year!

      • lol

        I forgot about that! The DT gods scorned you bigtime in 2011 Maximus!

      • lol tkol i was right there when that happened,cause i did the same i had him for the whole year and it def hurt with him and gram both in the backs

  • For the Dees, Grimes will be the go to bloke as long as he is one piece. So after he breaks down before round 5 again, they will probably look more to Garland, Tapscott and Sellar. Garland would be the best DT pik out of those 3.

    • Davey did the job two years ago.
      Mabye he will have more influence this year.

  • Look for the FFDPP – Johncock, Yarran, Jetta, Guerra to name a few. Failed Forwards Default Position Players.

  • Will Stratton come back this year as Hawthorn’s rebounding back?

    • i wouldn’t think so. hawthorn have a surplus of rebounding backs and they would rather the ball in the hands of suckling, birtchall, burgoyne (and maybe ellis?) before they get it to stratton. i’d expect him to be used more as a 3rd tall type defender – perhaps alternating in that role with gibson.

  • Great article Adz.
    I hate not having a source/shitfull memory- but it was mentioned/or i read somewhere that Ibbottson was being earmarked by Lyon for the rebounding role, at Freo.
    Apologies again, perhaps someone can confirm!?!

  • adzman what do you think of some people’s strategy of going rookie heavy in the backline and burning two trades at the end of week 2 on guns, once roles are on the table? Im sorely tempted but it’s so risky.

    • burn trades at your peril. burn trades and kiss any good outcomes goodbye. burn trades in week two on guns – are you really into the M part of S&M? if you have to burn trades in week two then think about doing it on the ed curnow/michael barlow you missed out on who is about to go up $60k. and then after you think about it don’t do it.

      • if you make a mistake on a rookie you picked instead of another you should have picked, there is a whole season to make it up. why would you pick five then upgrade two in week two anyway? pick three, if you really have to fix the problem swap one of them with the one you should have got.

        why pick five? is it so you can pick the right guns? you can get them later on in the year and if the gun you got makes 10 less than the gun you would like to have it’s still better to hang on to the trade and fix up the mess later. 24 trades are gold, each and every one. if you think after round two you can predict the outcome of the year then how many FJ Cruisers have you got already and why do you need another?

        This has been a bit of a vent, I hope I haven’t wildly missed the point of this question. If I have then I hope they have an FJ in your favourite colour.

    • yer.. i’d reckon week 2 trades are specifically for the missed rookies..

      but i’m not the one to ask.. i have a trade addiction, its one of my 15 achillies heels

  • Great Article mate. theres always going to be a few role changes at most clubs over the pre season and its definitely worth keeping an eye out on anyone who might potentially start slutting it up in that HBF role. i think essendon’s jetta might be this year’s chris yarran but the player that i’m interested in who wasn’t mentioned in the article is Shaun Burgoyne.

    He averaged only 71 last year after an 89 average in 2010. If he could get his average up to 85 + (which he has achieved 3 times in his career) then he would be a solid choice as your D5 i reckon. He looked very fit and was able to use his bursts of speed to exploit his opponents against the giants on the weekend (maybe something he lacked last year?) and is a player i am strongly considering. i would think that he would also be really unique.

    • Missed a fair chunk of the preseason last year by memory so Junior Burger should only improve this year. Not for me personally, but you could do a helluva lot worse.

    • Also hard to pick (shaun), if you have scotland, and goddard filling up rd. 13 bye already.

  • im now really tempted to go with

    Burgoyne, Deledio & Selwood

    instead of…

    Conca, Scotland & Boyd.

    ..of course this being one of my 600 possible changes that i’m tempted to make on my squad at the moment.

  • Great article Adzman.

    I think Brodie Smith is looming as Adelaide’s main man across the halfback line with ball in hand. Jaensch is the other one for Adelaide.

    Does anyone know how Waters is going? If he is fit then he is an obvious candidate but if he isn’t looking likely to start the season then maybe Ash Smith will play a bigger role.

    I have been keeping an eye on Cripps as well and believe he would be a lock if it wasn’t for his Grimes like injury curse.

  • Too many question marks in this article…

    • i prefer to ask the questions than give the answers ;)

      • Fair call… generate answers rather than give them. There’s a mother load of us out here who between us have them all anyway.

  • if you Facebook and want dream team help, this page has all the latest updates on everything to do with dt as well as disccusions and polls where you can have your say. so like it now.

  • anyone game for higgins?

    played a bit of halfbalk last year and handed out some decent scores.

  • Great article adzman! Enright is a gun!

  • Nice Article. For the record I was that crappy kid hidden in the back pocket for my team. Fortunately for our team we were good and it rarely came down there.

  • Off the topic, but does anyone know anything about the Prospectus league/group this year? Supposedly details are to be listed on the Champion Data site in early March. However, nada