DT TALK Cheat Sheet 2012: First Lockout Edition


Here it is! The first lockout edition of the highly anticipated DT TALK Cheat Sheet for 2012. This features our locks from the GWS Giants, some of our ‘consensus’ picks, important dates to remember and handy bye resource. The Premium Edition will be on sale for $3.99 on Sunday 25th March from 12pm AEDT for your chance to win a SONY 46″ TV thanks to Harvey Norman QV Melbourne City.

DOWNLOAD THE CHEAT SHEET – FIRST LOCKOUT EDITION: cheatsheet2012_firstlockout.pdf

We do our best to keep this site free, but with increased popularity (multiple server upgrades, etc), we wanted to keep our costs down in a creative way… so you get all of our teams PLUS you have a chance to take away a kick arse 3D 46” SONY Full HD LED LCD TV. Thanks for your support – DT TALK.


  • Nice work :>

    • ? sorry but that had no new information and anyone who pays to see your teams is dumb… you guys obviously make money from advertising and I’m definitely not willing to pay for anything on here considering its here say and anyone who is willing is.. again, dumb. most of your information is second hand.

      buy your own beer.

      This is not Facebook, you’re never going to make a million doing this so relax, and let people enjoy it otherwise your going to put myself or someone else in a position to make a new free for user site..

      • You’re a thankless tosser!!!

        Warnie, Calvin and Roy don’t make any money from this site and pour a shitload of time and effort into providing a great deal of info relevant to everyone’s DT.

        Get over yourself and show a bit of respect.

        $3.99 is hardly going to make them anything for their own pockets. Will probably just be put into keeping their servers up to scratch and the maintenance of the site. And seriously, $3.99 isn’t going to dent anyone’s pockets and I’ll be gladly buying a copy.

        To the lads from Dream Team Talk, if you ever venture out to Kalgoorlie and want a night on the town, give us a bell and I’ll gladly shout you a Boags or two!!!

        Twitter @BigMoose49

        • Kalgoorlie hey….bit further away from where I reside however 1 of my best mates drills down you yonder.

      • Worth the money just to go in the draw for the TV

      • This is a free site you muppet. No1 is forcing you to buy it. Go ahead make a site and let’s see you do a better job rather then being a tosser on here.

      • @ Mondi23 — What a wanker! Why on earth did you feel the need to comment? If I ran this site it would be the last time you’d be able to do so.

      • I would love to come find you so i can knock you the $%^ out!!! these guys do this so other coaches can enjoy dream team so we can all share, comment, discuss about something we all love doing – its people like you that ruin it for others by commenting on something you have no idea about ! these guys pay $300 + just to have the servers running so YOU can read the articles on whats going on in the dream team world!

        i believe i would put you in the same catagory as jason akermanis a cheap LOW disrespectful tosser!@!!!!

  • Coniglio as a lock? Interesting.

  • Nice work DT talk should be a good read!!

    I ran a League for Footy tragic’s last year and it seemed to go quite well with the league finishing top 500.
    This year im looking to have the league make top 300 so please join if you feel you are up to this challenge.

    league code : 661385

  • Just a small error warnie in the dual lockout bit. It says SWANS instead of TIGERS. Great work boys over the preseason appreciate your work

  • Can I ask what’s the point in buying the premo version after the GWS have played..? (ie: What’s in the premo version that’s not in the normal one..)

    Top stuff though guys!

    Also, where can we buy it!! You didn’t tell us! :L

  • Looks good boys. Happy to shout you a beer.

  • You’re giving away your teams in the premium version!? Might not be such a good idea guys, there’ll be a hundred Warnedawgs clones floating around.

    • +1

    • It is after the initial lockout though, so more than likely the teams won’t be exactly the same (although they did give away all the GWS rookies anyway :p).

      6 of your 16 ‘locks’ are not in my team. Interesting that you all agreed on the 1/3 ruck split.

    • But they can’t clone his strategy!

    • I’m sure it’s not their actually teams (well I hope not for their sake…there are a lot of copycats going around), maybe it’ll be their teams with a few little changes and a few extra “risk picks” added in

  • Can’t seem to access the cheat sheet, any interesting picks circling?

  • Awesome read!
    Leads me to:
    Hargrave, Conigs, Sidey
    Birch, C Smith, Danger

  • One person but it then post it on here guys, too lubli

  • 1238 dttalkers online= great stuff!!!

  • Cool.

    $4 is nothing to support you guys.

  • O.K, just measured the area for my 46″ TV- haha,
    Might just buy 1 and tell the missus, I won it on a DT site! (jks)

  • hargrave a lock ?
    i’ve heard it all now.

  • no magner?

  • off topic, how many hits u boys get to your site a day???

  • 531598 needs filling if people have spots

  • Really? 7 GWS players, seems a lot i picked 5

  • Just a crack/prediction if that was Roy’s forwardline. Franklin Fyfe Robinson Martin Sidebottom Porps Smith Kennedy and the last spot will be thrown up between Hall and Couch depending on if Couch is elevated or not.

    • didnt he get elevated??

    • I’ll say lose Robinson add Cloke

    • hey,,, thats exsactly the same as my forward line. lol.
      id say there are going to be a fair few teams very similar this year from what i have read.

      • It’ll all come down to structure and what suits your lineup the best. Personally i’ve gone with 3 prems from r12 rather than three from r13 in the forwardline.

    • I’ll have a crack at the whole team if the position based on their price is anything to go by.

      DEF: H Shaw, B Deledio, G Birchall, B Lake, R Hargrave, C Guthrie, M Clarke (B Ellis, T Bugg)

      MID: S Pendlebury, M Boyd, G Ablett, J Selwood, S Coniglio, C Smith (D Shiel, J McDonald)

      RUCK: D Cox, J Giles (J Redden, O Stephenson)

      FWD: L Franklin, N Fyfe, M Robinson, D Martin, S Sidebottom, J Porplyzia, D Smith (A Kennedy, A Hall)

      Remaining Cap: $1,500

      Just unsure about D4, M4 and M6.

      • I cant imagine them leaving out Magner… he is not injured anymore and is fully fit – so that is M6 I think your spot on with the other positions

  • fairly similar to mine from what we can see

  • Very nervous about this partial lockout cheat sheet business.
    The newbies in our work league will not know what the hell is going on!

  • 710713 essendon supporters

  • After weeks of research and penciling in a structure, as soon as I saw the GWS team announced, Did everyone get excited and wanted to select 15 of them???? after calming down for half an hour back to the original plan

  • Calvin’s fault LMAO, my sides only 2.50 each and I am going to win, good luck all beware of Very skilful

  • Great stuff lads.
    Will be happy to shout you a beer. :)

  • will happily buy the cheat sheet.

    will also happily buy them a beer if I meet them.

    any chance of a DT talk tour?

    • dont buy calvin a drink, ive met him a couple of times drunk on the town, buy him a piece of pizza instead, he will need it :) lol

  • $4 beers!? I’m in!

  • Awesome job fellas.

  • 508098 is the code for a league if you have adopted GWS as your second team – your first sydney team. Get on the GIANTS!!

  • The spot between Hargrave and Clarke, can’t see any options other than the KHunt…tell me its not true.

  • D Swallow priced at 76 points/game would take big balls to pick but looks to be a decent mid with big improvement potential..

  • Still reckon you should get an agent to represent you to Fox Footy. A regular show on there would be brilliant.

    • Agreed, would be great to have a show on Fox Footy especially with the amount of reruns on their… Is it in the pipline Warnie?

  • $3.99 for some valued information… Will definately be buying you guys a beer and myself a raffle ticket for the TV, cant see what Mondi23 is going on about…


  • I dont care what your teams are, but I’d like to buy you a beer, so I’ll be buying one on Sunday.

    Good work lads, keep it up.

  • kennedy or cameron?

  • I know he doesn’t play for GWS or Sydney, but is anyone seriously considering K. Hunt from the Suns? He’s almost rookie priced, he’s supposed to get a lot more time in the middle and there aren’t a lot of fantastic rookie defenders …

  • Port Adelaide 18.13 (121)
    Eagles 10.6 (66) <– last years SANFL premiers
    Full Time

    Some interesting players in the maggies side tonight, including Banner and Ebert
    Go you maggies.

  • Please join my league, came top 2k last year so be good to have some better than average DTers… league code 203205

  • Luv to shout you guys a beer – just wish I could be having one with you