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Meathead Moments: WINNERS

Who is the biggest Meathead? The winners of our latest competition have been announced and contacted by email. Classic entries and big thanks to and the people who entered.

As we mentioned in the latest episode of our YouTube show, we have been running a competition to find out some of your MEATHEAD moments in Dream Team.

Thanks to the many entries we recieved and here are the winners who have been emailed! Congrats guys!

Winner $100 voucher

This isn’t about me, but it is still pretty funny I reckon. Anyway my friend, who thinks he is good at Dream Team, but he isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed if you get my drift (If you read this I’m sorry mate, but I know you won’t read this because if you came on this site your team would be a lot better than it currently is :P).

I was telling him to dump some crappy Freo rookie who was never going to play for Curnow last year, who had just played 2 ripper games and was rookie priced. But my mate was on a crappy old computer and it was rather slow.

Him: “Yep what’s his name again? Cur-row? He plays for Collingwood right?”, he asked.
Me: :sigh: “No, he is from CARLTON and his name is CURNOW”, I said rather annoyed.
Him: “Oh yeah, I knew that”, he rather annoyingly said, I knew he had no glue.
Me: “I pointed to the screen, yes player there. Ed Curnow, but don’t trade now, just wait until the teams are named”.
Him: “ahhh stuff that I wanna do it now”
Me: “Dude what’s the point of that? Wait until the teams are named, you never know, he may be omitted or injured before this weekend
Him: “Pfft stuff that. I’ll just do it now”
Me: “Fine whatever, not my team I’m screwing up”, I rather annoyingly exclaimed.

By this stage some other mates, who had no idea what we were doing, started distracting him. He didn’t really care any more. He was laughing and joking around with them. He clicked trade on the crappy Freo rookie scrolled down the screen, it took a little longer due to the crappy slow computer, but he finally reached Curnow. He had his mouse hovering over his name and he turned around to our mates for another few seconds to muck around some more. But his screen scrolled down a little more because it was really slow to react. So now the mouse was hovering over another player.
Then he turned back clicked on the player looked at the screen, everything looked okay to him, I looked at the screen and thought “He should notice his mistake” and quitely went back to what I was doing next to the computer. Then he turned back to the computer and he clicked confirm trade. There it was, he has just made the trade, it couldn’t be reversed. I laughed thinking he did it on purpose to make me laugh.

Him: “What’s so funny?”, he said confused.
I then realised that he didn’t actually know what he had done. I burst out in a fit of laughter.
Him: “I don’t get it…did you trick me?”, he said even more confused. After I claimed down a little a told him
Me: “Dude you just traded the wrong player into your team!”
Him: “What?”, he said rather alarmed.
Me: “I said Curnow, not this Hunter fellow”, I chuckled. He then realised his mistake!
Him: “Wait what? How do I reverse it”. Oh how I laughed and luahged after he said that.
Me: “You can’t! You just wasted a trade you twat”, I was still laughing my head off.
Him: “Oh”, he said rather dejected
Me: “But this Hunter kid, he might be okay, let’s just check out how he is going at the moment, it mightn’t be all bad mate”

I went looking for some news on this Hunter kid, Tom Hunter. Then to my enjoyment I discovered something that sent me into another fit of laughter!

Him: “What’s so funny”.
I couldn’t stop laughing and pointed to an article on the AFL website only a day old.
Him: “Oh shit”, he said rather dejected. The article was talking about how Tom Hunter a young kid has just retired from the game due to a serious neck injury. So what my mate had done was trade a crappy Freo rookie to a Collingwood rookie who had just retired!


Joel  – Runners Up ($25 voucher)

Last season, my aim at the beginning of the year was to just beat my mates in the league.. then I found myself looking good in the top 100, and winning the schools competition by a couple hundred.

Anyway, I get to 13th position overall, and still winning the schools competition when it must’ve been Carlton’s bye.. somehow I forgot to take my 3 Carlton players off; Murphy, Scottland and I can’t remember the other one…
Goodbye Car, after that week I had no hope


Magpie Mayhem – Runners Up ($25 voucher)

The year was 2009 and my second year in Dream Team, I had managed to get into a few good leagues through DT and without anywhere near enough research thought I would be a DT master.
One league in particular had 3 women in it, so after seeing the league was full I started to gob off a bit. After a bit of chest butting with the boys in the league in the coaches box I made this stupid little statement ……… “good….3 chicks in this league, it will be like having 3 byes over the season, thank for joining girls”
The first “chick” I played was probably the weakest of the 3 and beat me by around 100pts, and thanked me for coming. The second “chick” was in the eight at the time on level points with me I needed to beat her to get into the eight; yep she rolled me by around 50pts and thanked me for coming and the 4 easy pts.
Now the 3rd “chick” (and I knew this was coming cause she was sitting at the top of the league averaging 2250pts) beat me by 300 pts and from memory I got over 2000 pts as well.
Here’s the funniest bit “chick” 3 was a 15 year old schoolgirl who finished 3rd in the Queensland schools comp.
Over the last 3 years I have had nothing but respect for the female DTers and only gob off to the boys, that way when I get belted it doesn’t hurt as much.

That my freinds was a meathead season


Max Power  – $25 voucher … cause it’s bloody funny

Does Brett Ebert know are using him in their logo?


Thanks heaps to for their sponsorship this year and make sure you check out their site for a great range of goodies for blokes who hate to shop! More from these guys coming soon….

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