Fantasy Freako’s Preseason Rave: Issue 4

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  • Interesting GWS Round 1 team! I guess we’ll know soon enough!

    • No Darley, interesting

    • God darn it Warnie! What’s with hogging the first comment?
      I mean, nice move, yeah…

      Cheers for posting this up straight away. I seem to be a fair way down the email list and don’t usually get it for a good half a day after DTTalk put it up, and some of us have things to do.

    • CASH league code: 134575… $50…please join if your interested

  • I know its not the forum but we have7 spots left for anyone who takes DT seriously.

    League Code – 843895

    Thanks Lads.

    TKOL – wouldnt mind you in the league.

  • Any news on Zorko from lions?

  • Will Golby be worth the punt instead of Waters or Malceski? Cheers

  • when do the injury lists get released? also I have 2 spots left in my $50 cash league. If anyone is interested tweet me @milhouse_9

  • 728709 couple of spots left in competitive league!

  • Hey guys,
    Rookie question for the pros.

    regarding players like Couch…does it mean they canm’t play if they aren’t elevated off the rookie list?
    do we have to wait and see exactly who is elevated..or does it make a diff. in some other way?

    • They can’t play until elevated mate.

      • oh..ok..thanks.. could have a whole DT team that never plays..if you didn’t know that? :-D

      • He can be elevated at any time as a LTI replacement, but I think it’s temporary. Not like the nominated rookie (such as Curnow) which had to be submitted by yesterday and is a permanent spot all year

      • rookies can still play, look at luke breust, he played all last year as a rookie.

        • Hmm…now I’m confused again.

          • He was elevated onto the list because of an LTI, probably Roughy. Either way they still need to be elevated onto the list.

          • Rookies can play if they are nominated at the start of the year and the team has only 1 or less Veterans on there list outside of the 38 players listed. They must have been nominated by Tuesday the 20th 12pm AEDST. club has to have room inside salary cap to do this

            Those players can play all Year.
            Rookies can also be upgraded to the senior list to Replace someone who is moved onto the Long Term Injury list (minimum of 8 weeks) but must be returned to the Rookie list when that player returns from LTI. These players can be nominated anytime through the Year.

            Clubs With Players on LTIL. Melbourne x 2. Hawthorn? North Melbourne Geelong? Port Adelaide? St Kilda? West Coast. Western Bulldogs?

            Players nominated as rookies for year, I.Callinan Adel. Magner Melb, Curnow Carl Pfieffer PA Mullet NM Tuohy Carl.

            Anything else? missed anything?

          • So in other words Couch is a possibility to be upgraded to senior list to replace Max Gawn who is out for the Year and on Melbourne’s LTIL but as of yet it hasn’t been announced

          • Yes

        • haha Good_Evans strikes again!

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  • Pretty Keen to be part of a Gun as League so add me as a friend on here and message me me your rank last year and ill give you the code. :)

  • cant download the file. Thinks its corrupt.

  • cant download file. is it corrupt.

  • I’ve always held the Fantasy Freako document as sacred and rejoiced everytime it made my inbox bing but this week it suggests Essendon will have an easy win over North. That is just silly.

  • God I love reading Freako!!
    Thats sad isnt it? :-(