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2020 Bye Rounds

2020 Bye Rounds

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  • Predicted round two teams (10)
    • Warnie: Lockout lifted on March 26.
    • Warnie: Thanks for reading, ballsack. The teams listed were the round one sides so that...
    • SuperFan87: Buddy 9 weeks.
    • n00b: Did you not pick up that the teams posted were the round 1 teams? It even says that at...
    • cobs cobblers: lockout lifted about a week or so after rd 1. what are you talking about.
    • ballsack: I appreciate the time it takes to write an article, but I lost faith in it after...
    • Terang Bowler: Doesn’t help when AF still haven’t lifted lockout!!
    • The Chosen Won: Reeks of a cover up at the highest level.. Good Luck in 2021

  • Round two selection issues, fixture analysis – Ep. 346 (21)
    • Warnie: Good onya, dulcify56. It’s nice to see some positivity here! I think the...
    • Jake: Risk it for the biscuit. i’m bringing in Hibberd and Bailey Smith.
    • dulcify56: Hey Warnie, I’m not sure how your T-Shirt sales are going, but judging by...
    • PK: Had to get the popcorn out for this one lads!