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  • Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 5 (97)
    • emily: I’m sorry for whoever wanted to bring in Treloar this week, one of the girls on...
    • emily: hey guys who to field Mcinerney (playing West Coast) or Tom Green (playing Hawks) from...
    • CJ: Serong or Hibberd?

  • Friday Fantasy Cheat Sheet – Rd. 5 (20)
    • Miyagi-san: Young. Will generate cash at equal rate, score similar and leaves 60k extra for...
    • Miyagi-san: 3 choices 1)out:brander/madgen/naismith In: serong/h.young/h.jones +255k 2) out:...
    • Jay: Young or corr
    • BJ: 1. Lloyd and Sicily OR 2. Crisp and Laird?
    • Andy: I’ve gone conservative in my old age: T.Brown to Serong Brander to H.Young...
    • llizardofoz: and where has my avatar gone and how do I get it back.
    • llizardofoz: I say this every year but oh well here goes. DPP upgrades are terrible/ good for...
    • Jay: I had Brayshaw, greenwood and coniglio on my radar for trades this week, but now brander...
    • Shane: latter option