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  • Lockout Chat – Rd. 23 (Grand Finals) (23)
    • Rory Shatkins: anyone but Ziebell
    • Shaun: which trades to i go lads: Option 1: Greene and Salem > Whit and Ziebell Option 2:...
    • Miyagi-san: Wingard or Ziebell as fwd PODs (to partner macrae) – both have...
    • Rory Shatkins: Max was on plane to Tasmania, highly likely to play.
    • Majak: Taranto for me
    • gogly: Lyons, Pendlebury or Taranto
    • Majak: I think Franklin is out for me. I’m leaning Wingard over Cameron. I would expect...
    • Majak: Option 1 for my liking
    • Majak: Who to field in the forward line? Lycett (vs Freo’s scott jones) or Shane...
    • Matt: Trade Tim Kelly or Cripps?
    • Johnny: Best forward option in GF: Chad Wingard, Jeremy Cameron or Lance Franklin?
    • Calvin’s Failures: Is that Shaun higgins or jack Higgins, if Shaun, option 1