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  • Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 14 (32)
    • Fry: Wicked move if you ask me. Hopefully we get a FWD rook to choose. Rose isn’t bad
    • Fry: If it was my time that’s exactly what I’d do. Macrae needs to be in your team
    • Fry: Cameron might be straight out, but if not I think that’s the way to go to land...
    • Fry: Option one would be great if Cameron is named! Ham/Cavarra could get up as well
    • Fry: None that spring to mind ‘safely’ maybe Cavarra if he gets a berth
    • Matthew: Hey Legend, need some advice. Currently my team is Lloyd Laird Williams Houli...
    • Harry: Hey Fry. Tough question mate but . . . I know O. Baker still has a lot of coin to make...

  • My Team 2019: Round 15 (140)
    • The Cricket: Salem is notoriously inconsistent
    • Matthew: Currently my team is Lloyd Laird Williams Houli Duursma Logue Hore Naish in Defence....

  • Roy’s Trade and Rolling 22 Talk – Rd. 15 (21)
    • Adam: Kelly might be wearing a Clarke Glove this week, so maybe not the best time to bring...
    • Adam: 1. Upgrade S.Ross to Parker Or 2.Duursma to Laird I feel like #2 is the more...
    • Adam: 2. Sicily is no longer a Premium if he is playing forward. And a BE of 131 will see him...