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Marsh Series

MARSH1 stats and team of the week

With thanks to DFS Australia, Morts puts together a team based on the numbers from MARSH1.

The first weekend of the Marsh Series is completed with plenty of numbers floating around to get us excited … and stuffing up our teams. Remember, #StayStrongMarsh.

With thanks to our mate Morts from @DFSAustralia, we have some interesting tables with data from the weekend.

Top 25 scorers of MARSH1

Lachie NealeBRLMID77700089164
Marcus BontempelliWBDMID77700081151
Christian PetraccaMELFWD56300086145
Tim MembreySTKFWD52300088138
Darcy MacPhersonGCSMID/FWD64800079131
Jack MacraeWBDMID85800078126
Clayton OliverMELMID78600083123
Brad CrouchADEMID80100070119
Hugh McCluggageBRLMID67800083116
Lachie HunterWBDMID73200087116
Hugh GreenwoodGCSMID/FWD58100082114
Travis BoakPTAMID78400067111
Jack VineyMELMID61100070110
Stefan MartinBRLRUC62900088110
Ben AinsworthGCSMID/FWD48300082109
Todd GoldsteinNTHRUC65600072108
Dayne ZorkoBRLMID77500074108
Tom McDonaldMELFWD47300094108
Alex SextonGCSFWD43500065107
Charlie DixonPTAFWD51300085107
Isaac SmithHAWMID63000082106
Jack BillingsSTKMID73100085106
Will BrodieGCSMID61200070104
Sam Powell-PepperPTAMID/FWD55900065102
Steven MotlopPTAFWD47900074100

Best 25 value players of MARSH1

Tristan XerriNTHRUC/FWD170000171799
Jordon SweetWBDRUC170000246469
Connor BudarickGCSMID/FWD170000261565
Damon GreavesHAWDEF170000274262
Jacob KennerleyGEEDEF170000303656
Matthew RowellGCSMID270000333381
Myles PoholkeADEFWD288000347083
Jordon ButtsADEDEF170000369646
Curtis TaylorNTHFWD170000377845
Tim MembreySTKFWD5230003790138
Max KingSTKFWD170000386444
Christian PetraccaMELFWD5630003883145
Ben DavisADEFWD170000404842
Alex SextonGCSFWD4350004065107
Tom SparrowMELFWD293000412771
Bradley CloseGEEMID/FWD170000414641
Billy FramptonADEFWD293000437367
Tom McDonaldMELFWD4730004380108
Ben AinsworthGCSMID/FWD4830004431109
Dan ButlerSTKFWD384000451885
Aaron vandenBergMELMID/FWD353000452678
Aiden BonarNTHMID/FWD333000469071
Lachie NealeBRLMID7770004738164
Steven MotlopPTAFWD4790004790100
Charlie DixonPTAFWD5130004794107

Best 25 points per minute of MARSH1

Marcus BontempelliMID777000811.53151
Lachie NealeMID777000891.45164
Brad CrouchMID801000701.4119
Christian PetraccaFWD563000861.39145
Will HayesMID484000421.3670
Darcy MacPhersonMID/FWD648000791.32131
Jack MacraeMID858000781.32126
Alex SextonFWD435000651.31107
Jack VineyMID611000701.3110
Connor RozeeFWD539000571.394
Travis BoakMID784000671.3111
Nathan JonesMID/DEF546000461.2771
Tim MembreyFWD523000881.26138
Sam Powell-PepperMID/FWD559000651.23102
Todd GoldsteinRUC656000721.23108
Clayton OliverMID786000831.22123
Quinton NarkleMID497000651.2199
Will BrodieMID612000701.18104
Dayne ZorkoMID775000741.15108
Hugh GreenwoodMID/FWD581000821.11114
Hugh McCluggageMID678000831.1116
Luke DunstanMID637000641.188
Rhys StanleyRUC603000481.166
Lachie HunterMID732000871.09116
Jarrod BerryMID591000361.0950

Fantasy points for and against for MARSH1

ADE 147910155942

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Morts has put together a team that would have scored 2567 over the weekend. Captain Lachie Neale led the way with 164. There’s enough cash left over to fill the eight bench spots with $170k players.

Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT



  1. Avatar


    February 25, 2020 at 1:53 pm

    anyone even slightly interested in Will Brodie? SHOULD get a good run this year, provides a big body in the midfield the suns need. looking like suns are on the up, and hopefully so will their scores. has pig like tendencies, collects plenty of the pill and doesn’t mind a tackle. has scored big scores before, with a 142 last year in round 12 (check his stats in that game btw). excluding a 42 he scored last year, in a game which he had very little TOG he would have averaged 95. not saying he should be owned by 20% of the comp, but 0.2% seems a little low in my opinion. if he plays week in week out, watch out for him! should be very interesting to see how he performs next week against some quality midfielders.

  2. Avatar


    February 25, 2020 at 1:53 pm

    Close eye to be kept on Bont, Petracca (on my never again list) and Membrey

    • Avatar


      February 25, 2020 at 9:57 pm

      So if Petracca averages over 100 you won’t put him in your side?

  3. Avatar


    February 25, 2020 at 2:16 pm

    Interesting seeing there are 5 Demon players in the team you have put up above. Melbourne could be a team worth thinking about with Dream Team as I have noticed on there site Goodwin has pushed the Dee’s hard through the off season after last years poor performances. Plus the MCG is where they play most of there games. If I am wrong about the Demons can someone tell me why please.

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