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Magoos News – Rd. 7

Ben has the latest news from the magoos.



Harry Perryman (DEF, $362K) was the best for the Giants with 19 touches, 7 marks and 6 tackles for 96 points. He could come in for Adam Kennedy if he doesn’t get up for next week. Ian Hill (FWD/MID, $224K) was decent with 2 goals and 62 points, but I think Zac Langdon (FWD, $369K) is ahead of him for a game, after 3.2 and 48 points. Nick Shipley (MID, $170K) is going to have to do a lot more than 8 touches for a recall. Only 38 points. Lachie Keeffe (DEF, $290K) will likely come in for Corr if Davis doesn’t make his return. He had 12 touches, 4 marks and 52 points.


Sean Lemmens (FWD, $337K) was great with 28 touches and 4 goals for 118 points, but I doubt he comes in. Ben King (FWD, $260K) was good as well with 15 touches, 4 goals and 102 points. Hopefully he gets a gig sometime soon but won’t be fantasy relevant. Tom Nicholls (RUC, $242K) was also very good with 50 touches and 109 points. He would be a lovely cash cow on the bench if he gets a game but Witts is dominating at the moment.


Toby Wooller (FWD, $170K) was excellent again with 30 touches, 22 kicks, 14 marks and 131 points. He’s surprisingly a key forward (195cm) and is averaging 25 touches, 9 marks and 115 points from 5 NEAFL games this season. He will certainly be ready for a call up sometime this year if anyone cops an injury. Ben Keays (MID, $350K) was good again with 22 touches and 4 goals for 125 points. He too, is in some ripping form and is averaging 110 and 4 goals this season in the NEAFL. Allen Christensen (FWD, $518K) was good again with 34 touches and 8 marks for 124 points. I think he deserves another gig in the AFL but the Lions are playing some pretty good footy at the moment.


Ryan Clarke (DEF, $441K) responded extremely well after being dropped, with 47 touches and 9 marks for 168 points. The Swans would surely have to consider bringing him back in. Colin O’Riordan (DEF, $366K) is the Jake Lloyd of the NEAFL, after having 41 touches and 8 marks for 146 points. He averages 118 points and 31 touches in the NEAFL this season. He will be very nice to watch in a couple of years with Jake Lloyd in defence. Darcy Cameron (RUC, $170K) was up to standard, with 22 touches and 4 HO’s for 139 points. He loves to dominate the NEAFL but with Naismith nearing return, he’s the 3rd ruckman in line. James Rowbottom (MID, $254K) was stiff to get dropped but responded well with 27 touches and 8 tackles for 105 points, potentially earning himself a re call this week.



Chayce Jones (MID, $249K) was arguably best on for the Crows, with 24 touches and a goal for 99 points. Jordan Galluci could find himself in some strife after 12 touches at just 33% but the Crows had a good win so they may decide to go into the Showdown unchanged. Ned McHenry (FWD/MID, $240K) was also very good and is getting close to a debut. He had 25 touches and 86 points and is knocking on the door.


The big fellas got it done in the SANFL for the Power, with Peter Ladhams (RUC, $170K) managing 28 touches, 40 hitouts, 2 goals and 154 points, whilst Billy Frampton (RUC, $170K) also hit the tonne after 4 goals and 7 marks. I think Ryder and Lycett have got the big-man department covered for now though. Steven Motlop (FWD/MID, $477K) is seriously demanding a re-call after 27 touches and a goal for 102 points. If Ebert doesn’t get up from his concussion, expect him to come in. Butter only managed 9 touches at 66% and needs to do a little more to hold his spot. Matthew Broadbent (DEF, $350K) has played every game in the SANFL and I think this is just becoming a case of not being in the best 22. He gathered 15 disposals for 44 points with no real impact.



Keegan Brookshby (RUC, $357K) is performing very well in the WAFL so far this year, and on the weekend it was no different. He collected 37 hitouts for 109 points but Vardy and Hickey are both ahead of him at this stage. Josh Rotham (DEF, $216K) could come in for Cole, who has been very average, or Shepard if he doesn’t get up from his injury. He had 21 touches and 90 points and would be a nice downgrade option. I think David Venables (FWD, $327K) has been extremely poor and could certainly lose his spot this week. Expect Jarrod Brander (FWD, $195K) who had 16 touches and 79 points and Brayden Ainsworth (MID, $369K) who put together 22 touches, 7 tackles and 98 points, to both be pushing for selection.


Connor Blakely (DEF, $664K) was in the WAFL for the second week in a row, and accumulated 31 touches, 8 marks and a goal for 119 points. Expect him to come in this week after their loss to the Crows. Sean Darcy (RUC, $531K) was good again and is monstering the WAFL competition at the moment. He had 42 touches and a goal for 86 points. I think he’s good enough to play AFL and could come in after Lobb was well beaten by Riley O’Brien. Lachie Schultz (FWD, $268K) was very promising after kicking 3.2 and 16 touches for 75 points. I don’t think that he comes in though. Brett Bewley (MID, $170K) was great as well with 22 touches and 71 points. Hopefully he gets a game soon but the Dockers, despite having some underrated and low-key personnel, are dominating in the midfield, as well as Blakley is set to return.



Curtis Taylor (FWD/MID, $180K) is getting very close to a debut, and had 3.3 and 11 marks for 106 points. I don’t think this week is the week but expect to see his name pop up sometime soon. Luke Davies-Uniacke (MID, $376K) wasn’t the best with 16 touches and 61 points. Despite the outrage at his dropping last week, he probably won’t come back in. The only change I think the Roos make is McDonald in for Wright.


Will Setterfield (MID/FWD, $348K) was good in the VFL with 22 touches and 6 tackles for 93 points. Hopefully for his owners he returns this week. Hugh Goddard (DEF, $170K) was good with 18 touches and 10 arks for 91 points. He is a strong chance to come in for Jones after his shocking head clash, who could miss a couple of weeks. His career high season average is just 41 though, and scored a sole 25 last year, so I certainly wouldn’t be fielding him.


Brandon White (DEF, $336K) was impressive with 15 touches, 4 marks and 55 points. The Saints claimed that he is “putting his hand up for us”, so he could be in the mix this week. Nick Hind (MID, $170K) was solid again playing a back-pocket sort of role. He scored 82 points with 23 touches. Luke Dunstan (MID, $578K) was outstanding with 32 touches, 6 marks, 5 tackles and a goal for 133 points. He just can’t lock down a spot in the Saints 22, despite consistent good numbers in the VFL. Nick Coffield (DEF, $409K) was okay with 16 touches and a goal for 53 and is a slight chance to play in the coming weeks. You wouldn’t touch him in classic though.


Charlie Constable (MID, $454K) responded extremely well after being dropped, with 25 touches and 11 tackles for 124 points. I expect him to come in this week, whether that’s Clark (played wing/forward on the weekend) or someone else, I’m yet to determine. I’m really keen to see Ryan Abbott (RUC, $531K) in action at AFL level, who had 37 HO’s, 2 goals and 19 touches and 118 points on the weekend. He probably would be too much for classic but should score pretty well for those in draft who are in search of a ruckman. Stanley seems to be holding his own though.


Brayden Ham (FWD, $189K) was solid in the VFL after 21 touches, 10 marks and a goal for 103 points. Fantasia is set to return which will only make it harder for Ham to get another game. Dylan Clarke (MID, $250K) was good with 18 touches and 8 tackles for 83 points. We all know how good of a scorer he is but is at least 2 injuries/suspensions away from a game , maybe more.


Lewis Young (DEF, $287K) played in the ruck and earnt 31 hitouts, 21 touches, 10 marks and 113 points on the weekend. If he plays, I doubt it will be in the ruck, probably back in defence as he has done most of his career. Bailey Williams (DEF, $522K) was solid with 29 touches and 95 points. He kicked 0.2 so it could’ve been better. I don’t think he plays. Ben Cavarra (FWD, $182K) started well with 10 touches, (10 kicks), 4 marks and 2 goals for 55 points before re-injuring his hamstring. The time limit on it is unknown, but it is devastating for the small forward. Hopefully we see him at AFL level this year though.


Pat Naish (DEF, $170K) was goo with 23 touches and a goal, and has been playing very well in the VFL at the moment. The Tigers have plenty of injuries who are set to return soon, so I don’t think he plays based on form, and will have to wait for an injury or two to play, as cruel as it sounds. Dan Butler (FWD, $379K) is certainly demanding a re-call after kicking 3 goals for 53 points.

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