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2019 Prices

North Melbourne AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2019

Prices, positions & tips for the Roos.

Nth Melbourne were not the most appealing fantasy team in 2018, they averaged 367.8 Disposals (Rank 14) which was comparable to their 2017 H&A season in which they averaged 368.6 Disposals (Rank 14).

No player at the Kangaroos managed to average more than 100pts last season, only 3 players averaged more than 90pts; Ben Cunnington (93.9), Shaun Higgins (93.9) & Todd Goldstein (93.4).

Not being a high Disposal team does make it quite difficult to select fantasy options with any confidence at Nth Melbourne, an influx of quality players during the recent trade period does impact the mix next season but unless there is a game plan change it’s difficult to see any improvement from a fantasy perspective.

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2019 Potential Targets:

Todd Goldstein RUCK $678K

One player that could see a spike in ownership compared to 2018 is Todd Goldstein, whilst his average of 93.4pts doesn’t suggest much his finish to the year was definitely noteworthy in 2018.

Goldstein averaged 104.7pts form his final 10 games of the 2018 H&A season, this included a season low score of 59pts against Brisbane in Round 20.

Goldstein scored 100pts or more in 36.4% of games last season, he scored 100pts or more in 60.0% of his final 10 games.

With many looking to avoid Max Gawn at R2 to begin the season Goldstein will be in the frame as a replacement, Braydon Preuss is long gone and there are no genuine threats at the Kangaroos to impact the Ruck role for Goldy.

Aaron Hall MID $626K

Hall has been a fantasy option for quite some time now, unfortunately his injury history & form has negatively impacted his long term output.

Since the start of the 2015 H&A season Hall has played in only 64.8% of games, he suffered a season ending pectoral muscle injury in Round 11 last season.

Hall averaged 98.2pts in 2017 & 71.7pts from just 6 games in 2018, he moves to low disposal/high disciplined team at Nth Melbourne that may not be suitable for his fantasy game.

The ownership for Hall will be an interesting monitor at Round 1, if he comes off a successful high scoring JLT Series then expect a few to take the plunge on his services.

Luke Davies-Uniacke MID $266K

It was a somewhat indifferent start for Davies-Uniacke last season, the 2017 No.4 overall draft pick averaged 10.4 Disposals for an average of just 40.3pts.

The best part of the below par first year for Davies-Uniacke is that he will be a cheap option again in 2019, one year in the AFL system will likely improve his output which could make him a viable fantasy option.

‘He was an above average contested possession & clearance winner’ 2018 AFL Prospectus on Davies-Uniacke at TAC Cup level (2017).

“It’s always good knowing what you got to do now & how hard you need to train” Davies-Uniacke in mid-November.

Davies-Uniacke should be a must watch over the pre-season, if there is enough to suggest he can score at AFL level then he could turn out to be a decent cash generating player next season.


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Cunnington, BenMID93.9122$682000
Higgins, ShaunMID93.920$681000
Goldstein, ToddRUC93.3622$678000
Polec, JaredMID92.2322$669000
Hall, AaronMID71.676$626000
Ziebell, JackFWD82.7722$601000
Dumont, TrentMID82.4122$598000
Jacobs, BenMID77.5413$563000
Tyson, DomMID76.5714$556000
Anderson, JedMID76.121$552000
Macmillan, JamieDEF73.0922$530000
Pittard, JasperDEF70.9111$515000
McDonald, LukeDEF70.3222$510000
Ahern, PaulMID68.5511$497000
Brown, BenFWD6822$493000
Tarrant, RobbieDEF66.4321$482000
Wright, SamDEF65.9416$479000
Wood, MasonFWD64.4613$468000
Thompson, Scott D.DEF64.1422$465000
Daw, MajakDEF64.0618$465000
Atley, ShaunFWD61.4522$446000
Simpkin, JyFWD59.5522$432000
Campbell, TomRUC00$404000
Williams, MarleyDEF53.6422$389000
Hrovat, NathanFWD51.0812$371000
Garner, TaylorFWD00$358000
Turner, KayneFWD48.2722$350000
Vickers-Willis, EdDEF51.577$341000
Walker, WillFWD49.754$296000
Davies-Uniacke, LukeMID40.297$266000
Zurhaar, CameronFWD42.25$260000
Thomas, TarrynMID00$256000
Durdin, SamDEF221$253000
Murphy, TomDEF41.754$248000
McKay, BenDEF00$193000
Taylor, CurtisMID/FWD00$180000
Scott, BaileyMID00$174000
Watson, DeclanDEF00$170000
Crocker, JoelDEF/FWD00$170000
McKenzie, TomDEF/MID00$170000
Larkey, NickFWD00$170000
Wilkinson, TomFWD00$170000
Murphy, Red OgMID00$170000
Hayden, KyronMID/FWD00$170000
Xerri, TristanRUC/FWD00$170000


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