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2019 Prices

Port Adelaide AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2019

Prices, positions & tips for the Power.

Port Adelaide were limited for fantasy options again last season, Chad Wingard showed some glimpses but he’s now gone, Jared Polec provided a few decent ceiling games but he’s now gone, Tom Rockliff started the year injured but when fit he was thrown into a tagging role at times, Ollie Wines took his time to get going & the finish to the year for Robbie Gray was not great.

That left us with Justin Westhoff who thrived in a Utility/Ruck/Fwd type role, he was the only player to average over 100pts in 2018 (Ave: 101.6).

Players that have averaged 100pts or more under Ken Hinkley (2013-18) at Port Adelaide have been pretty rare; less than 1 player per year (0.83) have achieved this under Hinkley (2013 Kane Cornes, 2015 & 2017 Brad Ebert, 2016 Ollie Wines, 2018 Justin Westhoff).

Keep this in mind when making a long term decision on Power players, the sample size is large enough.

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2019 Potential Targets:

Tom Rockliff MID $600K

Rocky lost his FWD status to begin the 2019 season which will likely influence his ownership level at Round 1, there will be those that are still loyal to the great man and at his reasonable salary have the added reason to start with him.

The role last season for Rockliff severely limited his fantasy potential, gone are the days at Brisbane when he was able to accumulate points with ease & in his first year at Port Adelaide Ken Hinkley used him in a tagging role which imploded his fantasy game.

The departure of Chad Wingard does open up the possibility of increased midfield usage in 2019 for Rockliff, but his ability to play a very good forward role may result in a more split Mid/Fwd type situation for the Power.

Rockliff would become a viable option if he were able to secure DPP status again, hopefully were are able to acquire some more information on his role during the pre-season & JLT series so an informed decision can be made.

Ryan Burton DEF $450K

Burton regressed last season having spent most of his time across half-back at the Hawks, he scored fewer than 80pts in 87.0% of games which was a significant increase from 45.0% in 2017.

Burton was traded from the Hawks during the recent trade period and is likely to assume the same role again in 2019, he averaged 16.9 Disposals in that role at the Hawks in 2018.

The departure of Jared Polec and to a lesser extent Jasper Pittard does push Burton into a prominent role at Port Adelaide, his ball usage should be something that the Power will look to utilise next season.

While it is certainly not a priority to have Burton on top of any watch-list right now, it is worth considering him if he can produce in the JLT Series.

Connor Rozee DEF/FWD $262K

After a pretty thin 2018 U18 National Championships averaging 13 Disposals Rozee finds himself in a decent spot for opportunity in 2019 at Port Adelaide, there needs some pre-season ground work but early games do seem likely for the No.5 overall draft pick.

“Endurance is one of the main things that I think I need to work on to play AFL football next year, so hopefully I can get that up a fair bit before the start of the season”.

“Obviously I’m not he biggest boy out there, so I think putting on a little bit of size and getting a bit better at my contested football will help me leading into the start of next year and hopefully I’ll get a few games.” Connor Rozee in mid-December.

Expectations are high for Rozee at Port Adelaide, having accumulated 24 Disposals & 10 Marks in a North Adelaide Semi Final does raise the level of optimism as a fantasy prospect as early as 2019.


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Westhoff, JustinRUC/FWD101.9122$740000
Wines, OllieMID93.4522$678000
Ebert, BradMID88.9122$645000
Boak, TravisFWD87.2722$633000
Gray, RobbieMID/FWD84.2921$612000
Rockliff, TomMID82.6718$600000
Lycett, ScottRUC/FWD7722$559000
Jonas, TomDEF75.1118$545000
Powell-Pepper, SamMID7516$544000
Ryder, PaddyRUC74.8116$543000
Hartlett, HamishDEF86.65$534000
Houston, DanDEF71.9122$522000
Byrne-Jones, DarcyDEF71.5721$519000
Dixon, CharlieFWD71.2520$517000
Mayes, SamDEF57.836$510000
Gray, SamFWD67.0519$487000
Motlop, StevenMID/FWD66.921$486000
Lienert, JarrodDEF73.676$470000
Watts, JackFWD63.3719$460000
Amon, KarlMID50.56$454000
Burton, RyanDEF62.0521$450000
Bonner, RileyDEF60.3719$438000
Trengove, JackDEF733$419000
Clurey, TomDEF56.0519$407000
McKenzie, TrentDEF411$355000
Broadbent, MatthewDEF00$351000
Howard, DougalDEF48.120$349000
Marshall, ToddFWD46.577$314000
Farrell, KaneFWD49.45$305000
Johnson, AidynFWD37.85$289000
Frampton, BillyRUC521$283000
Rozee, ConnorDEF/FWD00$262000
Butters, ZakMID00$248000
Duursma, XavierDEF/MID00$236000
Atley, JoeMID00$227000
Garner, JoelDEF00$170000
Frederick, MartinDEF/MID00$170000
Patmore, JakeMID/FWD00$170000
Drew, WillemMID/FWD00$170000
Pudney, KaiMID00$170000
Ladhams, PeterRUC00$170000
Hayes, SamRUC00$170000
Grundy, RileyDEF00$170000
Hewett, CameronMID00$170000
Woodcock, BoydMID/FWD00$170000
Cox, TobinMID/FWD00$170000


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