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2019 Prices

Brisbane Lions AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2019

Prices, positions & tips for the Lions.

The gradual improvement for Brisbane under Chris Fagan will likely continue again next season, it was another 5 win season but the improvement in percentage reflects how competitive they were in 2018.

The Lions averaged 373.5 Disposals in the 2018 H&A season (Rank 11), that was an increase of 11.7 Disposals compared to the 2017 H&A season.

Dayne Beams & Stefan Martin were the only 2 players to average more than 100pts last season, Beams has departed to the Magpies & Martin was in a dual Ruck set-up for the majority of the season.

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2019 Potential Targets:

Alex Witherden DEF $639K

Witherden has shown a fairly decent fantasy game over his short AFL career, he averaged 88.0pts last season but that included an average of 106.7pts from his final 6 full games before being injured in Round 22.

The new kick-in rule next season may play favourably into the hands of Witherden, he recorded the highest amount of kick-ins last season at Brisbane.

With the long term injury to Sam Docherty many will look elsewhere to find an elite Defender in 2019, having averaged over 20.0 Disposals in his first 2 years at Brisbane Witherden looks to be a genuine option in 2019.

Lachie Neale MID $727K

Neale moves from No.2 on the depth chart at Fremantle to No.1 at Brisbane, Dayne Zorko will likely receive most of the attention from opposition clubs again next season which leaves Neale to do most of the inside contested ball winning duties.

Neale was extremely consistent last season at Freo scoring 100pts or more in 63.6% of games, he was unable to produce many ceiling games but that could all change in 2019.

The ownership percentage will be interesting for Neale to begin the 2019 season, if he completes a full pre-season and records a high Disposal rate in the JLT series then he should be highly considered.

Ely Smith MID $230K

Smith may be a longer term project for Brisbane however for fantasy coaches he should be high on the list of rookies that could impact next season if given a chance to debut, he averaged 23.5 Disposals & 5.0 Tackles at TAC Cup level last season & recorded 30 Disposals (9 Clearances) & 5 Tackles in the final game for Vic Country in the U18 National Championships.

“He is competitive and strong around the ball and will boost our midfield group.” Brisbane Recruiting Manager, Steve Conole on Ely Smith.

Brisbane are still in the process of developing a quality midfield, Smith is worth watching in the JLT Series to see if he can squeeze in at Round 1.


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Martin, StefanRUC101.3222$735000
Neale, LachieMID100.2322$727000
Zorko, DayneMID96.5522$701000
Lyons, JarrydMID94.9519$689000
Robinson, MitchMID/FWD88.2119$640000
Witherden, AlexDEF8821$639000
Cutler, TomMID84.6718$614000
McCluggage, HughMID77.6422$563000
Hodge, LukeDEF77.5319$563000
Berry, JarrodMID77.0521$559000
Christensen, AllenFWD7322$530000
Taylor, LewisFWD72.2322$524000
Rich, DanielDEF71.518$519000
Andrews, HarrisDEF67.1718$487000
Robertson, NickDEF65.4821$475000
Cameron, CharlieFWD65.0911$472000
Adams, MarcusDEF61.676$466000
Walker, JoshDEF63.5714$461000
Lester, RyanDEF63.5315$461000
Mathieson, RhysMID/FWD61.5413$447000
Gardiner, DarcyDEF59.8520$434000
Bastinac, RyanMID582$432000
Rayner, CameronFWD58.6422$426000
Hipwood, EricFWD56.1822$408000
Allison, JacobDEF483$401000
McInerney, OscarFWD53.3816$387000
McStay, DanielFWD52.3719$380000
Bailey, ZacMID/FWD51.7512$376000
Keays, BenMID602$350000
McCarthy, LincolnFWD492$305000
Cox, CedricDEF37.754$289000
Skinner, SamDEF00$244000
Smith, ElyMID00$230000
Smith, ArchieRUC00$217000
Starcevich, BrandonMID/FWD344$202000
Berry, ThomasMID00$200000
Joyce, TomMID00$192000
McFadyen, ConnorMID/FWD00$188000
Eagles, MattDEF27.54$170000
Payne, JackDEF00$170000
Hinge, MitchellDEF00$170000
Answerth, NoahDEF/MID00$170000
Ballenden, ConnorFWD00$170000
Wooller, TobyFWD00$170000
Madden, JamesMID00$170000
Lyons, CoreyMID00$170000
Fullarton, ThomasRUC00$170000


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