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2019 Prices

St Kilda AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2019

Prices, positions & tips for the Saints.

St Kilda put up decent disposal numbers last season as a result of slow and indecisive ball movement, the Saints averaged 388.7 Disposals in the 2018 H&A season (Rank 3) yet averaged 1562.5 fantasy points (Rank 12).

St Kilda had only had one player average 100pts or more in 2018 (Seb Ross: 107.3pts), Jack Steele averaged 109.4pts post the Round 14 Bye.

A complete overhaul of the assistant coaching staff during the off-season will likely bring about change next season, player indecision leading to over-possessing of the ball may be eliminated with a more fluid game plan.

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2019 Potential Targets:

Seb Ross MID $779K

Ross will come with a premium price tag at Round 1 next season, he scored 100pts or more in 57.1% of games last season converting a high percentage of those to 120pt+ games. Ross averaged 126.3pts from his final 6 games of the season, he averaged 117.8pts at Marvel Stadium.

Ross won’t be heavily owned early in 2019, his true average may be slightly under what he achieved in 2018 but a glimpse of the midfield mix during the JLT Series could provide further insight on his 2019 expectations.

Jack Steven will likely be the target for opposition clubs to shut-down again in 2019, this could allow Ross to be the major ball winner at the Saints next season. A difficult decision if you are considering Ross, especially at his high price tag.

Dan Hannebery MID $434K

After spending the majority of 2017 & 2018 dealing with groin injuries Hannebery has begun the pre-season with no issues, his extremely low average of 59.9pts last season provides great value.

Hannebery could be the highest owned player at Round 1 next season, building a line-up excluding him will almost provide a unique angle and set you on a different path for the early part of the year.

The completion of a full pre-season is a must for Hannebery, any interruptions will provide hesitation for fantasy coaches. At his price to begin 2019, it’s going to be difficult to say no to Hannebery.

Rowan Marshall FWD $512K

Marshall was able to put up decent numbers in mostly a back-up Ruck role in 2018, he averaged 70.5pts which included a season high 114pts in Round 17 against Carlton. Marshall averaged 13.3 Disposals & 5.6 Marks from 12 games, he also kicked 6 Goals.

The departure of Tom Hickey has opened up the Ruck position at St Kilda, Billy Longer would be the obvious choice at this stage to fill the No.1 Ruck role at the Saints but he has never averaged more than 10.0 Disposals in any season which provides little optimism for fantasy coaches.

The listing of Marshall as a potential target is speculative at best right now, depending on how the Saints see him fitting in to their structure next season weighs heavily on his fantasy outlook. Marshall averaged 5.4pts per Disposal last season, that is clearly noteworthy.


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Ross, SebastianMID107.3321$779000
Steven, JackMID96.6822$702000
Steele, JackMID94.4321$685000
Billings, JackFWD85.1921$618000
Dunstan, LukeMID82.516$599000
Savage, ShaneDEF81.6718$593000
Acres, BlakeMID/FWD80.512$584000
Webster, JimmyDEF78.8217$572000
Armitage, DavidMID/FWD76.815$557000
Sinclair, JackMID74.220$538000
Roberton, DylanDEF634$537000
Gresham, JadeFWD73.1822$531000
Austin, LoganDEF79.577$525000
Carlisle, JakeDEF71.4117$518000
Geary, JarrynDEF70.9520$515000
Marshall, RowanFWD70.512$512000
Membrey, TimFWD68.7520$499000
Lonie, JackFWD66.9111$486000
Longer, BillyRUC44.45$484000
Phillips, EdMID72.867$481000
Newnes, JackMID/FWD66.3222$481000
Hannebery, DanMID59.8614$434000
Kent, DeanFWD57.65$431000
Clark, HunterDEF58.0715$421000
Coffield, NickDEF56.410$409000
McKenzie, DanielDEF55.2313$401000
Rice, BaileyDEF52.4511$381000
Bruce, JoshFWD593$379000
McCartin, PaddyFWD49.7713$361000
Long, BenFWD49.510$359000
White, BrandonDEF496$336000
Pierce, LewisRUC55.673$319000
Battle, JoshFWD47.676$304000
Paton, BenDEF493$281000
King, MaxFWD00$264000
Brown, NathanDEF29.0715$211000
Bytel, JackMID00$190000
Parker, MatthewFWD00$178000
Joyce, DarraghDEF192$170000
Clavarino, OscarDEF00$170000
Langlands, DoultonMID/FWD00$170000
Alabakis, SamRUC00$170000
Wilkie, CallumDEF00$170000
Young, RobertFWD00$170000
Hind, NickMID00$170000



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