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2019 Prices

Gold Coast AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2019

Prices, positions & tips for the Suns.

Gold Coast were pretty quick to move on players that didn’t want to be part of the future under Stuart Dew; Lynch, Hall, May, Kolodjashnij & Lyons to mention a few have all now departed leaving the club in a pretty decent rebuilding phase.

Last year the Suns averaged 339.8 Disposals which was ranked 18th, they averaged 331.3 Disposals after their Round 10 Bye (Rank 18). Gold Coast had the most games fewer than 325 Disposals with 8 (Carlton & Fremantle: 4), they recorded 400 Disposals or more from 1 game (Round 1, Nth Melbourne).

With any player cleanout the potential for fantasy options is likely to increase, there are multiple targets currently on the radar for Round 1 next season at the Suns.

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2019 Potential Targets:

Jarod Witts RUCK $681K

Witts ranked 3rd in 2018 averaging 38.8 Hit Outs, the 2 players in front of him were Max Gawn (Ave Hit Outs: 44.8) & Brodie Grundy (Ave Hit Outs: 39.9). Witts found a ceiling type game last season scoring 120pts or more in 22.7% of games, unfortunately his consistency let him down as he scored fewer than 80pts in 27.3% of games.

Ideally fantasy coaches will be looking for individual Ruck roles in order to maximise a decent points return, at this stage there is no threat to impact the Ruck position for Witts.

Witts has averaged in the low 90’s in the last 2 years, he would have to increase his Disposal average next season for any chance of averaging over 100pts. For those that are not paying up for Max Gwan, Witts should be in the mix for consideration.

Anthony Miles MID $425K

Miles is likely in a great situation at Gold Coast, he was severely restricted for playing time at Richmond but under a Stuart Dew contested game style his fantasy output is likely to trend in the right direction. Miles played in only 6 games in the last 2 years averaging 19.5 Disposals (AF Ave: 74.0pts), in 2016 he played in 19 games averaging 22.7 Disposals (AF Ave: 86.3pts) scoring 100pts or more in 42.1% of games.

Michael Barlow was the only player to average more than 25 Disposals last season at Gold Coast with 26.0 Disposals from 3 games, Jarryd Lyons was the next highest averaging 24.5 Disposals. Both players are now gone, the door is wide open for Miles.

Jez McLennan DEF $226K

If McLennan is named in the Round 1 team for Gold Coast then he should be highly considered, his role will likely be across half-back which should place him in the vicinity of the ball for the majority of playing time.

McLennan averaged 13 Disposals & 5 Marks in the U18’s Championships for South Australia, again the opportunity for playing time at Gold Coast is high in a rebuild phase and he might be able to generate a decent amount of cash early in season long fantasy.

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Witts, JarrodRUC93.7722$681000
Fiorini, BraydenMID91.6411$665000
Miller, ToukMID85.9522$624000
Swallow, DavidMID84.6520$614000
Martin, JackMID/FWD83.815$608000
Harbrow, JarrodDEF78.0922$567000
Weller, LachieDEF/MID74.8222$543000
Murdoch, JordanMID70.3315$510000
Young, AaronFWD65.4522$475000
Brodie, WillMID68.388$466000
Holman, NickFWD63.9122$464000
Bowes, JackMID63.7516$463000
Wright, PeterFWD58.147$459000
Sexton, AlexFWD61.5522$447000
Ainsworth, BenFWD60.8816$442000
MacPherson, DarcyFWD71.45$440000
Horlin-Smith, GeorgeMID634$438000
Ah Chee, CallumDEF/FWD58.7114$426000
Miles, AnthonyMID781$425000
Hanley, PearceDEF60.333$414000
Joyce, JesseDEF55.2619$401000
Day, SamFWD52.512$381000
Scheer, BradMID/FWD59.56$380000
Schoenfeld, JoshMID56.336$360000
Leslie, JackDEF34.229$353000
Crossley, BraydenFWD46.810$340000
Lemmens, SeanFWD46.510$337000
Rischitelli, MichaelDEF44.4321$322000
Ballard, CharlieDEF43.4511$315000
Hombsch, JackDEF41.5714$302000
Dawson, JacobMID513$292000
Lukosius, JackFWD00$268000
Powell, WilFWD40.437$267000
Rankine, IzakFWD00$266000
Ellis, CoreyDEF/MID43.54$261000
King, BenFWD00$260000
Heron, JacobDEF/FWD368$246000
Collins, SamDEF00$246000
Nicholls, TomRUC00$242000
Thompson, RoryDEF31.4717$228000
McLennan, JezDEF00$226000
Wigg, HarrisonDEF00$170000
Burgess, ChristopherDEF/FWD00$170000
Nutting, ConnorDEF/FWD00$170000
Graham, CalebDEF/RUC00$170000
Corbett, JoshuaFWD00$170000




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