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2017/18 H&A Season Player Average Comparison: Essendon

Pete from looks at the average differentials for the Dons.

The 2018 H&A season is complete which means the Fantasy research for next season has already begun, over the next few weeks weโ€™ll take a look at a 2017/18 H&A season player average comparison for each team (Minimum 10 games played each season).

Warnie & Roy discussed some of the numbers on the final Traders podcast of the season, it is worth another listen again to hear their thoughts about some of the players that will be listed in each team (Starts at 41:25).


It was a tough pill to swallow owning Zach Merrett (2018 Ave: 101.5) from Round 1 as he was knocked out early for just 23pts, subsequently he averaged 69.0pts from his next 2 games. Many coaches had jumped the Merrett ship with the thoughts he was still impacted by concussion or he in fact was not in the elite category anymore, he responded averaging 117.0pts from his next 3 games which then included 109.0pts from his remaining 19 games. Merrett scored 100pts or more in 10 of his last 12 H&A games averaging 114.1pts, he is value to begin the 2019 season.

The forward line found a new hero in 2018 named Devon Smith (2018 Ave: 106.6), it was a solid start to the year averaging a pleasant 92.0pts from his opening 5 games but then things started getting serious. Smith averaged 110.9pts from his remaining 17 games of the H&A season which included averaging 120.9pts from his final 8 games. Smith scored 100pts or more in 54.5% of games & 120pts or more in 27.3% of games, he will highly likely lose his FWD status at the start of the 2019 season and could even be a unique option with still a little bit of value left in him.

Not many coaches like rostering Key Forwards and especially at Round 1 for a potential long haul hold, the volatile scoring just doesnโ€™t suit the criteria for those chasing dreams of grandeur. However the name of Joe Daniher (2018 Ave: 63.9) could be swirling throughout the pre-season specifically if he can be fully fit, it will be a wait & see on many aspects including an early season fixture for the Bombers in which he could exploit for a decent early average. Many will pass on Daniher, it is worth at least putting his name on a watch-list.

Article by @aflratingsPete

2018 AFL Fantasy Stats

Smith, DevonMID/FWD39.9222345106.6
Heppell, DysonMID7.2222235101.6
Merrett, ZachMID27.1222233101.5
Zaharakis, DavidMID0.817165197.1
Hurley, MichaelDEF9.320167683.8
Redman, MasonDEF5.6216381.5
Langford, KyleMID/FWD0.616128380.2
Goddard, BrendonMID,DEF3.322176080
Bellchambers, TomRUC1.220159279.6
Fantasia, OrazioFWD0.813103479.5
Myers, DavidMID0.316125078.1
Parish, DarcyMID/FWD1.115112074.7
McKernan, ShaunRUC/FWD2.41074274.2
McGrath, AndrewDEF/MID5.220142871.4
Hooker, CaleFWD,DEF122154770.3
Stringer, JakeFWD2.520138869.4
Brown, MitchDEF/FWD0.31494267.3
McDonald-Tipungwuti, AnthonyFWD2.422144365.6
McKenna, ConorDEF0.418117265.1
Francis, AaronDEF/FWD2.3532565
Daniher, JoeFWD2744763.9
Guelfi, MattMID/FWD4.31594663.1
Baguley, MarkDEF0.420125862.9
Long, JakeMID0.4212462
Stewart, JamesFWD0.21166960.8
Mutch, KobeMID3.2318060
Saad, AdamDEF222130259.2
Laverde, JaydenFWD0.4741359
Leuenberger, MatthewRUC0.2211658
Colyer, TravisMID/FWD0.1844355.4
Dea, MattDEF0.11265854.8
Ridley, JordanDEF6.1316254
Hartley, MichaelDEF0.2421453.5
McNiece, BenDEF0.4837546.9
Green, JoshFWD0.2732546.4
Clarke, DylanMID/FWD14.114646
Merrett, JacksonDEF/FWD0.429145.5
Ambrose, PatrickDEF0.2731144.4
Begley, JoshuaFWD0.2520140.2
Draper, SamRUC2.8000
Gleeson, MartinDEF0000
Houlahan, JordanFWD1.1000
Lavender, LukeRUC1.1000
Mynott, TrentMID0.3000
Zerk-Thatcher, BrandonDEF/FWD0.7000



  1. Warnie


    September 11, 2018 at 9:10 pm

    Merrett a lock for next year. No doubt. Second highest scoring midfielder after round 10. Gun! As Pete said, my mate Devon will be MID only… think he’ll be around the 100 mark, so will avoid in Classic and I reckon he’ll go too early in Draft based on this year’s numbers. What an epic season though. Legend!

    • Avatar


      September 12, 2018 at 7:58 am

      Merrett excellent value next season. As mentioned, Smith likely to be mid only. Would be a no for me, but should he keep DPP, he too would be a lock.

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