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Magoos News – Rd. 20

The news from the twos thanks to Ben.


Melbourne Demons

Cameron Pederson (RUC/FWD, $495K) was great with 31 touches, 11 marks and a goal for 124 points, putting his hand up for a call-up. Tim Smith (FWD, $353K) was good as well with 21 touches and 8 tackles, as well as pinch hitting in the ruck with 13 hitouts. Harrison Petty (DEF, $206K) was decent with 15 touches and 60 points, but I don’t think he will get another game.

Carlton Blues

A quiet week for the Blues in a 91 point loss to the Demons reserves. Pat Kerr (FWD, $235K) the only real relevant scorer, with 67 points, from 2 goals and 5 tackles. Aaron Mullett (DEF, $426K) was okay as well with 16 touches, 3 marks and a behind for 61 points. Levi Casboult (RUC/FWD, $345K) wasn’t the greatest, with 8 touches and 5 marks for 52 points.

Essendon Bombers

Dylan Clarke (FWD/MID, $181K) was good as per usual, with 30 touches, 9 tackles and 125 points. If Stringer doesn’t get up, he could be on the Bombers look to. Jayden Laverde (FWD, $352K) was good as well with 28 touches, 5 tackles and 1.2 for 106 points. Matthew Leuenberger (RUC, $519K) was good with 0.2, 17 touches and 39 hitouts for 106 points. Trent Mynott (MID, $170K) was pretty good with 22 touches, 6 marks and a goal for 94 points. Kobe Mutch (MID, $265K) wasn’t the greatest with 23 touches and 5 tackles for 76 points.

Western Bulldogs (Footscray)

Tim English (RUC/FWD, $425K) was the top scorer with only 96, and had 33 hitouts and 2 goals. Shane Biggs (DEF, $437K) was great with 29 touches for 94 points. Lewis Young (DEF, $328K) was good with 21 touches, 6 marks and 2 goals for 90 points.

North Melbourne

Nick Larkey (FWD, $170K)was pretty good with 5 goals, 11 marks and 114 points. Brayden Preuss (RUC, $445K) was decent with 43 hitouts and 11 touches for 87 points. Luke Davies-Uniacke (MID, $267K) was good as well with 23 touches and 4 tackles for 82 points. Mitch Hibberd (DEF, $235K) was good and is getting closer to a debut. He had 22 touches and 6 marks for 83 points.

Geelong Cats

Wylie Buzza (RUC/FWD, $278K) was huge with 3 goals, 22 touches, 9 marks, 5 tackles and 126 points. He probably won’t come in unless Menzel doesn’t get up, but I think Stanley will be back and take that spot. Zac Smith (RUC, $514K) was very good with 17 touches, 8 tackles, 51 hitouts and 126 fantasy points. Charlie Constable (MID, $200K) was solid with 108 points, featuring 33 touches and 8 marks. He will be one to monitor as an option next season.

Richmond Tigers

Anthony Miles (MID, $515K) was quite good with 29 touches, 8 tackles anda goal for 125 points. Ivan Soldo (RUC, $332K) wasn’t the best but was the next best for AFL listed players who have a shot at a game, having 36 hitouts and 59 points. A very quiet week for the Tigers in the VFL.

Hawthorn (Box Hill)

Mark Pittonet (RUC, $196K) was very good with 19 touches, 7 marks, 7 tackles and 53 hitouts for 147 points. I doubt he will get a game but will be one to monitor in the next couple years. Kurt Heatherley (DEF, $312K) was good as well with 16 touches, 1 goal, 8 marks and 7 tackles or 103 points. David Mirra (DEF, $351K) was good with 88 points from 24 touches and 8 marks. Kieron Lovell (MID, $210K) has been very disappointing this season, and only had 13 touches and a goal for 40 points.

Collingwood Magpies

Jarryd Blair (FWD, $395K) was the top scorer for the Pies in terms of AFL listed players, with 88 points. Not an option at all. Josh Smith (DEF, $557K) was pretty good with 84 points from 17 touches and 6 tackles, and I thought he was unlucky not to get a game after a couple of injuries last week. Sam McLarty (DEF, $170K) was pretty good with 73 points from 15 touches, 2 goals and 5 marks for 73 points, but unfortunately, he hurt his ankle, I have been told.


Sydney Swans

Darcy Cameron (RUC, $170K) was back t his piggish best in the NEAFL, with 28 touches, 2 goals, 13 marks, 48 hitouts and 190 points, moving his season average to 136. I think its a rip off how they drop him after giving him less than 50% TOG. Ryley Stoddart (DEF, $184K) wasn’t the best in the NEAFL, after only managing 34 points from 8 touches and 3 marks. The Swans only had 5 players score over 60, and only 6 over 50.

Brisbane Lions

Claye Beams (MID, $396K) was very good for the Lions, having 31 touches, 10 marks, 7 tackles and a goal for 151 points. I don’t think he will get a game this late in the season. Ben Keays (FWD, $437K) has been playing good footy for a while now, and had 31 touches, 7 tackles and a goal for 120 points on the weekend. He averages 104 in the NEAFL this season, from 13 games. Corey Lyons (MID, $170K) was pretty good with 98 points from 23 touches and 2 goals.


Port Adelaide

Sam Gary (FWD, $406K) was dropped after some poor form and was great, with 40 touches, 13 marks and 4 tackles for 155 points. We could see him come back into the lineup before finals. Jack Trengove (MID, $428K) was also quite good with 38 touches and 11 marks for 144 points. Will Snelling (MID, $325K) had his second good game in a row, having 37 touches, 7 tackles and 3 goals, racking up 143 points. Dom Barry (MID, $299K) was decent, better than his last few weeks. He had 27 touches and 96 fantasy points. William Frampton (RUC/FWD, $170K) continues t push for selection after having 16 touches, 21 hitouts and 80 points.


Fremantle Dockers

Tom Sheridan (DEF, $470K) dominated the Eagles vs Dockers reserves clash, with 39 touches, 2 goals and 10 tackles for 156 points playing through the midfield. Stefan Giro (MID/FWD, $371K) responded well to being dropped with 101 points, featuring 27 touches and 2 goals. He is in the mix for this week. Luke Strnadica (RUC, $170K) was pretty good with 47 hitouts and 5 tackles for 100 points on the dot.

West Coast Eagles

In a loss to Peel, Dom Sheed (MID, $439K) was a shining light, with 34 touches and 2 goals for 133 points, will content with Ah Chee for Gaffs spot. Luke Partington (FWD, $273K) was food with 20 touches and 3 goals for 94 points and will be one to watch next season. Brendon Ah Chee (MID/FWD, $382K) could come in for Gaff after having 21 touches and 75 points.

Top 3:

Very tough this week, as teams are usually looking for put their best 22 out on the park. I think Ah Chee or Sheed comes in for Gaff, Crossley will come in for Wright and Waterman is also a chance.

  1. Sam McLarty ($170K, DEF)
  2. Lachlan Keeffe ($DEF/FWD, $261K)
  3. Stefan Giro (MID/FWD, $371K)


McLarty could come in for the injured Moore if the rumour about his ankle isn’t true, and is very versatile, but only if Howe doesn’t get up. Giro made a statement after being dropped and I think Keeffe will come in for Sam Taylor.

Leave any questions below!

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