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Richmond Tigers

Callum Moore (FWD, $294K) was the top scorer for the Tiges with 130 points from 5.3 and 12 marks. He could come in but would probably make way for a small, such as Baker, but I find that unlikely. Corey Ellis (DEF/MID, $332K) was solid with 23 touches and a goal for 102 points, but is in and out of the side. Ivan Soldo (RUC, $332K) was good with 33 hitouts and a goal for 99 points. Last year, at about this stage, Soldo came in to help Nankervis and through finals. Collingwood dominated when Nankervis was off the ground and this could be looked at by the Tigers. I wouldn’t touch Soldo if he was to get a game though.

Carlton Blues

Nick Graham (MID/FWD, $482K) was superb as per usual in the magus. He scored 139 points from 37 touches and 6 tackles. Can’t see why the bloke can’t get a string of games together. Pat Kerr (FWD, $235K) was great, booting 4 goals and taking 9 marks for 104 points. I wouldn’t touch him in class but could come in at some stage in the next 4 games. A quiet week for the Blues in the Magoos.

St Kilda (Sandringham)

Nathan Freeman (MID, $170K) was huge with 35 touches, 13 marks and a goal for 133 points. If he hasn’t done enough and ‘isn’t ready yet’, then what more just he have to do? Ben Paton (DEF, $180K) was good with 21 touches and 8 tackles for 105 points. Hugh Goddard (DEF, $170K) was decent with 18 touches and 10 marks for 85 points. He will be a nice option next year if he starts. Bailey Rice (DEF, $339K) was solid too with 23 touches and 5 marks for 82 points.

Hawthorn (Box Hill)

Dylan Moore (MID, $170K) was great with 33 touches, 1 goal, 9 marks and 5 tackles for 138 points. I don’t think he will get a game this year with Worpel ahead of him. Mark Pittonet (RUC, $196K) was good with 60 hitouts and 124 points. I doubt he will come in with McEvoy in the side. David Mirra (DEF, $351K) was okay, with 20 touches and 8 marks for 90 points. Mitch Lewis (FWD, $173K) was good for a forward with 2 goals and 8 touches for 61 points.

North Melbourne

Brayden Preuss (RUC, $445K) was good again with 15 touches and 62 hitouts for 123 points. Declan Mountford (DEF/MID, $439K) was good as well with 20 touches and 12 tackles for 107 points. Mitch Hibberd (DEF, $235K) was great with 23 touches and 12 marks, with 104 points. If any injuries come up, he is one of the first in line to come in. Luke Davies-Uniacke (MID, $267K) was solid as well with 23 touches, 6 tackles and a goal for 88 points. He is likely to com in for Higgins, who is ‘sore’ after last weeks win.

Collingwood Magpies

Sam McLarty (DEF, $170K) was solid with 16 touches, 6 marks and a goal for 89 points. He could be one to watch as a replacement for Shcarenberg or Howe, but he has been playing much more ruck time recently. Jack Madgen (MID, $170K) is also one that could come in for Scharenberg, after having 17 touches and 4 marks for 61 points. Josh Smith (DEF, $557K) could also be a likely replacement for Scharenberg after having 12 touches and 7 tackles for 62 points.


Adelaide Crows

Patrick Wilson (MID/FWD, $181K) decide he wanted t join in on the huge numbers after last week, with 173, featuring 42 touches, 10 marks and a goal. He could come in for Seedsman but would have to see someone move on to the wing. Cam Ellis-Yolmen (MID, $526K) could also have a shot at coming in for Seedsman, after having 41 touches and 126 points in the SANFL. Elliot Himmelberg (FWD, $170K) was good with 5 goals and 21 touches for 107 points.

Port Adelaide

William Snelling (MID, $325K) was great with 29 touches and 9 tackles for 123 points. Jack Trengove (MID, $428K) was solid too with 31 touches and 7 tackles for 115 points. Cameron Hewett (DEF, $170K) has some good SANFL numbers and followed them up with 110 on the weekend, from 21 touches, 7 marks and 8 tackles. Dom Barry (MID, $299K) was okay with 17 touches and 6 marks for 63 points.


GWS Giants

Matt de Boer (FWD, $511K) was great with 36 touches, 11 tackles and 3 goals for 156 points. Harry Perryman (DEF, $343K) was also good with 36 touches and 8 marks for 129 points. Zac Sproule (FWD, $170K) has been going well for a few weeks now, but Langdon is ahead of him at the Giants. He had 13 touches, 9 tackles and 5 goals. Isaac Cumming (DEF, $191K) was good okay with 20 touches and 5 tackles for 86 points. Jeremy Finlayson (DEF/MID, $337K) wasn’t the best, having 12 touches and 53 points.

Gold Coast Suns

Michael Barlow (MID/FWD, $654K) was well below par with only 37 touches and 2 goals for 130 points. He was 23 points below his average of 153. He needs his mate in Fiorini. Jacob Dawson (MID, $196K) was good for the second week in a row with 32 touches and 9 tackles for 118 points. He could be a chance to come in with consecutive good games. Matt Rosa (MID, $476K) was great with 28 touches and a goal for 111 points. Pearce Hanley (DEF/MID, $479K) is working his way back into footy with 24 touches and 71 points.

Brisbane Lions

Ryan Bastinac (MID, $536K) was great with 36 touches and 8 marks for 135 points. Archie Smith (RUC, $444K) was also great with 20 touches and 55 hitouts, hopefully, he doesn’t come in and ruin Stef even more. Claye Beams (MID, $396K) was great with 24 touches, 7 marks, 6 tackles and 2 goals for 115 points. Brandon Starcevich (FWD/MID, $236K) was good with 18 touches, 7 tackles and a goal for 93 points.


West Coast Eagles

Fraser McIness (RUC/FWD, $328K) was very good with 50 hitouts for 105 points. Vardy is ahead of him for now. Matthew Allen (FWD, $170K) has actually been quite good this season averaging 78. He had 26 touches and a goal for 95 points on the weekend. Francis Watson (DEF, $170K) was solid with 15 touches and 64 points.

Fremantle Dockers

Harley Bennell (FWD, $249K) was the best for the Dockers, after having 27 touches, 8 marks and 2 goals for 115 points. He will miss one week with a sore calf but should be back next week. Mitch Crowden (FWD/MID, $270K) was okay with 30 touches and 86 points. He came into the team for his tackling pressure, but only had 2 on the weekend. Cam McCarthy (FWD, $247K) should be ready to come back in this week after having 17 touches and 7 marks for 84 points.

Top 3:

  1. Brandon Starcevich (FWD/MID, $236K)
  2. Nathan Freeman (MID, $170K)
  3. Jack Madgen (MID, $170K)

Alex Johnson (DEF, $170K) will play this week, and averages 58 points from 7 games.I suggest he will have limited TOG and I probably wouldn’t be chasing him. I also think a couple of dropped players, such as McCarthy, Bastinac and Davies Uniacke, will come in. Brodie Smith (DEF, $561K) will also play this week, so well done to him.

Feel free to leave questions below!

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