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Your news from the twos.


We’re going with something a little bit different this week, because there are some outrageous numbers in the NEAFL this week.

Sydney Swans

Now. I flagged this guy when he returned from injury with a poor score. He has shown us some huge numbers before. He averaged 130 points and 27 touches last year in the NEAFL. After spending the first few months on the sidelines, Jordan Dawson (FWD/MID, $254K) played his 6th game of the season and had 29 touches, 9 marks, 3 goals and 23 points for 216 points. Yes, he notched up the double tonne. He could possibly get a game after the Swans got beaten by the Suns, but would be lovely to have all of next year. Angus Styles (DEF/MID, $170K) was huge as well with 24 touches, 11 tackles and 2 goals for 139 points. Jordan Foote (FWD/MID, $257K) was solid with 26 touches and 11 tackles for 117 points.

Gold Coast Suns

After having 162 points last week, Brayden Fiorini (MID, $602K) had 42 touches, 13 touches and 2 goals for 180 points. He is averaging 174 in the NEAFL this season. Off the back of 159 points last week, Michael Barlow (FWD/MID, $654K) had 50 touches for 174 points. From his 6 games in the NEAFL, he’s averaging 157 points. Jacob Dawson (MID, $196K) was good again with 42 touches and 8 tackles for 141 points. Matt Rosa (MID, $464K) was very good with 34 touches and 121 points.


Brisbane Lions

Unlike Sydney and GWS, the Lions were pretty quiet in the NEAFL this week. Tom Bell (FWD, $416K) was the tops scorer with 104 points and was playing as a midfielder rather than his usual forward position. Corey Lyons (MID/FWD, $170K) was solid with 22 touches and 7 marks for 91 points.

GWS Giants

Zac Sproule (FWD, $170K) was the top scorer from the Giants with 18 touches, 9 marks and 4 goals for 110 points. He could come in if there are any injuries but I don’t think he will. Isaac Cumming (DEF, $191K) wasn’t the best but got the job done with 18 touches and 69 points. Jeremy Finlayson (DEF/MID, $337K) was dropped again and only had 17 touches and a goal for 66 points.


Essendon Bombers

Aaron Francis (DEF/FWD, $259K) was the top scorer for the Bombers with 104 points from 22 touches and a goal. He’s been getting closer to a game and is every chance to play in the last 5 games. Sam Draper (RUC, $170K) was very good with 16 touches and 41 hitouts for 99 points. Bellchambers is going quite well so I doubt he’ll play. Kobe Mutch (MID, $265K) wasn’t at his best, but was still solid 24 touches for 82 points. Dylan Clarke (MID/FWD, $181K) wasn’t that good either with only 77 points from 23 touches. Jordan Ridley (DEF, $256K) was solid with 19 touches and 72 points.


James Aish (DEF/MID, $488K) was the best scorer out of AFL listed players with 103 points from 22 touches and a goal. Adam Oxley (DEF, $344K) was also quite good with 21 touches and 8 marks for 100 points. Sam McLarty (DEF, $170K) was solid with 16 touches and a goal for 74 points. He has been the emergency a couple of times but I doubt he’ll play this year.

Western Bulldogs

Tim English (RUC/FWD, $425K) was back to his best with 20 touches, 7 marks, 51 hitouts and 0.4 for 144 points. He could’ve easily had a 160 or even 170 if he had kicked straight. Shane Biggs (DEF, $437K) was solid with 16 touches and 7 marks for 70 points. Furgus Greene (FWD, $170K) was quite good with 3 goals and 68 points. He was named last week but wasn’t selected in the final team. He could definitely come in for Honeychurch if he doesn’t get up, or Dahlhaus who will be out for a while.

Geelong Cats

Ryan Abbott (RUC, $170K) was very good again with 47 hitouts and a goal for 99 points. Charlie Constable (MID, $200K) was solid as well with 28 touches and 6 marks for 98 points. Mark O’Connor (DEF/MID, $209K) was decent with 13 touches and 6 marks for 62 points. James Parsons (FWD, $367K) was dropped but found the footy 20 times for 54 points.

Melbourne Demons

Tim Smith (FWD, $353K) was the top scorer for the Dees with 100 points, featuring 21 touches, 6 marks and 5 tackles. Oskar Baker (FWD, $176K) was solid again with 18 touches and 7 tackles for 85 points. He is getting very close to a debut and is producing some solid numbers in the VFL. Aaron Vandenberg (FWD, $301K) was good with 13 touches, a goal and 10 tackles for 77 points. He will be an absolute bargain next year at rookie price if he doesn’t play this season.

North Melbourne

Expect some changes down at the Roos after a big loss to the Pies on the weekend. Will Walker (MID, $226K) has been very good in the VFL and was superb on the weekend with 23 touches, 7 tackles and a goal for 103 points. He’s averaging 71 points this year and a chance to play this week. Mitch Hibberd (DEF, $235K) will also be a chance after having 23 touches and 7 marks for 92 points. Preferably, I hope he doesn’t play so we have a basement rookie next season who has shown us he can score before.

Carlton Blues

Darcy Lang (FWD, $416K) was the top scorer out of the AFL list players with 98 points from21 touches, 10 tackles and a goal. Cam O’Shea (DEF, $338K) was impressive as well with 19 touches and 8 tackles. A quiet week in the twos for the Blues. Sam Rowe will be the likely inclusion for Jones and Lang in for Fisher, with someone having to step up and spend more time in the midfield.


Port Adelaide

Cameron Hewett (DEF, $170K) was great on the weekend with 28 touches, 101 marks and 8 tackles for 131 points. William Frampton (RUC/FWD, $170K) was great as well with 19 touches, 2 goals, 19 hitouts and 7 marks for 119 points. Ken Hinkley said “we definitely need to pick a ruck this week…..Frampton maybe.” Hopefully he does get a game and can be whacked onto the bench and make a little cash. Dom Barry (MID, $299K) wasn’t the best but had 17 touches and 0.2 for 60 points.

Adelaide Crows

Paul Hunter (RUC, $170K) was great with 36 hitouts and took 4 marks. Myles Poholke (MID/FWD, $315K) was solid as well with 23 touches and 7 marks for 95 points. Patrick Wilson (FWD/MID, $185K) was solid for the 3rd week in a row, and had 17 touches and 10 marks for 89 points. Brodie Smith (DEF, $561K) made his return with 25 touches and 8 marks for 88 points.


West Coast Eagles

Luke Partington (FWD, $273K) was solid with 27 touches and 8 tackles for 109 points. Brayden Ainsworth (MID, $289K) was good as well and i believe was very unlucky to get dropped. He had 25 touches and 6 tackles for 95 points. Oscar Allen (FWD, $231K) was solid as well with 10 touches and 8 tackles for 71 points.

Fremantle Dockers

Luke Strnadica (RUC, $170K) was a standout for Peel with 46 hitouts and 6 tackles for 113 points. Mitch Crowden (FWD/MID, $270K) was also good again with 27 touches and 9 tackles for 111 points. Harley Bennell (FWD, $249K) was very good and is likely to play this week. He had 94 fantasy points from 22 touches and a goal. Even if he does play, it will be limited TOG and the scoring won’t be great.

Top 4:

  1. Harley Bennell (FWD, $249K) I think will be in this week but as I just said, limited TOG and average scores.
  2. Furgus Greene (FWD, $170K) should come in for Honeychurch or Dahlhaus. Not a huge scorer so don’t expect much.
  3. Aaron Francis (DEF/FWD, $259K) will make his long-awaited return in my opinion. Too expensive to touch.
  4. Will Walker (MID, $226K) will be one of the many changes the Roos make after last weeks huge loss.

Feel free to drop any questions below!

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