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Moneyball NBA – Points FOR and AGAINST

Pearcey gives us a special edition of his daily fantasy NBA article looking at scoring for and against so far this season.

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No Daily line-up tips but rather an analysis of how many Moneyball points each team averages FOR and AGAINST so far this season.

Note – averages effective after games played on 03/12/2015.


Golden State Warriors55.6244.175171316.35115.3228.75
Oklahoma City Thunder57.2732.5815.6714.7716.83108.89212.35
San Antonio Spurs55.736.9517.1612.9414.2698.63207.13
Boston Celtics52.736.4222.569.1116.06102206.76
Orlando Magic5633.8315.451214.78101.56204.06
Atlanta Hawks50.063818.4810.7614.86101.57204.01
Sacramento Kings53.3735.7616.117.6816.58105.26201.61
Chicago Bulls57.7533.1912.7512.1314.06398.88200.63
Charlotte Hornets51.832.0814.4412.3312.39102.28200.55
Phoenix Suns53.7530.7917.897.8916.58106.26200.01
Houston Rockets52.6130.3219.6811.6816.47102.16199.98
Cleveland Cavaliers55.8735.4111.668.4414.83102.06198.62
Indiana Pacers52.8731.518.829.0615.53101.88198.61
Los Angeles Clippers50.783313.7911.2613.47102.74198.09
New Orleans Pelicans50.3732.5213.899.8914.05101.63194.23
Dallas Mavericks52.832.4514.427.3713.68100.79194.14
Miami Heat53.728.87513.37515.7514.1396.25193.83
Minnesota Timberwolves53.7330.3314.229.8915.17100.72193.73
Washington Wizards50.3333.1918.25816.8199.38192.33
Portland Trail Blazers55.1430.3212.119.0515.47100.63191.77
Toronto Raptors54.1326.6817.798.3215.1699.95191.71
Brooklyn Nets53.8731.0816.679.2215.2295.67191.28
Denver Nuggets52.8632.2914.951015.6396.16190.63
Detroit Pistons56.722716.326.4214.3798.21190.29
New York Knicks54.1928.9712.9511.5814.4797190.22
Memphis Grizzlies49.3931.1817.897.6813.8497.11189.42
Utah Jazz51.0826.8118.7511.1314.9496188.83
Los Angeles Lakers52.4727.514.669.66714.4497.33187.19
Milwaukee Bucks46.6134.4215.479.8915.5695.26186.14
Philadelphia 76ers5128.2816.81418.691.2182.68

As we can see from the table above the team that scores the most Moneyball Points per game is the Warriors, which will come as no surprise to anyone. Next on the list is the Thunder, with the majority of their points made up by the stellar play of Westbrook and Durant. Third on the list is somewhat surprising – the Spurs. Apart from Kawhi Leonard who is a staple on most squads, there is not a single other player in the Spurs line-up that would be considered a must-have. Just goes to show how good they are as a team. Two good young teams, the Celtics and the Magic, round out the top 5.

At the other end of the scale we have the lowly 76ers who have only won one game for the season. Next on the list is a slight shock, it’s the Bucks. With the athletic players they have it would be expected they would feature higher. The struggling Lakers squad come in third and the defensively-minded Jazz and Grizzlies come in forth and fifth respectively.


Houston Rockets55.5835.5319.1612.1116107.58213.95
New Orleans Pelicans55.2633.9514.1110.5312.89109.05210
Sacramento Kings52.5536.3217.3711.1616.16108.47209.71
Los Angeles Lakers56.835.5813.561012.94105.72208.72
Denver Nuggets53.4336.1616.8413.8915.26102.84207.91
Philadelphia 76ers56.5233.316.614.415.5102.05207.37
Brooklyn Nets52.236.1717.8911.4415.78101.94203.87
Chicago Bulls59.5531.311412.1312.4497.75202.3
Milwaukee Bucks53.3734.741610.5316102.84201.47
Orlando Magic54.633.831513.7815.4499.6201.38
Washington Wizards54.6834.517.637.517104.06201.37
Portland Trail Blazers52.9331.3416.3210.4212.11101.74200.64
Phoenix Suns52.4831.517.379.05316.16105.79200.04
Atlanta Hawks54.2934.2917.2410.3816.43100.05199.81
Oklahoma City Thunder48.7330.4219.7810.1114.55103197.48
Charlotte Hornets54.435.6713.11914.6199.72197.29
Dallas Mavericks55.7730.07914.638.9514.84100.47195.06
Memphis Grizzlies51.7332.6115.0512.7417.2699.74194.59
Los Angeles Clippers56.2730.47414.955.2615.26101.79193.48
Minnesota Timberwolves51.229.7514.4411.3315101.11192.84
Golden State Warriors50.430.6818.27.715.4599.9191.43
Boston Celtics53.8730.1718.1110.5619.2297.5190.98
Detroit Pistons52.4831.7415.479.3716.1197.95190.91
Toronto Raptors49.2632.9215.7911.2614.9595.84190.13
New York Knicks52.826.8414.749.4712.4298.16189.59
Cleveland Cavaliers48.7330.4215.119.6712.8996.56187.59
Indiana Pacers53.6529.3815.888.7117.4795.29185.44
Miami Heat52.5828.5159.513.6392.5184.45
Utah Jazz47.6326.8114.8812.2516.3894179.19
San Antonio Spurs49.9631.5815.377.1614.6388.79178.22

At the top of the table are the teams that you want your Moneyball squad members to be playing against, as they give up the most amount of Moneyball Points. At the top of the list are the Rockets who give up a huge 213.9 Moneyball Points per game. Next on the list is the Pelicans who give up 210.0 Moneyball Points, and then we have the Kings who give up 209.7 Moneyball Points. The Lakers (208.7) and Nuggets (207.9) round out the top 5.

At the other end of the scale are the Spurs, who only give up a measly 178.2 Moneyball Points per game. No use picking a player when their team plays against the Spurs. Next up is the Jazz, who are only slightly better at 179.2 Moneyball Points conceded. The Heat gives up 184.2, mainly due to Hassan Whiteside’s great defensive work, and then the Pacers (185.4) and Cavs (187.6) finish off the top 5.


When picking your Moneyball squad, in addition to looking for high-scoring and good value players, look for players that are playing against teams that give up a lot of Moneyball Points, such as the Rockets, Pelicans or Kings. For example if the Thunder are matched up against the Rockets then Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook are going to be a great play. Alternatively, don’t pick from players that are up against the teams that allow the fewest Moneyball Points, such as the Spurs, Jazz and the Heat. There just will not be a lot of points to go around. A player is a lot less likely to have a big score when they are playing against a good defensive team than they are when they are playing in a high-paced, free-flowing game.

Hopefully the above analysis will come in handy and help you boost your Moneyball wallet!

Let me know your thoughts via Twitter – @pearcey47

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And as always, remember to gamble responsibly.


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