NBL Dream Team: Round 11 Preview

Boom! Christmas came early in NBL Dream Team this year with huge scores everywhere in round ten. Lets hope we see more of that this week.


Round 10 – Highs and Lows

Casper Ware was player of the round after he stepped up in style and smashed out the highest score of the season with 122. However it didn’t stop there as Adelaide pumped out the scores. Jerome Randle and Nathan Sobey both also cleared the century, scoring 118 and 106 respectively, while Daniel Johnson fell just short on 96. Next in line was Casey Prather on 88, except he delivered that from a single monster game. It didn’t really slow down either as with all the double matches twenty-two¬†players scored 50 points or higher.

The best value selection for the round was also Casper Ware due to his massive score, but it was hotly contested for second with Jason Cadee (60) narrowly edging out Alex Loughton (34) and Jarrad Weeks (32).

There weren’t too many disasters, however Marvelle Harris continues to be completely substandard compared to his season start and took the award for worst selection this week with a score of -4. David Anderson hurt his owners as well as himself with his zero, while Jameel McKay stopped scoring well again with a 12.


Get Ready for Round 11

With round twelve only one week away you should take a look at your Cairns or New Zealand players to consider offloading them before their bye. That said though, I’d be inclined to hold any Cairns players that you own as the only one with a really bad break-even is Travis Trice and I believe that you’ll want him back post bye. From New Zealand Akil Mithcell, Alex Pledger and David Stockton are all looking to be on a downward trend, however I’d be¬†getting rid of any Breakers other than maybe Kirk Penny, Mika Vukona, or Rob Loe, all who should go up in price this week.

If you haven’t grabbed Casper Ware yet then this looks like being your last chance to get him cheap. At his current rate he’ll be joining the genuine elite scorers of the competition up around the $190k mark very soon. If you’re looking for someone with the double match then Daniel Kickert presents some possible value, however he has been a bit inconsistent with his scoring this season and is probably priced about right. Jason Cadee also jumped in price as should continue going up, however the double for Sydney this week is their second last for the season. Mitch Creek has returned from injury finally and looked pretty good, although he was rested for Adelaide’s second game. He should start going up in value and didn’t seem to take anything away from Sobey either. AJ Ogilvy is also cheap for what he can deliver and another to consider.

Of the cheaper players, Kevin White is playing the double and has been getting some slightly better scores recently, however if you’re looking to downgrade then you’re probably better looking at David Barlow, or maybe even Devon Williams, who should be getting more court time with the injury to Andersen. Jarrod Kenny is looking like some value with a negative break-even, as do Cairns players in Jarrad Weeks and Alex Loughton, although they have the week off shortly.


Captain Options

Adelaide, Brisbane, Illawarra and Sydney are playing the double match this week, which gives us a lot of big options. In the order I would select them:

  1. Brad Newly
  2. Torrey Craig
  3. Daniel Johnson
  4. Kevin Lisch
  5. Jerome Randle
  6. AJ Ogilvy


Good luck everyone

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  • Hi Tristan,
    Team: Ware, Cadee, Bairstow, Newley, Craig, Bench: Akil Mitchell, Loe, Hodgson, Bragg, Stockton,
    70K to spend 14 trades. Suggestions on trades? Maybe either Akil or Bragg to Barlow??
    Thanks for last rounds advice, bringing in Cadee and Ware worked great.

    • I’d look at getting rid of both Bragg and Mitchell if you can.
      Swapping Mitchell to someone like Ogilvy or Kickert and Bragg to someone like Kenny or Barlow will use a chunk of your cash but dramatically improve your squad.

      • Thanks Tristan. Barlow would be the better option compared to Kenny eh! Would Majok be a good selection? Kickert and Ogilvy are a bit of a muchness and fairly same eh! What are your thoughts on Sobey or DJ, is it too late to get one of them?

  • If you were considering trading out one of Newley or Lisch to Randle who would you let go?
    $6 short or grabbing him after downgrading Powell to M Young so have to look elsewhere.

    • Or do you think it is worth downgrading Ogilvy to Holyfield, staring Bairstow, and trading Beal to Randle?
      Leaves me with a pretty weak bench but a starting 5 of:
      Newley, D Johnson, Bairstow, Lisch, Randle with C Ware on the bench

      • I wouldn’t get rid of Ogilvy, he’s pretty much at minimum price right now so you don’t gain much from trading him away.

        And given how strong your starters are, you’re probably right that you need to sacrifice one of Lisch/Newly if you really want to get Randle. I’d probably ditch Lisch if I had to, as he’s worth a little bit more and I think he’ll score slightly less than Newly this week.

  • Pretty happy with the side for this round, might need to cash in some of my bench. Whittington and Young to D Barlow and D Williams

    FWD – Newley, Craig (Whittington, Young)
    CTR – Bairstow (Maric)
    GRD – Lisch (VC), Randle (C) (Ware, Drmic)
    Trades – 18
    Cash – $21.5k

    I know Whittington is on the double, but he’s on my bench and won’t make more cash

    AJ is very tempting at $144k